Innocent s****r In Her Dreams Of Top Film Actress

Hi, this is Neethu again.

After reading my previous story one of the readers came to chat with me.

After few days of chat, he said he has one girl and she is also looking for some good deals to make some huge money in need. I initially don’t know who she was and I referred her to some of my known sources.

This went for a couple of weeks and she was there around for 5 nights in 10 days and I got a very positive feedback from all those who fucked her.One among the men who fucked her was my husband, the deals were to satisfy my husband in return of the sources I shared.

My husband commented that she is very young and fucking beautiful, he took her to a hotel and fucked her for the whole night and he did not sl**p for the whole night. He described the girl as modern as me and she came in a sleeveless top with skirt up to her knees and a point heels.

He went on describing her that she is no less than the film actress, she had a beautiful face and well-curved body shapes and very fair.

Actually, when my husband was waiting in the hotel lounge area this lady entered and he did not know that she is the one who is going to spend the whole night with him, he was enjoying sight seeing her.Looks like she walked to one of the sofa opposite to my husband and sat crossing her legs.

He described that he was able to see her milky white thighs.

She took her mobile and started dialing some number..My lucky basted got the call and she was fully naked in next 10 min inside the hotel room.

When he described all these, I was so much interested and I wanted to see this girl. I invited her and the man who chat with me in the first place to dinner. I was so much interested to meet them.

After meeting few times they exposed themselves that they are real b*****r and s****r. My goodness, I could not believe initially, we, in fact, had a foursome one night and all four naked in one room too.

After they exposed their secret I started to recall, actually they did hug each other naked and kissed too, but they both never fucked each other. My husband could not leave that girl and he was licking every part of her body and this guy was fucking me.Hmmm I got it now.

Later one day after a couple of rounds they started to explain what happened and how they ended like this.

This guy’s name is Ravi and his s****r’s name is Swathi.When they started to tell their flashback (we just completed a refreshing fuck and Swathi was sitting relaxed in my husband’s lap and he was playing guitar with his fingers in her pussy)

Hear on will explain in Ravi’s words.

We are from a basic middle-class f****y and our father is a state government bus driver.I have one elder s****r Swathi (the girl sitting in your husband’s lap) and one younger s****r (luckily she is in the home town and not in this mess yet).We all three have only 1 year in age difference. I am 22 and my s****r is 23 years old.

With all the difficulties my father made me as an engineer and Swathi completed her BSc. We are not strong financially so unless I make some earning both my s****rs can’t get married.

After my s****r’s college, she started hunting for a job and via some of her college girls she got a reference to a bpo job in Chennai. During that time I was doing my 2nd year engineering, with some fight and convincing she finally joined the bpo job in Chennai as we also need to make some savings for her marriage.

After some 3 to 4 months of the job, when she came home there are a lot of changes in her.Actually, we never know Swathi was so beautiful. Chennai and job culture changed her, she came in jeans and a t-shirt, her hair was straightened, the skin was glowing.She said, this how everyone in the office gets dressed and she don’t want to be the odd one out. We thought that was ok. We never know what was going on.

After 2 years my engineering was completed and I got a job in an MNC in Chennai.I was very close to my s****r and she used to very friendly with me.Initially, she uses to stay in a women’s hostel and almost a year back she shifted to a flat along with a couple of her friends.

My parents insisted that I should stay with her, she could not deny that. Later she called me offline and said that she will help me for some other accommodation and her room won’t be comfortable. She said that I should tell mom and dad that I don’t want to stay with Swathi

I was asking for a reason for some time and finally she confessed that one of the girls in her house is a call girl and another girl has a boyfriend.Mostly there will be something going in there rooms every day and these girls don’t mind walking naked in the house.

I joked at my s****r that I should definitely stay with her and finally I took a separate house along with my colleagues.Once during her chat, my s****r cried and confessed that she is not virgin anymore. She said could not control herself and the fucking noises from the other room disturbed her a lot.

I consoled her and said don’t worry that ok, there are very people in the world who are virgin before marriage, to make her comfortable.I also confessed her that I am also not virgin, I lost my virginity to my classmate in the final year.After college, she dumped me and went away.

