How Jen became an exhibitionist and more
Jen was ten was f******n when her mum met new partner Ben. He was a good looking guy and very generous, Jen and he hit it off well. Jen wasn’t the brightest and she was a bit of a chubby lass, she wasn’t one of the in crowd at school either.
When Jen turned fifteen, Ben started giving her money to buy clothes on a regular basis as she never had much as her mum struggled to get by. Her figure seemed to change overnight and her boobs blossomed into firm D cups, she stretched quite a bit to giving her a curvy slimmer womanly figure. Jen’s hormones were all over the place and she developed an unreturned crush on Ben. Some nights she would hear Ben and her Mum in the throes of love making and fantasised about boys she knew at school but she was far too shy and reserved to have a boyfriend. When she reached sixteen that all changed as boys chased after her attracted by her curves and the short skirts and tight tops she loved to wear she loved the attention but never went the last step.
It was near her s*******nth birthday and Jen was getting ready to go out, Ben had given her a wad of cash to buy clothes for her birthday. Jen had bought a couple of new skirts and tops and for the first time she had bought her own under, her first thongs and lacy bra’s. She put on her new white lace thong and matching bra and was trying to decide whether to wear her pink skirt and white top or the denim skirt she had bought with a blue top. She went for the pink skirt and white blouse; she had just slipped on some pink platform heels that made her three and a half inches taller. Jen admired her look thinking how she could easily pass for a nineteen year old.
Jen heard footsteps on the stairs; she thought maybe her mum whom she knew would chastise her look. She bent down to pick some cloths off the floor, she hadn’t realised her bedroom door was ajar and when she turned she seen Ben standing there in silence. Well what you think of my new clothes. Ben said wow and a big smile came to Jen’s face; does your mum know you’re going out in that short skirt with a thong on. Jen realised Ben had watched her bending over picking her clothes up, she felt excited and got a rush from it. I won’t tell her if you won’t Ben, Ben smiled and shook his head as left her room.
After that evening Jen made a point of leaving her door ajar when she was going out and Ben had seen her several times in her under wear. Ben put it down to teenage hormones and teasing and would shut her door as he past but deep down it aroused him but it felt wrong and he battled with his conscious. He knew he could get a peek at her voluptuous curves if he went up stairs whenever she was reading to go out but fought off the temptation, well most of the time. Jen thought there was no harm in it and she got a sexual kick out of it. Her behaviour continued like that until she got a permanent boyfriend and was going steady, she had a sex life that fulfilled her urges and so the bedroom door stayed closed.
Roll on a couple of years and Ben parted from Jen’s mum, it was a mutual thing no blame on either side. Jen was really disappointed; besides being good to her financially she really liked him. He moved about forty miles away to Exeter where he and a friend called Walter had set up a gym. Over the next couple of years Jen had qualified as a hair dresser and was moving into her boyfriend Simon’s flat. She had kept in touch with Ben and when he was in town would meet up with her if he could, usually when Simon was away with work which was a regular thing. Jen liked to see him and besides he usually took her shopping for some new shoes or short skirts. The bonus for Ben was that she would pop them on back at the flat and she couldn’t resist giving him a little flash of flesh or panties, often bending over in the pretence of having to put her heels on. Ben would take advantage and cop a feel of her ass or a boob in a playful way. Jen enjoyed it was like an exciting game to her teasing him and his reward for putting up with it was the occasional feel that or brush up against her that Jen would ignore and let him away with. Although it did encourage him somewhat to think things may go further but Jen would draw a line and she was in love with Simon. Sometimes Jen would see Ben a couple of times in a month but others she might not see him for three months but they kept in touch weekly by text.
Jen had been with Simon a couple of years and they had a good sex life, Jen liked to tease him too and Simon loved it. Simon encouraged Jen to wear shorter skirts and tighter lower cut tops and high heels to go out shopping with him, not locally of course. He found it a real turn on for her to strut around showing her massive cleavage and would have her bend over in shops while he filmed her on his phone. She would flash middle aged guys giving them an eyeful of her bare arse and thong string, sometimes she looked like a real slut but Simon loved it and when they got home they would have amazing sex.
