Jamal’s friend also enjoy Ana’s body

Jamal’s friends also enjoy Ana’s body

Jamal had fucked my wife with his huge black dick like no one had ever before. For the next couple of weeks not at day passed without my wife either chatting with that black bastard…

Eventually we got a new nice house in the Savannah’s suburban zone.
Jamal would come up to our house on the weekends and fuck my wife two days and she sometimes Ana would drive to his house during the week.

Ana was constantly talking, texting and exchanging pictures with him. She dressed provocatively and sent sexy pictures of herself, also pornographic.

I enjoyed seeing her sexy pictures coming to my phone when I was at work, imagining what she was doing at home before and after sending the pictures really turned me on.

Before Jamal came up for the first weekend he sent me a link to a website for me to look at. On the site was the video of his fuck session with Ana…

The video I shot using his cell phone I purposely made sure not to show my wife’s face. But there was another video that he had used to record from his laptop. He had turned it on when he claimed to be checking his email.
The video clearly showed Anita on her hands and knees being fucked hard by Jamal while he grabbed her hair pulling her head up with her looking straight up into his laptop, which was on the shelf above his bed.

Anita was screaming and moaning with his expert fucking, begging for his nigger cock and she looked so sexy doing it. She looked better than any professional porn star because it was clear that she was not acting and her orgasms were real.

The angle was also perfect when she was flat on her back with Jamal fucking her missionary style. Her beautiful face was clearly seen and it showed every orgasm she had and every filthy word that she said.

Jamal had uploaded this to a paid website so I knew it wasn’t out for the entire public to view. My fear of course with my wife was if someone recognized her and it went public.

That first weekend Jamal came to our home it was much more relaxed.
The black bastard knew he had my sweet Ana hooked on his big black cock and he took his time.

He took Ana to our bedroom and fucked her for hours and then took a break and fucked her for hours again. He was brutally hard at times and then slow and softly making love to her. Either way Ana had screaming orgasms.

When Jamal teased her and made her beg for his big black cock, I noticed she cum repeatedly when he finally fucked her. Even more so when Jamal made me watch him degrade her, taunting me to try stop him from treating her like a whore wanting to be bred by his dick…

I lost count of how many times that black bastard fucked my wife in front of me. Sometimes I arrived from my office and I found them sweating in our bedroom, splashing their mixes juices onto our marital bed…

One day when I came home there was a strange car in the driveway. As I entered the house I heard the well-known sounds of my wife being fucked in the bedroom.

I figured Jamal had borrowed a car and came up. I decided to let them alone and sat down to watch some TV as they finished.
I heard Anita making her usual screaming, moaning and begging to be fucked by his huge dick. Also the different sounds that she got when she was sodomized…

After an hour of this, things settled down and I heard footsteps on the stairs.

An unknown huge black young guy passed before me. He looked at me with a smirk on his face and went out the door and got in his car and left.

I sat there stunned and did not know what to think, I expected it to be Jamal.

Anita finally walked out and I asked her who was that young black man and why she had fucked him. She explained that he was a friend of Jamal’s and had never been with a white woman; her black daddy had asked if she would be willing to fuck him. She said that she had hesitated at first, but the black bastard had finally convinced, telling her he would not fuck her in two weeks if she did not give up her body to his mate … including her ass…

I again was stunned that she was so willing to do this for him…

Then I realized my wife was a perfect slut for black cocks…

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