Moving apartment

I am what I consider to be a very passable shemale. Long auburn hair, about 5 7 and been told nice legs and a butt to die for lol “well it’s been taken a good few times with no complaints”. And life was good.I was moving into a new apartment in a better area.

It had been a long day and i was just getting to the end of taking my boxes up to my new apartment when they appeared. They introduced themselves as Chris and Tina saying they lived in the apartment directly facing mine. Straight away i thought to myself what a good looking couple they were He about 5 9 with a fit body she about same as me 5 7 with an absolutely great figure. I said my hellos and went into my apartment. It was about 9 30 next morning when there was a knock on the door on opening it Tina was stood there “hi she said i was wondering if you want any help unpacking”. Come on in I replied any help would be well appreciated. We got ot chatting while we unpacked a few boxes, I asked if she fancied a coffee “sure why not” she said. Now I know this was done deliberately she spilled her coffee on my sweatshirt of course she couldn’t apologise enough, “don’t worry” I said I’ll just go and change it. I nipped into the bedroom and was taking my top off when she came up behind me and cupped my breast,I was taken aback momentarily but she just pulled my closer to her playing with my nipples through my bra. Before i knew it she had my bra off and fondling me with great gusto and of course no complaint from me. She then started to move her hands south “wait I said I think you should know” shhhh say whispered I do. Then she turned me round got on her knees and pulled my joggers down in one swift movement had my cock in her mouth taking it all in and what a blow job she gave. When i finally exploded in her mouth to my surprise she swallowed the lot. “My turn now2 she said how could i refuse and it had been quite a while since I had tasted a woman. She stripped off and lay on the bed legs akimbo god what a gorgeous shaved pussy she had. I was down there like a shot oh the sweet taste of her juices and she was pumping some out as well. Then she said she wanted me to fuck her well by this time i was rock hard again so why not as I was about to mount her to my surprise she said “no I want it in the arse I have always wanted to try it but Chris won’t do it”. Not being one to disappoint I was up for it got a condom and lube from bedside drawer (always unpack them first) asked again if she was sure “yes she said” lubed her up not that it needed much she was soaked in her own juices slipped it into her and boy what a tight hole it was . As I was going gentle at first she said she wanted a hard fucking so I did as I was told and fucked real hard. When I had finished we were both sweating and exhausted. Needless to say we didn’t get much unpacking done that day she was like a dog on heat.
She called the next day when Chris left for work. I asked how she knew I was a shemale. Well she said I was having lunch with a friend when you came in with a man. My friend commented that the guy you were with was in for a shock when I asked him why he said you were “a chick with a dick”. I remember the place she was talking about and it was my b*****r I was with. In the end it took us both a few weeks to do the unpacking in between fucking,sucking and licking.

To be continued

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