She got a little bit relaxed, I was curious and asked how it happened and who was the lucky guy stole your virginity.

She said she don’t know, someone came looking for the other prostitute girl. Actually, she gave booking for someone and left to her hometown on some emergency. This guy came in and asked for her name, I understood he is her client..I was on fire, I don’t know what happened, I acknowledged that I am that girl, took him to my room. And she said can’t explain more than that.

After 2 months on my birthday, my roomettes had organized for a party.That day I came a little bit late from office.They kept on ringing saying that cake is already waiting for 30 mins.They said the cake is very hot and if I am making more delay then they will go ahead with the cake.I was a bit confused on what these guys saying.

As soon I reached home, I heard a huge voice of the girl from the bedroom.Yes, she is definitely getting fucked and that too very hard. The bedroom door was locked and I had to wait in the hall. I relaxed in the sofa. After 10 mins my 3 roommates came one after the other in semi dressed state.(this was not new and we regularly get call girls to our house and we all 4 fuck her for all night. It happens at least once a month and whenever there is some occasion like b’day)

When this fellow opened the door, I rushed inside to see the girl shouting that it’s my birthday and I should be fucking her first.

She was not on the bed and looks like she went to the bathroom. She heard my voice and said from the bathroom that I better be in birthday suit and she will join a min after a quick shower. Rest of my roomates wished me to have fun and they moved to hall closing the bedroom door.

I quickly stripped myself and went to the bathroom door, I banged on the door and said, darling, I want to fuck you under the shower..Very next second the bathroom door got opened. Actually out bathroom did not have light and it burned out couple days back, we were lazy to get it fixed.

As the shower was running fast, I cannot leave the door open.I rushed inside and closed it behind, no words spoken.I hugged her from the back and rubbed my cock against her naked ass.She was cooperating so well that she took my hands placed it on her pussy asking me to finger it.

I turned her around and we kissed for good 5 mins.I tried to push my cock and she stopped saying not without a condom.

I said let’s go the bed and fuck with the condom.I moved out first and sat on the bed shaking my cock in the hand.She walked out.That’s the first I saw her face properly “Fuck that’s my s****r Swathi”. I tried to pull the pillow and put it on my lap, she started to shout.What the fuck are you trying to hide bastard?I now understand where you are spending all the money and why you are not sending money home properly.

One thing I did not understand was, she was shouting at me as I was doing the wrong.I got busted myself and said shut up bitch and gave a towel lying around and asked her to get covered and I could not see her naked. By the time she wrapped the towel, my roomies understand something wrong and came inside. Would could not stop and we ignored them and started arguing on whose fault it is.

My roommates understood the situation and came to console both of us.Swathi started to cry and one of roommate trying to console me and other two took her hall. I was left confused in the bedroom without knowing if I should cry or not.In few minutes, other roommate came into the bedroom cleaning his face with the towel. Fuck that was the same towel I gave to Swathi to cover herself.

When I enquired, he said. They removed her towel the moment they stepped out of the bedroom and she too did not object it. He said he came inside after fucking her for 10 mins and ejaculating his cum in her mouth.

They finally won convincing me that it’s not any one’s fault. If not this girl, they would have brought some other girl and she might have have been fucking someone else. The fact that I need to agree is that she is a fucking prostitute for tonight.

Actually, when we took her to the hall, we only said that we paid 15k for the night its ruined. She herself gave this towel and hugged me and said who want to fuck me again.I asked them to get her to the bedroom and do whatever they want.I said to watch her getting fucked and I cannot fuck her.

My roommate’ shouted to guy fucking in the hall to come to the bed room and continue it here.He added that I am fully comfortable with it.Guy fucking my s****r came carrying her, she had her both the legs wrapped around him and his thick cock inside her pussy.

They all started to have a gangbang with my s****r and occasionally she was looking at me if I was watching.She did not spoke and I did not spoke anything. They fucked her almost entire in batches and by the time I woke up next she was already gone.

My roommates said she is very good bombshell and asked if I would mind if they fuck her and also if they recommend her to someone. I said, I want to talk to my s****r and I said I will convince her to stop this.

My roommates went sad and they said they have already paid an advance of another 5k for next Friday and he had also invited his office manager to fuck her.