The salon Jen worked in closed and Jen was looking for a better job and wanted to expand her skills, she was looking to do a course for beauty therapy or nails or home spray tanning. She couldn’t find anything around her local college the nearest place to do anything was Exeter and it was a condensed four week full time one. Jen mentioned to Ben that she was thinking of enrolling on this course and that she would be travelling up to Exeter each mid week day. Ben told her it was too far to commute each day and that she should just come and stay at his. She said she would think about it and talk it over with Simon. He had a contract at Liverpool that was behind schedule and he said it would be a good idea as he could catch up on work while she was on the course and she wouldn’t be paying out for travelling staying at Ben’s. Simon had met Ben several times and liked him but knew nothing of Jen’s flashing indiscretions, Jen new it made sense but wasn’t quite sure whether Ben would keep his hands to himself. Jen decided to go for it and told Ben.
Jen packed a couple of cases and Ben picked her up one Sunday, he said he was looking forward to spending time with her. He joked that the clothes shops where really good too, promising to take her shopping and show her around. Jen settled in at Ben’s and her course was going well, the first week end Ben took her shopping and bought her some nice clothes and bits for college. Jen made sure her bedroom door was kept shut and avoided teasing Ben as she didn’t want to lead him on. However by the second week end Jen was missing Simon and a good romp even more, Ben was taking her out for lunch and she was changing in her room. She could hear Ben across the hall in the bathroom and couldn’t help herself she opened her door leaving it ajar. Jen was standing in her bra and thong back to the open door pretending to hold up a top and skirt as if she was deciding what to wear. Jen heard a floorboard creak and before she could turn her head she felt Ben’s hand fondle her ass cheek, it genuinely made her jump. Oh my god Ben stop that! Ben laughed well you should keep your door shut but if you’re going to leave it open; I think we will get you some nice lingerie at the shops today for the next time. Jen turned around smiling, she looked into Ben’s eyes and realised they were firmly fixed on her bra clad -36 “F”. Ben get out of here! Come on Jen just give me a look of those big tits, Jen looked up at his pleading eyes, she realised she shouldn’t tease him like this and now felt sorry. Ok just a quick look and only a look! Jen pulled her bra cups up over her big round globes; she could see Ben wanted to feel them. The truth was Jen was feeling really horny herself and her nipples were giving away her arousal as they swelled out red and stiff. Ben stared at them, God your nipples are amazing Jen. Jen came to her senses and reluctantly told Ben “right that’s it out while I get dressed” Ben left reluctantly.
Ben good to his word , took Jen shopping for shoes and gave her a wad of cash to go into Agent Provocateur whilst he went for a coffee. After shopping Ben took Jen to Gym for a look around, he wanted her to meet Walter his partner, on the way he told Jen they were in the process of opening another one as business was so good. Jen had wondered why he had so much money.
Ben took her in and showed her around, she was impressed it was well equipped and a lot bigger than she thought. Ben told her Walter and he had got into the business just at the right time as it really become popular. They went to the office to meet Walter, Jen was expecting him to be an older guy maybe early sixties she thought it was an old man’s name. Morning Walt this is Jen, Jen’s mouth dropped Walt was at least ten years younger than Ben and black. Jen couldn’t help but notice how well toned he looked, his polo shirt tight on his chest and his biceps bulging. Nice to meet you Jen, this is Den he’s going to manage our new gym said Ben. Ben said well we will leave the two of you, I’m taking Jen for lunch, oh are you still coming over for the boxing next Saturday night. Yeah sure we’ll both be there about ten; ok I will book the pay per view. Jen said goodbye and they head into town for lunch, Ben had noticed Walt and Den had given Jen a good look over and it hadn’t escaped Jen either. Ben told her they were coming over to watch the Maywether; you don’t mind do you the fight doesn’t start until 2.30 in the morning. No that’s ok some of the girls on my course have asked me out as it’s the end of the course, “don’t be bringing any young guys back” added Ben jokingly. That won’t happen, I would never cheat on Simon, that’s a shame said Ben with a wry smile.
