Life adventures of a truck driver

Driving down to Atlanta with and load of glass. I stated thinking about about my last fuck a few days ago . it was the best fuck I’ve ever had with a woman and my bi male friend. Jim and I would meet or get lucky and catch up with each other at a truck stop . We got so lucky I found a hot sexy lady who loved watching bi (male) porn to turn her on and wanted to have sex with two bi guys.
While we were talking I was dropping off a load at Wal-mart in New York . He headed to New Jersey with a load .I’ve got To dead head to Jersey Shore to pick up a load for Indiana. I’ll have a day to laid over in Jersey before I pick it my next load.. Jim will be close by hopefully we can get together tomorrow.
I drove to my next pickup it Friday evening around 10 pm . They were still working on the docks loading trucks . I thought maybe my laod might be ready . I went in and ask just wondering if I might get loaded early ,no luck it wont e ready until Sunday morning. I ask the dock supervisor if I could back up to a loading dock that not being use . That ok but if you leave and go out just tell the guard at the gate So he will know to let you back in .. After backing into the dock I called Jim and wonder if he was going to be able to stop at the truck stop down from where I was parked for the weekend. he was headed to Atlanta and wouldn’t be able to stop by for a quickie blowjob. DAMN I thought to my self . It been a while sense I’ve had a good shower and bed to sl**p in . I call a local cab to take to a motel down the road .got a shower clean up went to the front desk to ask where a good place to eat. He was Gay as a 3 dollar bill (smiling ) . He said there and all you can eat place just down the road.
I just walked need a walk setting several hundred of miles a week anyway. After supper I walked back to my motel I stop by the desk I ask the clerk I’ve got a couple of nights laid over .Know any good pick up bars ion town? he in his gay pride said babe what are you looking for A whore or a man whore . I said sweetie I don’t pay for pussy or man pussy any more I enjoy both but i’m not in service any more I want enjoy a good fuck night with either. He told me about a couple of places.There both close by but if you really want a sweet ass I get off at 10 . Sense you like both my s****rs are bi to want me to call them for you ? It been a while sense I’ve fucked my s****r too and you can have all of us . Damn just thinking about his tight little ass and he going to throw in his s****rs . I went up to my room about 10 I had a knock on the door . When I opened the door there were two ladies in their 30s they ask if I was Dave We’re Jeff’s s****rs He’ll be up shortly .
I invited them in Their names were Brenda and Linda . Linda ask me if I enjoy man and woman . I told her yes why does that bother you .Brenda spoke up no because you and Joe take care of our pussy but Joe love getting fucked too.We get turn on watching Joe being sucked and fucked . I put a big smile on my face as they were talking thinking about Dawn watching me and Jim making love. My cock was getting hard thinking about Brenda And Linda, I ask them do you enjoy watching gay porn while we wait on Joe? I turn on the TV on to a gay couple fucking each other. I could tell they both were getting hot. I unzipped my pants as I set between them and started stroking it . They their hands on my cock as I started playing with their clit Their hands felt so soft and warm . Brenda and Linda’s pussies were getting so wet while we watch the guys fucking their man pussies. one guy cock was so big my ass was getting wanted in my pussy.I turned my head Brenda started kissing her neck and ear lop she started to purrr .Her fingers got tighter around my cock. Linda undone my jeans and pull them down to my knees. She began to licking my balls and rubbing her hands on my hairy chest as Brenda and I face fuck each other. Damn it feels so good having 2 hot horny bbw woman . OO MY God Linda put her tongue deep in my asshole. That is the one thing I love is having my ass rimed out with a tongue. Brenda opened up her legs so i could put my fist up in her wet hot pussy .She was chocking my shaft so hard as i jam my fist up inside her . The closer she was about to cum her s****r was going faster and faster with her tongue up my ass.My cok was swelling so big of what Linda was doing to my asshole and Brenda’s hand so so tight and moving up and down my shaft. I shot my cum all over Linda’s back . Brenda began to squrt all over my arm .Itold Linda to get back up but set between Brenda and I . It your turn for us to help you cum Linda.
Linda ask if we could go on to bed and get totally undressed ? I said sure why not .while we were getting ready for bed Joe knock on the door .He came and laughed saying damn y”all couldn’t wait on me . Linda told him to get undressed Brenda wants to eat my pussy . Why don’t you and Dave watch her eat my horny pussy seeing how you not fuck me this week b*****r. Brenda and Linda started 69ing together as Joe and i started playing with each other cocks. lisning to the girl licking and sucking each is so damn hot our cock were so hard i turn to Joe and gave him a long deep kiss and he grab my ass and pull me closer to him . We rubbed our cock together. i laid him back on the bed so i could ran his cock down into my mouth his cock a mouth full as i go up and down on his cock. As i’m face fucking his cock he playing with his s****rs ass
His cock tasted so good, it so thick and long as I kept sucking and ran my tongue over his cock head in my mouth . My mind started to think about how good that cock will feel in my pussy. I couldn’t take it any more Fuck i let go of his cock. Then moved over his hard throbbing cock. I took it in my hand an slow glided it in my asshole ooo his head feel so good in me . as i lower my ass over him the farther his throbbing head went deeper in side me O damn it as good as Jim’s cock. as i started moving faster my ball was slapping his belly . Brenda and Linda rolled over and were playing with Their clits.I told Brenda to face fuck Joe and Linda get behind me and lick my ass and suck on Joe’s balls . I watched Brenda’s tits bouncing up and down as Joe’s eating her two holes ,I grab them and pinched on her big hard nipples and I bent forward so Joe could drive his shaft deep in my asshole. I lifted her tits up to my mouth and started nibbling on it Damn as he was busting my ass Linda was fucking his ass too. i cock was filling up with cum as i felt Joe cock head was precuming in my pussy Brenda’s head as going back she was her love juices were coming all over Joe’s face He explode inside me. I let his cock get soft inside me .Then I pulled his cock out of my pussy and lay on top of him Linda wanted to suck my pussy out and lick off his cock. She has a beautiful tongue it going far up my pussy several time then after she got it all that ran out of my pussy, she started licking Joe’s cock .
Brenda and I got off Joe and set and watch Joe and Linda playing . As they were into them self Brenda grab my cock and balls was cresting her beautiful tits, Brenda told Linda to grab Joe’s cock let’s go to the couch . We went to the couch the ladies got on the wanted to be fucked doggy style . Damn Joe do you get to fuck them like this? Joe smiled yes, We flipped a coin head I get Brenda. He won Damn We are so hard looking at all those holes in our face. The put their hands on their asses and opened both holes for us . we bent down behind them and licked their holes to get them ready for us . I stood up and started ramming Linda’s sweet pussy and Joe started on Brenda too. i put my hands on Linda’s Hips and moved her on my cock . the farther we put our dicks deeper in them the more they moan with pleasure . i took my moved and put my thump up Brenda’s ass Joe did the same to Linda ass. Then they yelled from all the action with were getting from us . Then we switched and rammed their assholes my cock was so wet from their pussy it slid right in her ass. As she moved on my cock i bent down and reach around her and played with her clit .it felt so good her love juice running down my fingers . She is enjoy that so much i thought she was going flatten my balls with her pussy lips .

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