How I started with my stepdad

It was three years ago, the first time I had sex with my stepfather. I
was a very horny eighteen-year-old at the time and as it turned out, he sure
liked other things besides my mom’s pussy! Steve had sucked a few other
cocks over the years and he sure liked mine, a whole lot. The first time he
gobbled my dick, I almost passed out it felt so good! After a few times
like that, I got kind of curious. Steve was more than happy to let me have
a taste of his big cock and creamy cum. It took a few tries before I got
the hang of it, but by then, I was already hooked!
Then I seemed to want it all the time. We had to be careful around
mom, though. She probably would have killed Steve! He never tried anything
anal with me, he was strictly a cocksucker, as I had become also. By the
way, my own dick is nothing to sneeze at, a little more than seven and a
half inches long and almost as thick as Steve’s and it got plenty of looks
in the locker room in high school. When I was sure about one of those boys,
I let him have more than a look one day after school at his house. Both his
parents worked and didn’t get home till 6p.m. or so. He’d only had one
brief experience before that and I really enjoyed teaching him what Steve
had taught me. Jeff also had a pretty nice cock and man, could that k**
come a juicy wad of jism! As soon as possible.
I made sure Jeff got to meet Steve. Whoa, but Jeff really did dig
Steve! Jeff went for Steve’s fat dick like a dog on a bone. I joined him
after Jeff had already sucked off Steve once. It was sure neat, the two of
us taking turns slobbering all over that hot prick of Steve’s. Of course,
Steve was grinning from ear to ear! Later, he tried to get both our cocks
in his mouth at the same time. Well, he got the knobs in pretty good and we
managed to be able to cum so close together that Steve was sucking down one
long stream of juice. It was dripping off his chin, too! The neat thing
about Steve was that you would never guess that he had a gay streak in
him. He was always very masculine in appearance and behavior. He said that
he never felt that he was “gay”, he just liked to SUCK COCK! I have always
tried to emulate him in every way! About a year ago, Steve finally broke up
with my mom, and he moved away. I really miss him, but I have buddies like
Jeff and more than a few others to keep me very busy.
Whenever possible we get together over at Jeff’s house. Sometimes his
mom and dad are away for a weekend as they both like to go to Las
Vegas. Six months later, I finally sucked my first black cock over at
Jeff’s place. I’d heard they could be big, but when Cliff pulled his rod
out, the sight of it made my head spin. Soon enough, though, I was spinning
my tounge around on that FAT dickhead of his. Jeff jumped in, as we did the
double-suck on Cliff! That 17 year old black stud popped a load that would
do a horse justice. Jeff and I both slurped gobs of spooge as Cliff roared
like a lion. After, to my surprise, Cliff proved to be one helluva
cocksucker. I had thought that black guys don’t go that far! Fuck, was I
wrong as Cliff was a real hose-monster. He even claimed to have sucked his
first dick at age 12. He said he knew of more than a few black dudes who
dig cock. He said it was the custodian at the church where he went that
turned him on to cock-loving! It was a racially mixed congregation and
Albert, the custodian, eventually introduced Cliff to a couple of
like-minded white men.
Cliff became part of our regular group. Cliff’s connections made for
some very exciting sex sessions. That was how I met Tony. He is a 28
year-old married hunk who is so much like Steve that I can’t believe my
luck! Tony and his big raging cock are a dream. I can lay between his
muscular thighs and suck that dick all night if I only had the chance, but
as I said, he is married, so it is only for a matter of a few hours. It was
Cliff who showed Tony just how much a “straight” man can enjoy a dick if he
will just try it. Tony is real noisy when he sucks cock and I love it that
way. Many times I have told Tony that if he ever leaves his wife, I would
love to be his guy all the time. I don’t expect that to happen, as Tony has
a couple of k**s and besides, he really does care about his wife. It is
just that she doesn’t have a cock he says, grinning!
Sometimes, I even wonder what pussy is all about, but I have been
getting so much cock-action coming my way that I haven’t hardly had the
time to pursue it. Who needs the frustration of chasing after cunts, he he
he he.
I soon hope to tell you about my post-highschool years.

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