Saturday night soon came around, Jen kept her door firmly closed as she got ready to go out. She wore a set of her new lingerie, a red bra and matching red thong knickers. The bra cups were sheer with delicate embroidered flowers and a lace trim and frilled straps, the thong had the same embroidery on the small front triangle. The waist had the same lace type trim and where the thong string joined at the back there was a sexy little triangle with jewelled detail. Jen looked in the mirror adjusting the half cut bra cups, Jen’s already ample breast pushed up like two soft round milky white pillows contrasting nicely against the red. Jen couldn’t help but admire the sexy set; she looked at the knickers adjusting the sexy frilly waist band up over hips. This pulled the small triangle to hug her shaven pussy showing a nice bit of camel toe. Jen pulled on a very short pleated red skirt that hardly covered her ass; she would have to be careful bending in this. She teamed with a semi sheer plunge V neck short sleeve blouse that had a row of red embroidered flowers on each side at the front. Jen felt very sexy. She fetched a box out of the bottom of the wardrobe, taking out the red 3” T bar strappy sandals that Ben had picked out for her. Her toe nails painted red to match her false red nails she had done for free at the college. Jen took a final look in the mirror, she admired the cleavage the ne bra pushed out of the low cut blouse, and she picked up her red clutch bag and headed down stairs.
Ben looked at her, my god Jen you look amazing, she leant forward giving him a kiss on the cheek. Ben caught her in his arms pulling her tight to him he kissed her deep on the lips. Jen was taken aback; the kiss seemed so intimate compared to the teasing and the odd short touch of a hand against her ass or breast. Jen felt so sexy and horny she couldn’t help but respond and they had a long deep kiss, Ben’s hands had wandered to cup an ass cheek in each. She could feel his hard cock sandwiched between them, as desperate as she was for some sexual relief she broke the kiss. Taking hold of Ben’s hands she said that was nice Ben and thank you but I can’t cheat on Simon. Ben looked down at her smiling; well I had to try Jen. There was an awkward moment but it soon passed. Jen left telling Ben to enjoy his lad’s night and she would see him later.
Jen had a great night and got loads of attention from guys even letting a couple of them cop a feel on the dance floor. At the end of the night she was feely really horny after all the attention and a little d***k. She shared a taxi back with a couple of girls and they dropped her off at 3am.
Jen walked in on the guys in the living room, to find them watching a porno on the large screen TV, Jen said “that doesn’t look like boxing to me. The guys looked round shocked and Ben went to turn it off but Jen said its ok I don’t mind I’ve seen porno’s before, I’ll grab a beer. Jen fetched a Peroni from the kitchen and on returning sat on one of the two seater sofas next to Den, opposite Walt and Den on the other. Ben explained the boxing was over in the second round so they stuck the porno on. He could tell Jen was well oiled, “looks like you had a good night” Yeah it was great she said as she lounged back in her seat. Den sitting to her right couldn’t help but look down at her awesome tits as they sat angled to the left watching the film. Jen was taking in the action watching a busty older milf being spit roasted by two extremely well hung black guys.
Having had no sex for four weeks and all the attention she had had tonight and watching all the cock on the porno was making her feel hornier and hornier. Jen slouched back in the low sofa taking a drink but this caused her tiny skirt to ride up almost to her waist. With her high heels on the floor lifting her knees higher than would be normal and in her tipsy state she had let her knees fall apart. Jen was exposing herself for all to see. Ben got a nudge from Walt; looking over at Jen he could clearly see that Jen was popping some lip. The guys were all watching Jen now and she was the only one watching the porno.
