Going to Mr. Johnson’s

It has been a couple of days, and mom had to go to work. She kissed me goodbye. I went to school and she headed to her job.
When school ended I went straight to Mr. Johnson. He answered the door and asked me what I needed, thinking he forgot about what he said I asked if he could help me with my math since mom was at work. He said sure come on in. He guided me to the dining table and I took out the math book and notebook. We worked on it for about thirty minutes and he asked if I needed a break. I said sure.He went to the fridge and came back with two bottles of coke. He sat and moved his chair closer. He asked how my little problem was,I said much better now. I took his advice and moved my stash to the bottom of the hall closets and started using the toilet paper like he said. He good, how long I was lasting. I said I still only last a couple of minutes before I cum. Well, he said, no time like the present to practice restraint. He said to stand up and pull my pants down. I blushed and said I’ve never done it in front of anyone, he laughed and said don’t worry about it. This won’t go beyond us two. I said ok and stood up. While I was pulling my pants down he went to another room. When he came back he had a few magazines. He looked at me and said I ment take them off not halfway to your knees. I said ok and took off my shoes then pants, he said the underwear too. Here I was standing in front of a man I barely know, with just my shirt and socks on. Needless to say I was nervous about it and scared.

He set the magazines down on the table and said to pick one. I grabbed one and opened it. The big rotted women got me hard right away.
I started stroking my dick right there in front of him.
Mr. Johnson said I think I know what your problem is. I asked what it was, he said you’re pulling your dick like you’re in a race. He said to slow down some.
He asked if I wanted him to show me. Not thinking, I said ok. He stood behind me and wrapped his hands around mine. He said not to hold it so tight as well.He laughed and said you’re lucky you haven’t rubbed a blister on it yet.
Here,let me show you and moved my hand away. It felt funny, someone else’s hand on my dick. His hand was soft and large. His fingers were cold which made me jump,he said not to worry he wasn’t going to hurt me.I said your hand is cold,he said sorry.
He told me to look at the pictures and imagine what I’d be doing if she was in front of me. He slowly stroked his hand up and down my dick, rubbing the tip with his thumb. Once in a while he’d stop and squeeze my balls, then start stroking again. As I turned the pages my breathing quickened and my heart beat faster. He must have felt I was going to cum because he stopped stroking and held my dick tight. After a minute and my heart slowed down some and he started again. He said I was doing good, I said I never went this long before. He said good, why don’t we sit down on the couch. He said to stand by it,he’d be right back. When he came back he had a towel. He sat down and pulled me on his lap. He said lean back and relax. He said I had a little dick and stroked it softly. I felt myself ready to cum again, and he stopped and held it tight. After thirty minutes I was shaking and he said to let it go. As he stroked my dick exploded. It was the most cum I ever seen. He wiped us down and asked how that was,I said it was incredible and never thought that much would come out. He gave me a hug and said with practice you can do better. He said to get dressed and we’ll finish the homework. When it was done he said to come back tomorrow and we can do it again. I said ok and took off.
I laid awake thinking about what happened and how good his hands felt. The next day I made a bee line to his house. He said to come in and we’d get started on the homework. After it was done he said to come sit on his lap. He asked if I had minded him touching me,I said no.I told him how good his hands felt. He gave me a hug and asked if I wanted to do it again, I yelled yes.He laughed and said to take everything off this time. I was puzzled, why everything?
When he came back he had a towel and asked if I wanted to take off my shirt and socks. I asked why,he said to get comfortable. I said ok and took them off. Now totally naked, he said I had a nice body and to turn around so he could see all of me. I turned slowly as he ran his hands over my stomach, then my butt and back to my stomach. He pulled me down and sat me on his lap. He rubbed my chest and gave me a hug. He reached down and rubbed my crotch touching my dick. I asked if he was going to get the magazines, he said to close my eyes and think about the pictures. He pushed my legs apart and stroked my dick till it was hard,then squeezed my balls. He slowly stroked his hand up and down. It was hard to think about the pictures, they kept going through my mind quickly. I looked down and watched as his hand went stroked me. He asked how it felt, I said terrific. He wrapped his other arm around my chest and gave my nipple a pinch which made me jump. He said to relax and noticed I was watching his hand. He asked if I liked it, I said yes. He pinched my nipple again and gave me a hug. After thirty minutes or so he asked if I wanted to cum, I said if you want me to. He laughed and said lets see what happens. He sped up a little, as it built up he whispered to do it, show me your cum. I couldn’t believe how fast I came when he said that. I shot my load every where. He cleaned us up and said I should come back later. I said ok, but my mom won’t be going back to work for three days. He said to do as he showed me, and when I came back we could try something different. I dressed and said ok.He hugged me and kissed my forehead.

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