5 days passed I did not talk to my s****r.Usually, we use to speak daily.I know that she was booked for Friday and she would come. I called her on Friday morning and said please don’t do this and please stop all this.

She asked if I can take leave for today and come to my house to explain and when she got into this, I said I don’t want to listen to all story.She begged that she wanted to talk to me. I finally agreed and stayed in the house.

Around 10 am she came and rang the bell, I opened the door and I could not believe that was my s****r standing in the door.

She was wearing a dress that was just below her ass and her milky white thighs in full display. On the top, it was sleeveless and very low cut.As she walked inside, another shock was the dress had a full open back. So basically she was not wearing any bra then.

I could not talk to in the shock. She asked how is her dress, she continued as if she looks like a film actress?.She said that she picked this dress today for a reason to show how much she looks like a film actress.

She commented that I forgot for a moment that she is my s****r and how I admired her skin.Yes, that was true and she has lovely skin.
She came forward to me and gave a caring hug and started cry. I was broken and asked what happened.

She said that when she started her job in the bpo, she got many guys proposing her and other girls getting gelos at it.

In Swathi’s voice.

So of them praised that I am very beautiful and I have all qualities to become a film star, initially I was not convinced, as the days passed I started looking myself in the mirror and day by day the interest of seeing myself as a film star grows in me.That was when you noticed that I am getting modern.

I started attending many auditions in salwar and they rejected me.One assistant director gave me an advise that, there are many talented beautiful girls out there if you need a chance you need to show some portion of the skin.

He said that I am very much suitable for the lead role in the movie.There were around 30 to 40 girls came for an audition and 10 girls got picked up and other got rejected. The only reason they got picked up is because the movie is high budget romance movie and it got a couple of steamy scenes.

He asked if I will be ok doing steamy scenes on the screen?. I immediately said, no I won’t do any bold scenes. He said that is the reason they rejected me, looking at my dress and physical appearance they did not even ask me.Actually, they have asked the other girls and they said they are ok.

He said there is another audition that would happen to decide the lucky lead role girl. I was about to leave from there, I asked for the assistance director contact number and gave my number requesting him to advise if there is any another chance.

After coming home, I could not sl**p for the whole night.I sent him a Whatsapp message asking if there any other smaller roles? After a while, he replied advising me to hunt for the lead role itself and I take any smaller role then the carrier ends there and they will not accept me to the lead heroine role ever.

I have been trying for a chance for almost and year.This was one chance that came very close by. I texted him asking.What would be steamy scene look like?. He said that would be bedroom romance scene. I will be wearing a panty or shorts and silicon cups for my boobs. For the viewer, it would look like that I am having a naked sex.I replied, ohhhh that extend. I am not I can do it.

He said, it’s up to me and no f***e.He said this is how the film industry is. You name any lead actress and she would have also done such stream scenes

Only thing is that you are getting to do that in the first movie itself, but remember it’s from a very big banner and they are planning to do big promotions for this.

I was very much confused as the assistant director said that producer himself liked my face and he asked the director also to have me included into audition.

Next day, I once again went to the studio where the audition was planned.Today, I picked up a sleeveless lace netted top that exposes most of my upper skin and wore a 3/4th jeans to it to show my silky smooth legs.

As I entered in the studio all the face turned towards. One small boy came to me and asked if I am the new heroin of the movie. That’s it, that moment I decided that I have the silicon bra pasted on my boobs and do the steamy scene and I was flying in the air.

I said I came here to meet xyz assistant director, he said they are on their way and asked to wait.

After 15 mins he came along with director and producer sir.He noticed me and came to me and said I am looking different today. I said I am ready to do it and requested him to help with the audition.

He went and spoke to the director, producer and came back to me said they agreed after a long debate.

He advised that I should it good, I asked what the scene I should be acting now.He said what the fuck are you asking, hero sir is also coming for the audition and it’s the romance on the bed to be tried, director and producer want to make sure the romance comes out well as that is the main part of the movie.

He said please don’t waste my time. Please go to that next room and get ready.I thought for a moment, anyway I decided to the same scene for the movie, what difference it would make now. I went to the next room and saw there are 10 around 10 girls waiting to be called out sitting only in their small and tiny panty. Nothing on their top. Oh, I got it, just before the scene there will be giving the silicon bra and that’s why they are sitting just on panty. I also stripped myself to panty.