Ben decided to do something; he slipped off his seat onto his knees over to Jen. Your popping some lip Jen he exclaimed softly, Jen looked at him bemused so Ben went to hook her panties back in place but as he looked he could see her glistening juices and couldn’t stop himself running his finger down her wet slit. Jen moaned and Ben looked up to see she had closed her eyes and was biting her bottom lip. Instead of hooking the material to cover her he hooked it the other way, her pusy totally exposed Ben rubbed two fingers up and down her wetness. Jen’s knees opened wider, Walt and Den had moved for a better view of what was happening. Ben pushed his fingers downwards and curled them up into her vagina, Jen was soaking wet and she slid her ass forward so that it was hanging over the edge of the sofa. Ben pumped his two fingers in deep, Jen moaned louder and Ben added a third finger. They slid in easily she was so wet, Jen pushed onto them and Ben decided to add a forth. He pumped her hard and her moans and squelching pussy electrified the room. Ben looked up to see Den had undone her blouse and lifted her frilled bra over her large tits and he was pleasuring one of her large distended and reddened nipples. Ben had to taste her pussy, he slowed frigging her and dipped his head into her lap kissing her left inner thigh then moving to the right. Ben removed his fingers and teased Jen kissing up both thighs in turn. Jen wanted her clit sucking, she rolled her hips up to him and Ben obliged, delving his tongue into her and alternating to massage her clit with it. He looked up to her face to see Den suckling on a nipple, Jen opened her eyes and Ben knew it was to see why he had stopped. Jen was awe struck as she took in the sight to her right Walt stripped from the waist down, his black skin glistening he was stroking a cock the likes Jen had never seen before, not even in a porno. Yes it was every bit as big as a porn stars at least 8” and very thick too. But it was the huge upward curve topped off with a massive circumcised head that looked deep purple like a very large damson. Ben went back to pleasuring her glancing up to watch her expressions but she had her steely gaze fixed to her right.
Ben was doing a good job on her clit and he felt Jen start to twitch, Jen crashed to orgasm shouting out “FUCK” “FUCK” “FUCK” so loud it made the guys jump. They all laughed as Jen continued to moan and murmur as she came down from her orgasm. Den had her top half stripped her red areola and nipples shone out against her fleshy white globes, he too had his cock out stroking it although it was an oversize 7”. It looked small next to Walt’s. He knelt upright next to Jen and nudged his cock against her cheek; Jen turned her head opening her eyes to see his man hood. Den rocked forward pushing it against Jen’s lips; Jen just opened her mouth and slurped down his shaft. This was too much for Ben he desperately wanted his cock inside Jen, he stood up to remove his trousers and pants and Walt seen this as an opportunity. Ben turned to put his clothes on the sofa behind and when he turned back Walt was kneeling between her legs tongue fucking her. Jen rolled her eyes to see who was pleasuring her, on seeing Walt she pulled off Den’s cock to watch Walt lap her pussy whilst wanking Den. Jen looked up at Ben now stripped naked, he had a good physique and decent 6.5” cock, she thought of the times she had considered letting her father figure fuck her but never thought it right. All Jen could think about was having some cock but now she wanted it to be her first black cock, although she was apprehensive to say the least whether she could take such a monster, only ever having had a couple of average 6”ers. Ben knew he lost prime position and settled to squeeze in on the other side of Jen hoping she would suck on his cock; he looked at her with pleading puppy eyes… Jen knew how much Ben had wanted her over the last year and how much her teasing had fuelled his desire to see her naked and fuck her.
