Moni with her xhamster friend

I had another request from a internet friend for and evening out. I was not sure so I discussed it with my hubby Marc. He said I have enough friend already. So I showed him the many messages, from Dave my XHAMSTER friend. He is quite enamoured with you Marc says. Yes I tell him he seems like such a nice guy and saw no harm in meeting him and see how it goes. Ok he said but he has to come here to pick you up so I can meet him., Oh thank you dear you are a gem.

I was so excited I sent Dave a message shortly after explaining to him that it was ok to meet me and that he had to pick me up at our home. Dave suggested a restaurant to go to and he could pick me up on Saturday in two days. He said it was a nice place so I would know what to wear. Great I said, I can hardly wait.

I had been a net friend with Dave for some time now he always is kind and loves looking at my pics and making the nicest comments. I was already getting excited with anticipation.

The day arrived as I thought about the coming evening, Marc noticed I was getting giddy as I always do prior to meeting in person someone knew. He approached me and hugged me and said I guess you should get ready for your big evening. I had asked Marc to go and lay out what I should wear, I enjoy being surprised on how he wants to present me to my friends. I got to our room and take a nice shower I get out and dry myself and stand in front of my full length mirror. Hmmm still not bad for a 56 year old woman I think. I may be only 5′ tall but I still work out a lot and stayed a trim 110 lbs my little 34C’s showing very little signs of sagging. Marc tells me I must have great genes since I still look under 40 and just a few laugh lines around my eyes. Lines of experience I tell him.
I walk to the bedroom and see my evening wear carefully laid out on the bed with the usual absence of panties. I slip on my black push up shelf bra that leaves my always erect nipple when I am excited which is nearly all the time. I sit and slip on my black thigh high stockings. I decided to leave just a nice thin black strip of my hair above my clit. I hear the door bell ring as Dave just arrived I feel my heart suddenly accelerate in anticipation. I slip on the little red dress Marc selected it is a thin red fabric that clings tightly to my skin already revealing my nipples for all to notice. It is just long enough to cover my stoking tops but only when I stand straight. I finish doing my hair which now just falls to my shoulders and put on just enough make up. I slip into my 4″ red heels looking again in the mirror, hmmm this should do I say.I take a deep breath and begin my walk downstairs to meet my date.

Marc and Dave are sitting across each other in the living as they both look up watching me come down the stairs, Marc has his usual grin that means this guy is in for a treat. Dave looks at me eyeing me from toe tip to my head as he closes his mouth.
I approach them and kiss Marc then walk over to Dave who is now standing he takes my hand but I stand in front of him and reach up on my toes and give him a kiss. I sit down next to him as Marc tells me their little conversation. Marc likes to set some ground rules. He tells Dave that he can come back here and stay overnight that he will stay in the guest room so Dave and I can use our room.
We get up and I grab Dave’s hand as he leads me to his car. He opens the door for me as I slide in, I see him looking at my legs as they spread to enter the car giving a peak of my bare crotch, he smiles at me as he closes the door. We make some small talk as we drive to the restaurant I place my hand on his as I see he is a bit nervous. I place his hand on my knee and tell him to relax and enjoy. He caresses my leg as I place mine gently to his crotch. You may have to stop he says playfully I may have an accident before we get to the restaurant. Once we arrive I let him open my door and linger a bit with my leg parted as I pretend to reach down to examine my hose covered leg, I look up into his eyes and wink at him.
He asked for a booth and we are seated side by side, we enjoy a few drinks and I take his hand once again and by now Dave feels relaxed with me, he leans over and kisses me as we entwine our tongues and I feel his hand slide up my dress, I open my legs to receive his gentle touches as he probes my wet pussy and I moan into his moth. The waiter arrives with our food as we settle back.
Dave asks me if I would be interested in going with him to an adult theatre. I told him I had never been and Marc never said we couldn’t, I was intrigued and agree to go check it out. We eat our meal and we leave and arrive at the theatre in a not familiar and savory part of town. Dave explains that this just a teaser before he takes me home to enjoy me for himself.I was not sure what we had in mind, so he was about to pay when the attendant saw me and also clearly seeing my wedding rings on my hand which I always wear and my red dress and said it was free for us to go in.

We enter the dark theatre and Dave has us sit near the aisle half way sown the theatre, my eyes adjust as I watch the screen to see a woman with 2 large men enjoying themselves with her. I notice as well that I am the only woman there. He sits me in the second seat and I ask him why we are here, and he says he knows how much of an exhibitionist I like to be. He starts to kiss me and caress my erect nipples through my dress and proceeds to rub my legs making my short dress ride up as he rubs my clit and inserts a finger in my soaking pussy. I am so distracted I don’t notice until I open my eyes and see that there are now a dozen men beside behind and in front of us. he notices and said to relax, He looks up and tells the men that I am his wife and they can only look and enjoy. I smile as Dave then continues his attention to my body, he pulls my dress off my shoulders and slowly exposes my tits for these strange men to enjoy, by now they all have their cocks out all in various sizes. By now I am enjoying being revealed as Dave sucks my tits and fingers me to my first orgasm. I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and see an nice erect cock sliding beside my cheek, I smile and am a little apprehensive but I am so horny I reach out with my tongue and give a gentle lick and notice another cock on the other side and proceed to do the same. I am so involved I just star sucking on their cocks as Dave attends to my pussy. He knew I would succumb to my passion for cock as he watches me enjoy myself. One by one then come in my eager mouth as I swallow load after load of cum as I cum all over Dave’s fingers. The men thank me but I say no thank you for the cum. I straighten out my dress and we leave. I tell Dave it his now his turn.
We arrive home late and I take Dave up to my room. He sits on the bed as I stand in front of him as I remove my dress in front of him and stand there in just my stockings and heels. I tell him to stand as I undress him slowly occasionally giving him a little kiss. I get on my knees and remove his pants and pull down his shorts revealing his nice erect cock for me. Mmm this is all mine for tonight I tell him as I wrap my little hand around his engorged cock. I start to gently suck him into my mouth savouring every moment I slide up and down his length. Before he can erupt I pull back and say not yet sweetie. I lay on the bed and spread my legs wide for him acknowledging that my pussy belongs to him for tonight. He kneels on the bed at my feet and kisses my legs and thighs and I shudder as his tongue flicks at my clit and he proceeds to eat me like no other. Ohh Dave you are a master indeed as I cum repeatedly in his artistic mouth. I scram again as I cum 3 more times. I pull him up, FUCK me please ,,now. He gently places his cock at the entrance to my waiting pussy but that is the end of his gentleness. He pushes the remaining length of his impressive cock in one push all the way into me I gasp as I wrap my legs around him as he fucks me f***efully . He fucks me to a new orgasm as I open my eye and notice Marc smiling as he closes my door quietly. Oh god fuck me harder I scream out. I can feel him tensing and he pushes his cock hard in me as I feel gush after gush of his hot cum fill me to capacity. Oh god Moni that is the best fuck I have ever had. Well in that case don’t stop I tell him.

I sucked and fucked Dave all night and till he left. I thanked him for a wonderfull night. He asked me if he can see me again.

Let me know if I should

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