I was the last girl called out.As went out before the lights and camera. Assistant director came to me and asked to remove the panty and give it to him. I asked why and I asked for the silicon bra to cover myself.

He said all the 10 gave their audition naked and asked me leave not create any issue and he will be getting scolded if don’t remove the panty.

That was the first time I was fully naked in the hungry of becoming a top film actress. Everyone was eyeing me like anything, there are around 10 to 12 in the set.

Director called out to get ready and that when the male lead actor came in sight. My god, he is one of the top leading male stars and I am going to be love side in the movie.One part I was very shy and trying to cover my pussy and on the other part, I was thinking to act to the best.

He was only on his jockey and moved to the bed, extended his hand.Director called action and he started to french kiss me, I pulled back and my complete body was shaking. To the worst, he tried touching my boobs and pussy.In next 2 mins, the scene went like he is trying to **** a naked girl.

Director got angry and shouted cut and shouted at the assistant director that he is right that I am not fit for the sex scenes, he asked me to get dressed and get the fuck out of the studio.

I started crying and came back to the room.Later in the evening, I messaged the assistant director to give me another chance.

I begged him and said I don’t really don’t have issues getting naked again. At one stage I said that I am ok to get fucked if that’s what it needs to become a heroine.He said, if you get chosen as a heroin you would definitely get fucked and there is no doubt in that, but the director is very angry and he doesn’t want to risk once again for me.

I went on begging to him, he said he just came back from the office and they had almost finalized. I asked if there any chance for me, please.

He replied that his cock got hard when he saw me naked he can risk only if I come to his room and suck his cock and pacify it now, actually he was teasing me and expected that I will stop touching him.But I immediately replied.”I am ok”. He said he said there 4 men in his house now. I once replied, “I am ok”.I am ok to suck all 4 cocks please help me

He said they may be interested to fuck you also. I said, “I am ok”.It was around 10:30pm.He sent his address and asked me come now.

My mind was fully blocked and not thinking of anything, in next 20 mins I reached their house and I was standing in the hall between 5 people. Everyone started coming towards me and in less than a minute I was fully naked.

I was asked to suck all the cocks and drinks the cum. I was having hands running all over my body. I don’t know what the names of the guys are. As I was sucking the one cock and shaking other 2 in my hand there was a door bell, one guy went and answered the door and its some door delivery guy came to give some food.

He was surprised seeing a naked girl sucking a cock seriously. I ignored him and continued my job. I really don’t know how I dared to do that and later they fucked all one by one for the whole night.

As I continued to say this my b*****r was having difficulties with his cock, I openly said. If you wish you can free it and he removed his pants and underwear and started shaking his cock. His one hand was on his cock and the other hand was on my naked thigh rubbing my skin.

I continued to tell what more happened to me.

Next day I went to the director office as advised, the assistant director was also there and he explained how I cooperated with 5 people last night.

Director did not agree and said he cannot risk calling the hero sir again to try with her. Tears started to run from eyes, I literally went and fall on his feet and said I will do any scene and I said I did a lot last night and I got well trained now.

Director thought for some time and called some number, he came to me and this is your final chance and if you fail please don’t disturb us and we have work to do.I said I will do anything, sir. He gave me a hotel address and said there is guy expecting to fuck a prostitute in room number 402.You will go and act as a prostitute and get fucked by him.Record everything in your mobile and bring it back to us. Let’s see how well you cooperate and who good romance comes out. He said the main point is he should not suspect you, he said he will give you 20k and you can have that for you.

He gave me a dress to wear and it’s the same that I was wearing now ravi..Deep cut dresses without a bra and only up to my thighs. I stripped myself in the office itself and wore the dress on just my panty, director sir called some makeup guy and asked him to do some makeup. Just before I am about leave, he came to me and said that he want me as his heroin and he said there are few foreign shoots also planned.

He came close to me and gave nice smooch kiss, pressed both my ass tightly and pulled the dress little above and pushed the panty down and said I won’t need that. I said, please sir.If go like this and wind blow will push my dress and public will be able to see my ass and pussy. He gave a laugh and said that is the whole idea and my heroin should feel like the bra and panty are too much clothing on her body and only then her body will shine like a diamond.