As much as much as she wanted to try Walt’s cock, she resolved in her mind in those seconds that she would have to let all of them fuck her. She thought she owed it to Ben to let him be first, she smiled up at him cupped his balls in her hand and gently tongued his bell end. Ben let out a massive sigh closing his eyes absorbing his long awaited pleasure. Jen slipped her lips onto the tip of his cock and slowly slid right down his cock, gently pulling back and sliding down again her nose burying in his pubic hair as she took him in her throat. Ben moaned with pleasure and delight, his cock had never felt so hard, he never had a blow job so good and was hoping it would never end he was lost in his dream. Suddenly Jen pulled off abruptly, bring Ben down to earth. “Not yet Jen Yelled”, Ben looked down to see Walt sliding his huge bell end over her wet labia, Walt stopped. Not just yet Jen said in a quieter tone, she stood up and positioned Ben sitting on the sofa. Dressed only in her red heels, she knelt over Ben bending down to kiss him passionately, Ben kissed down her neck and Jen instinctively knew what he wanted and presented her breasts to his face. Ben sucked her nipples in turn gently squeezing her fleshy mounds. Jen reached under her gripping his cock rubbing it at her entrance, Ben looked up into her eyes and with both locked in each other gaze Jen slowly lowered allow Ben’s head to slide between her labia and just into her entrance. She took her time lowering an inch at a time, Ben’s hot cock felt good as it filled her vagina; she paused kissing him with each inch. She was making the moment last, allowing Ben to savour the moment he’d longed for so much.
Jen bottomed out on his shaft closed her eyes and set about riding Ben with a nice slow rhythm, Ben ran his hands up her back and nuzzled her neck. He absorbed the pleasure of her vagina and her tits brushing up and down his chest.He whispered in her ear, “God this is amazing you’re such a horny slut”. Jen started grinding down on him, riding him harder and faster. Ben knew he wasn’t going to last long and rolled her around onto her back on the sofa, for the first time he was aware of Walt and Den now sitting opposite stroking their large cocks taking in the action. Ben plunged in deep hooking Jen’s heeled legs over his shoulders, he went at her for all his worth fuelled by adrenalin he held off his orgasm until Jen‘s vagina started to spasm on his cock. Jen burst into a rare cock orgasm and her spasm milked Ben into his. Ben flopped on top of her fondling her breasts he kissed her tenderly before rolling off onto the floor.
Jen lay there with her arms stretched over her head; one leg spread against the sofa back and the other spread out wither her heeled foot on the floor. She lay there her large breasts spread her legs spread and her used pussy lips spread showing her gaping hole, as she recovered from her orgasm. She turned her head sideways looking at Den and Walt’s large cocks, she was sobering up and being to realise the enormity of what she had got into. She closed her eyes for a few seconds thinking about how much she had enjoyed herself but a tinge of guilt crept in as Simon came to mind. She knew he would be gagging to fuck her when she got home tomorrow evening but would she be able. Her thoughts were broken by movement on the sofa; she thought Den was climbing on to claim his release. She laid eyes still closed as she felt him positioning between her legs, she felt him coating his cock head in hers and Ben’s juices as he rubbed the head between her labia. He started to push against her opening Jen waited anxious to accept her biggest penis and first black cock. Waiting for her pussy to stretch and allow him in but she felt it pressing against her outer labia and pubic bone but it felt too big. A voice told her to relax, Jen realised it was Walt; she opened her eyes to see him holding his cock just behind the head pushing it against her opening. Jen winced “no no you’re too big” but Walt wasn’t to be denied, he held her by the hip with his free hand and thrust forward. Jen yelped but this time the huge purple head plopped in past its hood. Jen was gasping in short deep breaths, Walt held still as her breathing slowed to normal, that’s it Jen relax. Walt pushed a couple of inches in and Jen gasped “oh my god no you’re too big for me”. Walt felt how tense she was, it’s ok your nearly there just relax, he pulled back a touch and Jen breathed out relaxing. She thought he was withdrawing but just as she relaxed he pushed forward a good four inches causing Jen to shout out. Walt felt her every muscle movement through his wedged cock and as soon as she breathed out and relaxed he pulled back a couple of inches and then forward again working his cock in and out in slow short strokes. Jen’s tightness started to ease as Walt’s cock became coated in hers and Bens love juices. Walt lengthened his strokes matching his rhythm to Jen’s cries; he had eight of his 9 inches buried deep into