If Only, Part 2

OK, quick recap to our story before I go on:
*went to bed after watching Weird Science on TV (glad to know someone else knows what it was), and you have to admit, some of us single guys and girls have always wanted to have a woman like that at one time or another
*woke up next morning to find this beautiful redhead Irish girl waking me up
*”accidentally” spilled water on the front of her nightgown 😉
*watched her, in secret, shower and lusted to myself over her naked body
*finally made up my mind over her name, Kerry, after a little “buttering up”. If you didn’t get the name reference right away, I’ll tell you later at the end of this if you ask.

And now, onto Part 2 of our story.


Kerry and I continued to kiss heavily and she rubbed the front of my jeans. “Mmm…quite a hard one, eh, lad?”
“Mmm…do you wish to see it in its full glory?”
“Mmm…not yet. Not in here, though.”
I had to agree with her there: the room was filled with the foul odour of burnt toast. As we continued to kiss and neck, we found ourselves in the living room. “What about here?”
“Mmm…may I see it first?”
“I suppose so.” I said after a moment of deliberation and drawing the blinds so our neighbors behind us couldn’t get a free peepshow. Kerry unfastened the top button of my jeans and pulled down the zipper slowly and teasingly. “Ooh, my. THAT is quite the hard one, isn’t it?” She said, finally lowering the zipper all the way. 7 ½ inches length hard of “you bet so”!
She lowered herself down to eye level with my now-harder-than-diamond shaft, but it was interrupted by someone knocking on our front door, her getting up suddenly and telling each in hushed voices that she should hide. “First door on the right is to the basement. Hide behind that and I’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.”
“Are you quite sure?”
I rubbed the front of my now zipped-and-buttoned-back-up jeans to assure Kerry that I’d return. “Who is it?” I said, looking through the peephole. “Package for you to sign for, sir.” I unfastened the chain from the front door and opened it up. Funny. I’ve got a package for someone too, so let’s make it quick, please. I showed my ID and signed for the package, promptly tossing it onto the dining room table nearby after I closed the door and the UPS man had walked away. Probably another pair of stupid shoes Casey ordered online. That woman’s got the most silliest addictions. Oh, well. Now back to business. “It’s safe to come out now.” I said, letting Kerry out of the basement. “Thanks, lad. It was starting to smell a tad musty down there.”
Kerry and I went back to the living room, where she lowered herself and my jeans, and started to revive my half-hard dick with her hands and did it feel so good, especially when she spit into one hand and started to work me back up back to full mast.”
“Mmm…yeah. You do it so well, Kerry.”
“I take you’re quite enjoying yourself?” As she touched her the front of her jeans, she said she was feeling a funny tingle and growing wet down there. “Mmm, you’re getting aroused.” I said with a devilish smile. “Mmm…I quite like this feeling.”
“If you like it, then get up and we can move this to the couch and I can return the favour for you.”
“Mmm, I quite like that idea.”
Kerry got up as we moved things over to the leather couch a few feet away. Slowly, I unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper, and slid them off her, leaving her to sit with her naked ass on the leather. Oh, right. I forgot she goes commando, especially after my little “accident” earlier today. “Mmm, what’s next? What would you like to do first?” That line really got me going. She had shaven her pussy into a red-haired “landing strip” and invited me in closer. The scent was almost-heavenly! God! I love that musk! Can’t beat it! “May I?”
“I don’t know,” she said with a seductive grin. “can you?”
I stuck in one finger slowly before pulling it out, tasting my finger and savouring it for a bit. Tastes like…honey! “May I have some?”
“In a bit, my sweet.” I resumed slowly fingering her slowly before pulling my fingers out and giving her a taste. “Mmm…It’s so sweet!” Kerry licked her lips. “More…”
With a delicate touch, I increased the number of fingers to two. “Ooooo, yeah…” I licked her slowly, going front from her clit to the lips and swirling my tongue on them, making her moan loudly with pleasure. Way I was glad the walls were thick; Otherwise, the neighbors would be getting off on this! Her nipples were sharply poking against the material of the shirt, threatening to run it through, as she beckoned me to take off the shirt. Pulling my fingers out of her pussy was no great feat, but was soon achieved with a slightly squishy * pop * sound. Raising the shirt slowly, I put my tongue on her body and began to lick it delicately and up as the shirt was raised and her C-cup luscious breasts were revealed, topped with diamond-hard nipples. “Mmm…” she moaned as I licked and sucked on each with the most gentlest of touch and began to pet my head gently.
