I.m in my late teens (18), nicely-shaped and bit of imaginative. I seem constantly under pressure of sexual lust. My mind.s always wandering with hundreds of fantasies about naughty sex things, and I get myself horny so often. I simply can.t last a day without masturbation, which I.d refer to as .eating the fingers., .tender the clam meat. or .finger-painting.. Wow, many, many naughty things a horny girl can work upon her secret spots. Thign-squeezing is easiest, discreet and yet very thrilling. When bored during class or long bus drive, I sit squeezing my clit away in silent zeal to soaking wet without finger touching. At times I venture myself in a knee-long skirt and no panties inside . that.s extremely thrilling, naughty and sensuous! I love sausage, and ssh. so does my pussy! Sometimes my squeezing gets me so horny that it tempts me to feed my dripping .mouth. with a sausage. I just pretend dropping something down the floor and secretly glide it in.! Wow, how naughty is my hungry .mouth. . she swallows it up till she.s full, leaving just a short end outsides. Now a slight move of my legs, let alone squeezing, can drive me crazy . the sausage shaft rubbing and kissing my lips and clit wonderfully. I always make my thigns and my seat badly wet with my love juice. It gets me madly aroused sensing the feel of streams of juice crawling down my inner thigns down my legs. No words can describe the burning horny itch building up inside, feeling like my flesh there being baked! And it can last for hours before I have to jack myself off immediately back home or in the school washroom. Wow, I can.t help blushing, gazing at the naughtiest scene of my puss: messy wet, pink fleshy, thick swollen and cutely curved. (I took many pictures of her in such best horniness.) On some exciting occasions, I take out the sausage . still warm and wet – and taste it while toying my clam sweetily. Very soon I bring myself to a delicious orgasm. I have a really sexy and fleshy clit. When .sl**ping., she.s about the size of my lillte fingertip, but when horny, she thickens up into triple-sized fleshy piece of beef . just like a sea clam! (I love fantasizing a man hungrily tasting my juicy clam and eating it up uncooked. How naughty!) When home alone, I.d lock my room door and strip naked. Sitting on a pillow with my make-up mirror placed an inch from my openings, I enjoy in close-up watching her growing up bit by bit, swelling and pinking up with bl**d. It.s amazing! By the time she.s hard swollen, juice is leaking out . I.m that easy to wet up! Wow, how I love teasing the slippery wetness on her. She.s so fleshy and silky and yummy like an alive pearl. I just can.t help moaning when I start rubbing and pulling her outwards as if to rip her away. My God, once in a while my .clam meat tendering. becomes so intense that it.s audible! (Other girls outside could tell exactly what naughty thing I.m doing if I do it so wild in the toilet!) Masturbation.s much like torture . the more lasting, the more satisfactory. I.d close my eyes imagining I am f***ed to tender my clit flesh in front of a man, who then makes it even tenderer with his cock and finally chews and eats my whole clit raw! Or I fantasize pressing and squeezing my ripe pussy into juice for him to suck on and drink. My naughtiest favorite is to capture and then tie my erect swollen clit around with an elastic band. Then I start to finger and squeeze and rub my erect-pointing clit, fancying the way boys would work on their penis heads and burst out hot creamy semens all over the place! The sensation gradually goes beyond bearing and finally pry an orgasm out of me. At lucky times, believe me, I really shoot squirts of love juice out through the air! Sometimes I masturbate too hard for too long and make my clit and lips swollen and painful for days afterwards. Oh, God, mine.s juicy again!!!

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