I took a call taxi and finally reached the hotel in the address, all the way I was holding the dress to make sure it was not flying.

I asked the hotel reception for the room number and they called the extension, looks like a person in the room acknowledged and the reception fellow gave me the direction to go. That was the first time I am wearing such a high profile dress and ready to get fucked for money.

I rang the bell and one small teenage boy opened the door. He was not even up to my height, he bent a little bit and touched my silky thighs.He invited me inside and closed the door behind. He said mama, the bitch is really beautiful.I realized there must be one else too.

As I moved in I saw another man around 40 years only on the couch. I quickly opened the camera in the mobile, stuck bubble gum to it and placed it in a nice place so that it can cover completely. They just thought that I am keeping phone aside.

The senior guy asked me to sit next to him and said actually he only supposed to fuck and this is his relatives son, he wants to have him fun and enjoy the world of sex.

He kept his hand on my thighs and rubbing it and found I was not wearing the panty, he called the boy and asked if he had seen a women’s pussy before? He asked the boy to sit on the knees on the floor before, he stood up and pulled up my dress.

All that was in the mind was to fully cooperate and impress the director, I saw the camera and smiled and made the face that I am comfortable in getting naked.

Slowly the dress was fully out and threw it to a corner, I am fully naked and started pressing my boobs. The boy started to kiss my pussy and he got more into tongue fucking. The other big man removed his shirt and pant and adjusted himself on the couch and pushed my head towards his cock.

I gave a good smooch kiss to the boy licking my pussy and asked him to get rid of the dress. He got naked and returned back to the position. He was pressing my boobs badly and licking my pussy and I was sucking the man’s cock.

As my b*****r continued to listen, he was fully hard and about to explode anytime. His hand my things almost reaching to my panty sometimes. I stopped my narration asked him if he needs any help? He simply nodded his head and broke the barrier of b*****r and s****r (we did not fuck each other until today and we felt that’s not right).

I stripped off myself (it was very easy to get out of short dress) and sat on knees before his cock and took it into mouth. No words were spoken and in less than a minute he filled my mouth with his loads of cum.

As I got used to drinking cum, I did not mind drinking my b*****r’s cum too. I went to the restroom, washed my face and came back to the bedroom now. He was naked and I was on my panty, we slept next to each other.He said, I agree you did this all chasing your dream to become a heroin, that’s fine.But why are running behind money and fucking everyone like a professional prostitute?

I said I need 10 lakhs as soon as possible, this is the only easy way I figured out to make some money. After my first day as a whore, I returned back to the director with the video on mobile and they are really impressed with my actions.

They confirmed me that I am the lead heroin and they said I should cooperate with them in all means whenever they ask. He said should not be feeling any shy with my body and I should be open minded.

After returning back to my room I was filled with joy.Though it was painful on one side that I compromised my body, I understood every lady in the film industry would go this. For next 2 months, many discussions happened and they use to call me every time.

Not for discussion, for there entertainment. I use to listen to all those chats and mostly I use to be in just bra and panty.Every time any hotel room boys come in, director use to say them that she is the new heroin and I use to be very happy. I was fucked a countless number of times in those 2 months.

I don’t know what happened, some dispute between the male star, producer and the director and they stopped the movie.

After all these I was back to zero and started hunting for my luck again. That’s when this assistant director said he has a romantic short movie story and if I can help him funding for that, he can do the short movie with me and I can show that as my performance to the producers.

Hope you understand now, why I am doing this.I have collected around 8 lakhs in last 3 months and I need another 2 lakhs so that can start with our work.

I said, I was fully into this mess and I am not worried about mom or dad or even if they come to know about me. After being fucked by more than 100 different people in last 6 months it doesn’t matter to me now. I said I will be really happy if you help me or just ignore me.

Saying this I kissed him for good 10 mins and we hugged each other rolling on the bed. He asked what he wants?

I said I badly need a pimp to handle my calls and e****t me to the locations as sometimes the clients abuse when they know that I have a backup. I need you to take care of the rates and my dates.

To be continued.

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