I moved my mouth up and licked up between those globes. “Mmm…” she moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced about in each other’s mouths and she rubbed my length through my boxers. Finally breaking the kiss with her, I was a little disappointed in her doing that, but it was soon reassured by her asking me if I was the one watching her earlier as she confessed to having put on a show for me in the bathroom. “Really?”
“Mmm…of course, lad. I never like to disappoint.” she whispered to me in that sultry Irish accent and looked at me with those sexy emerald-green eyes. I tossed off my shirt at this. “Ooh, my, somebody’s been working out.”
“I try.” I replied, licking my lips. “Whenever I’m not at university, studying, or working, I like to put in a few hours every weekend.” She touched my belly with a touch just to test its firmness. She chuckled a bit at this sexily and bid me to lay beside her on the couch.
“Would you like to finish what you started?” She beckoned down to her pussy, now enlarged and growing wetter by the second. “Oh, I suppose so…”
I put a single finger back in, slowly building back up to two. “Mmmm…”
I sped up my fingering slowly. “More…” Kerry whispered. I both increased the number of fingers to three and sped up again. “Mmm…ooh! Oh, gosh! What’s happening to me? I feel like I need to relieve myself, but it’s not that!” The fingering continued at the same pace, slightly speeding up. “Ooooooo, that’s it! That’s it! Do it, lad, do it! Oooooo… I’m gonna….” She released a massive amount of squirt in my mouth and more came out as I kept fingering until no more came out and she lolled her head back, panting like a dog in the middle of summer. “Ooh, gosh.” she said, finally regaining her strength after a bit. “What happened?” “You pretty much annihilated that couch, that’s what, and came all in my mouth.” “Ooooo, gosh.” Kerry said, holding me to her naked breast. “Think you could go some more?” she said to me after a minute.
“Does a bear shit in the woods?” I grinned at her. “Hell yeah, let’s go, Kerry.” I sucked on her tits until I was ready to go and proceeded to fuck those amazing breasts. “Ooh, lad. Ooh, yeah.” “I take it you want to speed up?” “Ooh, lad, only if you want to.” she whispered to me. I sped up a little, gaining momentum. “Ooh, yes! Fuck my tits! More!” I went faster until I could feel my cum rising in my cock. “You ready?”
“Oh, yes, lad, do it! Blow it!”
I came like a rabid firehose and squirted some more in all the excitement of me tittyfucking her like there was no tomorrow. The f***e knocked me off-kilter slightly as I fell backwards over the coffee table behind me.
“Are you alright?” Kerry asked me, jumping up suddenly and letting some of my come trickle down between her breasts, now bouncing slightly.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, rubbing my head. “Nothing a beer won’t fix.”
“I mean, a pint of lager.” I said as Kerry helped me up.
“Mmm…” she said, dipping a finger intoo the come dripping off of her breasts. “Perhaps we should get cleaned up. Maybe shower together?”
My dick got hard again at this idea. “Looks like your friend there agrees with me.”
“Mmm, indeed, he does, Kerry, indeed he does.” I could explain the couch later to Casey; Right now, there was something else to take care of. My phone buzzed on the floor where my jeans lay. Was it a text from Casey? The standard I love you, b*o, and I wish you were here? I didn’t care at the moment.
“Mmm…let’s go get washed off, though I have a feeling we’ll get even dirtier than we went in to clean.” Funny, I have that feeling, too.
A knock came at the door and I threw on my jeans. “Yeah?” Kerry went on ahead, presumably to get cleaned off. “Hey, it’s Becky. Do you have a minute?” Shit! I forgot Becky was coming by today! That’s probably what the text message is. Becky was my long-time girlfriend who was the youngest s****r of Sera, who is the wife of my best friend and college roommate, Benji. “Um, I’m kinda busy at the moment, Becky. I have a ton of homework I need to do for Dr. McGuthrie’s English class. Dinner tomorrow, though?” I opened the door slightly and kissed Becky.
“Is that the shower?”
“Yes. Yes, it is.” I couldn’t believe how much I was lying to my girlfriend right now, and I had no choice but to keep going. If there was an award for Bullshitter of The Year, I’d probably be nominated, without a doubt. “Sorry for wearing just jeans I was taking a shower when you knocked on the door and I was getting something. Sorry for not replying back, but you understand. Double-date with Sera and Benji tomorrow night? On me.”
“Alright, I’ll see you then, babe.”
