I myself!

I myself!
I called a neighbor, thirty rake, unctuous voice and invited guests. And that? I am a woman free. I visited him occasionally. Especially yesterday drove the c***d to the mother.

Hastily opolosnuvshis, he corrected makeup and began to gather. I put on socks and climbed into the shoes kabluchischah. Stockings and high heels woman’s most powerful weapon! Guys just thrilled by this. Wrapped in your favorite bathrobe and everything. I knew, after all, why go.

Apartments next door. On call Dima opened immediately. Hello! I kissed him on the cheek. Come on, he admitted me. You are not alone?!!! Failing to enter, I froze in indecision. Roman! Oh, it’s Vera! He introduced me sitting at the dinner table to the man. He jumped up and sat next to me. For the lovely ladies! I poured a full glass. I’m a big girl! But, just two No! He pushed away his vodka. Vera! What a magnificent woman you! Roman sat closer. Ver! Why are you? For a long time no see Dima sat on the other side. So bored that aid called I tried to get up. But I kept. Enough of virginity itself to build. Do not break. Time has come now still fucked, an evil hiss Dima and reached for his belt, trying to take off my coat. Here, vlipla! Flashed through my mind. It turns out, after all, and the truth is, she came and goes something was not Well, I gave up: Just boys! I can not. Go. Wash.
They immediately jumped up and went to the bathroom together. There was a hissing shower.

They returned quickly. Naked. It was funny to watch dangling from their pendulous motion of each member.

I was lifted up from his chair. Bathrobe fell at the feet of As burning eyes devour my chest, almost a sixth the size! I’m not fat, but not stroynyashkoy. I watch for yourself. In his later years I look much younger. I’m a big, not fat, just big. On the heels above them both. I have big bones. I am a brunette. And I have a waist. Long, slender, slightly stout legs. Wide hips. I have a large elastic ass. Severe chest.

Dima, having come from behind, gently took my breasts in his hands. His hands were warm. How to weigh, they played a little bit. You want to take off her bra for me? Thrown back, I put my head on his shoulder. Really want to! Tinkering with a little clasp, he tossed it aside. Wow! Wow! It started from all sides. My chest is almost not droop. Even after birth did not change shape.

I will say without false modesty, I just have huge nipples! Tёmnorozovye with broad halos! And, it is very sensitive. He put his arms around me from behind and began to caress his fingers. From this, they stretched further and become completely solid. And then in the chest digging greedy men’s lips. I involuntarily groaned.

Dima’s hands, leaving my breasts to a friend, slid down his stomach, getting into her panties. And there already everything was burning. Wet panties flew with me in an instant.

Apparently these men now. Themselves they can not lead to a working state. We have to help. Therefore, sex usually starts with a blowjob. Sitting down, I caught the lips first, turned out to be closer to my penis. Looking up, she saw that it was Roman.

Member immediately rose in my mouth. Hardened, becoming hot. Caressed his lips, I just started him tongue as Roma, suddenly, the whole body trembled. Having pressed on my head, he suddenly stuck in the throat, so I put her nose in his hairy scrotum. I choked. Not managing to swallow, she recoiled, coughing, splashing all his belly. Vera! Sorry! I do not hold back. You are so wonderful is doing He was embarrassed.

And I have already dealt with Dima. Dima was easy and simple. I knew him well. They held me, as she wanted, forcing respond to every movement of my tongue. He did not use f***e, allowing me to do everything herself. And I thank him drinking to the last drop.

I was so absorbed that and did not notice that was on the couch. Dimkiny abilities were known to me. His haste rabbit is more than covered tireless. But Roma proved a skillful lover. It may not be as high-spirited as Dima, but at the same time powerful and delicate. Allowing two strong men to do to me everything I am almost deaf from their own groans.

It seemed that it would never end. Boys obkonchalsya already more than once, yet did not get through to me. They understood, seen, felt it. And it causes them to be more assertive. Riding, ohavshego Dima beneath me, I did not give him a second of respite. It seemed that it was all behind when Roma masse pulled hard on my back. I fell to the Dima breast, ready again to give his ass. But it began to happen something strange. I felt that with no stops moving Dimkinym member of me trying to get into another one.

I had no time to get scared that I might just break. Heart frozen in anticipation of something. And then a push from pressed against each other, simultaneously broke into my members! When the edge of the expiring consciousness knew what would happen now, not even cry out. And, in a moment already screamed in his lungs,unable to cope with fill me hurricane.

I shivered as in a nervous fit. I writhed in hysterics. If Roma are not held, he hugged me, I probably would have escaped. And then everything inside cramped wild spasm. Shaking all over, I was so hard pressed hips lying below me Dima, he whined like a puppy. I never could imagine that an orgasm can be so …

… I was lying on his stomach, his nose buried in a pillow. Consciousness returned slowly. Dima and Roma were drinking at a table, looking at me. Sitting up, he looked around. It was not a living space on me. Even stockings were sticky from the semen. I slid off the couch and went to him, and plopped down on a chair, his legs stretched out. Dima poured me a full glass of vodka.
– I do not want – dismissed, without even looking.
– How do you? – He patted me on the back.
– Absolutely crazy! – I pushed his hand away. She raised her gown.
– I Go – rose from her chair. Roma took my robe and helped to dress.
– I’ll see – Dima gave me the crumpled panties and bra, which I care about stuffed it in his pocket. Already on the landing, I stopped him:
– Come back. You’re naked. See can.
– Come on, when you have time – he slapped me on the ass and closed the door.
At home, s**ttered shoes, collapsed exhausted on the bed.

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