Mrs Grey, a trip to the store

Last weekend Mrs Grey wanted to make a trip to the store to buy some new clothes. I agreed to go with her of course. When she came out of our room, she was dressed nice, hair done, make up on, with a tight fitting blue dress that was a little revealing in the top but very sexy. I could slightly see nipples thru the dress. I dont think she was wearing a bra!

During the car ride, I noticed she kept squirming in her seat. I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. But then a few minutes later, she grabbed my hand and led it up her dress. She wasnt wearing any panties, and as she pushed my hand to her pussy, I immediately felt how wet it was. It was a sloppy mess! I hadnt cum in her the night before, so it wasnt anything running out, that was all her.

She said it was running down legs and probably into her dress. I complimented how good she looked, and she had nice bright lipstick on. Her response was “Its probably isnt going to stay on…” I asked what that meant? She just smiled…..

On the way thru the parking lot, I realized she was right about her wet pussy running into her dress. There was a big wet spot, about 4 inches across on the back. I decided not to tell her. As soon as we got in the store, she led me to the fitting rooms, where there was nobody at the time. She immediately grabbed my cock thru my pants, started unzipping my pants and dropped to her knees.

The bottom of the fitting doors were a good height off the ground, so you could see under them pretty well. So anybody walking by would know what was going on. Not to mention she couldnt contain herself and starting moaning while sucking uncontrollably. I thought great we are going to get caught.

A few minutes later, thats basically what happened. I could hear somebody coming, rattling plastic hangers. Under the door I see a woman’s feet stop by the door and ask “do you need any help in there?” haha, I replied no I think we are good”. The worker said “you know I can see under the door right?” I said “ok…and…” Her tone changed and she said “i’m just saying, if you need any help”. Wow, was this clerk offering to assist? no way!

Mrs Grey had stopped sucking, but kept the cock in her mouth during this. And I thought she was going to invite the clerk in, but instead reached up, grabbed the door knob, and opened the door about 1 inch and held it there. The clerk slowly peaked around and got a full view of what was going on, and just stood there staring. So Mrs Grey went back to work, WITH the clerk watching!!!!!

That was enough for me, about 30 seconds later I was ready to explode. She pulled off my cock, and I blew one of the most giant loads of cum all over her face, all while the clerk watching. I could tell by the clerks face and breathing she was into it. Mrs Grey quickly stood up, turned around, bent over and hike her dress us. Still with cum all over her face and had dripped to her chest too. She wanted that wet pussy taken care of now.

I looked and her shaved pussy was literally dripping down her legs. No trouble getting cock in of course. She started rubbing herself too and took less than 2 minutes before she was orgasming. But she kept her mouth closed, to not make too much noise. I turned and realize clerk still watching. I guess she wasnt turning us in? So thats good. 20 seconds later, clerk leaves and comes back with box of kleenex and a smirk on her face. We pulled up pants, and walked out.

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