“Have a nice shower and good luck.” Becky said, turning and walking away after we kissed goodbye. Way to go, man: master-bullshitter extraordinaire and what’s it get you? A double date with Becky, Sera, and Benji. Oh well. I grabbed my phone from my jeans, set it to movie mode, and slipped into the bathroom, propping the phone up on the sink. “Mmm, what took you so long?” Kerry said as I slid in behind her, my hard dick pressing against her perfect bubble ass. “I had a thing to do.”
“More important than me?”
“Mm-hmm…” I said suckling her breasts: first the left, then the right, swirling my tongue on each nipple sensually.”Ooh, yeah…Fuck me.”
“What’s the magic word?” I said, teasing her pussy with my length, waiting to hear that magic word.
“Please…” Kerry said in a throaty whisper. “Please…fuck me…now.”
“Mmm…Not here, though. Let’s get out, first, before we get all pruny. Don’t want a woman like you to wrinkle up on me.” Grabbing my phone from the basin on the way out, I led a naked Kerry into the kitchen licked her nipples until they were hard as stone as she touched her pussy lightly, now wet again, and put her so she straddled the kitchen sink with her pussy now slightly higher than my cock, now teasing the outside of it. “Mmm…Please…fuck me.” she asked again, this time in an almost-inaudible whisper. Slowly my cock entered her pussy as she muffled a scream of passion of pleasure. “Let me cum…Please…Let me squirt all over…” she begged me. I fucked her until it seemed like we’d both pass out the pleasure as she began to squirt as I kept on fucking her. I was almost there, but I could go more if she pleased; I was young and virile and I surely had no trouble pleasing a woman like that. We both panted like we’d just finished a marathon in 7 seconds flat with heavy necking and passionate kissing being the basis for the entire 15 minutes afterwards. “More, please…” Kerry said in a breathy whisper. The sun was beginning to set outside and complemented Kerry’s red hair well. She broke the kissing and necking to say “Here?”, motioning to my room. “Mmm…”, which came out “Yes!” muffled.
I laid her down on the bed with steamy kissing ensuing. “Mmm…please…Fuck me! Now!”
I started to tease her slit with the head of my dick, also rubbing the button of her clit slowly as she threw her head back in passion. In case I needed to ever get off to this scene again, I put my phone on movie mode. Let’s see how water-resistent it is. Still I teased her slit with my dick until she let out a husky moan mixed with “Please…Fuck me now…”.
“Are you begging me?”
“Yes! Please…fuck me now…I’m begging you…”
I put my cock into her slit slightly, then pulling it back out, before putting it back in, going deeper each time, until I slowly pulled out, and repeated, building up momentum.
“What are you…?” she panted at me and was answered by me suddenly pushing my cock back into her slit. “Buíochas le Dia! Is ea!” (“Oh my god! Yes!”) “More!” she seemed to half-scream at me.
This went on for a while until I felt that familiar feeling my come about to explode. “Yes, I’m coming!” I was almost hoarse. “Yes! Me too!”
“I’m coming!” we came simultaneously and almost a half-dozen times before I pulled out with my come leaking out of her pussy and the bedsheets soaked completely. We fell next to each other and held each other until I drifted off to sl**p, completely drained. When I awoke later that evening, Kerry was gone and my phone had been shut off and was facedown. “What the…? Kerry!” I searched the entire house for her, but found no sign of her, save for a new video on my phone, this one of Kerry sitting over the kitchen sink and wearing a bathrobe I recognized as one I usually wore. “Dear, lad, I had such a great time with you today, but I’m sorry by the time you’ll read this, I’ll be gone, but I thought I’d show you a wee bit of fun before I go.” With one hand holding my phone, she opened the robe with the other and began to get off until she came heavily into the sink with part splashing onto the floor.. Panting, she continued, “don’t worry, that’s not the only surprise for you. Open the photos I took with your phone with you were sl**ping. I promise you won’t be disappointed, or my name isn’t Kerry Gould!”
Was she ever right! Kerry seemed to be giving a show in every photo set, squirting heavily into the kitchen sink, squirting at least six feet high, squirting in the shower, and one squirting in the mirror in my room as I slept, with this one signed “Goodbye, lad. It was fun and I wish to come back someday!” Her squirt-soaked jeans lay in one corner with a video on my computer. “Miss these yet?” she said, exposing her breasts, licking and sucking them. A handwritten note was found in the front pocket of her jeans. “Shhh…don’t tell Becky. 😉 xoxoxoxxxx, Kerry”.

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