her. Jen was hit with a rush of discomfort and pleasure at the same time; she felt every movement of the huge head rub against her vaginal wall. Soon he was moving smoothly and Jen’s juices were flowing lubricating its passage, it was only a few minutes before she crashed to a massive orgasm. Walt pulled out straight away and Jen had her first ever wet orgasm squirting over Ben’s sofa. Walt beckoned Ben and Dennis to look at the massive gape of her pussy, Jen lay gasping as the ripples of orgasm subsided from her body. Just as she recovered Walt held his cock head down and pushed forward filling Jen once more. He pushed in and out in longer faster strokes Jen’s vagina oozing fluid to ease the massive cock’s passage. Jen was really enjoying all the new feelings of this curved member massaging places never touched before the fullness giving her a satisfaction never felt before. Jen ran her hands all over his muscled body, the feel of his ripped torso sending more waves of pleasure through her body. She moaned uncontrollably as Walt slid up and down her sex tunnel, she felt another orgasm rising deep within her and Walt quickened his pace making sure she was flooded with the nerve tingling sensations. Jen burst into another massive orgasm, shouting for Walt to stop but Walt was on the verge of his own orgasm ready to fill her with his seed. He continued pumping her with short fast jabbing strokes and he was spurred on to go faster as Jen lost in the uncontrollable throws of her orgasm continued to shout out in sharp yelp cries. Finally he pushed fully in bottoming out against Jen’s cervix, she cried out in pain as his massive cock head sprayed it with wave’s ok black sperm. Walt pilled back slightly but held the monster deep with her, Jen shivered uncontrollably as wave after wave of spasm flowed through her. The sensations so overwhelming that she thought she might pass out, Walt withdrew slowly as Jen continued to whimper. Yeah you‘ve been blacked good baby, he pronounced as he lifted himself off her, leaving Jen splayed across the sofa legs akimbo. Jen’s gaping pusy leaked copious amounts of Walt’s sperm and her juices, to flow down the crack of her ass.
As Jen lay there covered in beads of sweat, Den went to take Walt’s place but when Jen felt the sofa move she opened her eyes seeing Den she moved to cover her pusy with her hands. Walt intervened, come on Jen you can’t leave Den out, “I can’t take another cock, my pusy’s too sore”. Ben jumped to her defence come on guys look how red and swollen it looks. Den responded her star hole looks ok. Jen realised he wanted to fuck her ass, something Simon actually done on a regular basis. Jen mustered some strength and turned over onto her knees presenting her ample ass up to him. Den scooped some of the juices that had run down her crack and used them to lubricate his cock. He shoved a couple of fingers in working her open before lining up his cock head and began to push in slowly. Although Jen had taken Simon loads of times, she soon realised that Den’s cock was thicker and longer. She felt every inch spread her and burn its way inside, she awaited the customisation she was used to with anal sex with Simon but it never arrived. Den vocalised how nice and tight she was and began pumping, his black member in and out, Jen’s discomfort subsided a little but she buried her head in the sofa, drowning her cries. Luckily Den didn’t last long, feeling his cum rising he pulled out and splashed all over her fleshy round ass.
Jen lay there for a couple of minutes regaining her composure; she looked across the room at Ben, Walt and Den. Their eyes were fixed on her naked body, as she stood in her red heels she felt the spunk draining from her pussy and ass down her thighs. She smelt of sex and sweat, her swollen pussy tingled as walked across the room to go for a shower she felt like she was leaving the set of a porno. The guys thought she looked amazing, as she tottered across in front of them her big heavy tits swayed and her ass cheeks raised and lowered with each step, her shaved pussy glistened from the coating of juices.
Jen showered for ages, douching her pussy and cleaning away the smells of sex. She was sober now and was regretting her slut like behaviour but she still had a buzz when she thought about how the guys had stared at her naked used body as she left the room. Jen didn’t go back down stairs but climbed into bed and was soon asl**p.
Jen woke early in the afternoon, Ben came in with a coffee smiled and leant over to kiss her on the forehead and went to make some breakfast. There was nothing said about last night, Jen did think about her relationship with Ben. She felt good about making Ben’s long time wish come true but wondered whether their relationship could continue but Ben reassured her saying he realised last night was a one off, or will it be!. Jen did like her black cock and one thing was certain, Simon was getting a different Jen back.

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