Girl Meets World: A Very Special Moment

Girl Meets World: A Very Special Moment

Takes Place After: Girl Meets the New World

Riley Matthews entered her New York apartment with her handsome boyfriend Lucas Friar and closed the door behind them before entering her room to sit by the bay window. Everybody in school has been talking about their relationship. Plus, her father was surprised about her first kiss with Lucas when he found out about the kiss on their first date. Riley could still remember that special moment on the subway like it was yesterday.


(Riley falls into Lucas’ lap)

Riley: (Smiles) Hi, I’m Riley.

Lucas: Hi, I’m Lucas.

Riley: I love it. Do you know those moments, that we were talking about, that we’re going to remember forever?

Lucas: Yeah?

(Riley holds onto Lucas’ face and kisses him on the lips. Riley and Lucas smile at each other)

(End Flashback)

“I really had a great time today, Lucas.” Riley said as she sits down next to Lucas by the bay window.

“I had a great time too, Riley. I would like to do that again.” Lucas said.

“Me too. Farkle and Maya kept watching us sharing a drink. They thought it was so cute. And Maya gave us a cute nickname, Rucas.” Riley said.

“Rucas?” Lucas asked.

“Riley and Lucas.” Riley said. “Sounds cute.”

“I can’t believe that we’re sitting at your very special spot, just the two of us. It’s very romantic. Do you and Maya talk about me? Lucas asked.

“To be honest to you, yeah. I talk about you. We even talked about our first kiss. I told her that our date was like when it’s summer, and then the breeze comes up, and then it rains for like two seconds, and then everything glows and there’s a rainbow. In other words, it was a magical night.” Riley smiled.

“Yeah, it was.” Lucas holds Riley’s hand and stared into her adorable brown eyes and smiled at her.

Riley laces her fingers with Lucas and smiles back at him. She began to feel butterflies in her stomach and began to think what’s going to happen between the two of them.

“Riles.” Lucas said.

“Yeah.” Riley said.

“Are you okay?” Lucas asked.

“I’m fine. I’m a bit nervous about what’s going to happen next.” Riley said.

“Like what?” Lucas asked.

“Like we’re going to have s-e-x.” Riley said.

“Riley, I know that you’re not ready for that kind of thing. I know that I’m not ready for that either and I know that we’re just dating.” Lucas said.

“I know. I just want to experience it for the first time.” Riley said.

“Are you sure?” Lucas asked.

Riley smiles and nods her head “yes”.

Lucas moves in closer to Riley and kisses her on the lips. His hands reach her blue jean vest and threw it on the ground while Riley’s hands fumble with the buttons on his navy button-down shirt and removing it, leaving him in his jeans and his black t-shirt. Lucas removes his shoes and socks and removed Riley’s shoes off of her feet as they both stood up from the bay window and walked over to the bed and stood right in front of it.

“Now what?” Riley asked looking curious.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it.” Lucas said as Riley smiles at him.

Lucas slides Riley’s floral dress off of her body along with her pink t-shirt, leaving her in her cute baby blue bra and panties. Riley does the same with Lucas as she removes Lucas’ shirt and threw it across the room. Lucas and Riley continued to kiss each other while Lucas moves his hand down to her butt and gently squeezes it, making Riley yelp in his mouth. Lucas picks up Riley and lays her down on the bed and unhooked her bra while she removes his jeans, leaving Lucas in his boxer briefs. Lucas leans forward and wraps his mouth around her light brown nipple. Riley releases a soft moan as she feels Lucas flicking the hardened nub with his wet, crimson tongue.

“Lucas.” Riley moans.

Lucas grins at Riley as she moans out his name. Lucas switches to the other breast to repeat his actions on Riley for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes of getting Riley’s nipples coated with his saliva, Lucas moves down to Riley’s legs and noticed a giant wet spot on her panties.

“Wow, Riles. You’re really wet.” Lucas said.

“What?! Did you say that I just peed myself?” Riley asked looking shocked.

“No. You didn’t pee on yourself. You’re just getting aroused by me.” Lucas said.

“Oh. Can you turn me on some more?” Riley asked.

“Sure.” Lucas smiles as he begins to kiss Riley’s inner thigh and gently nibbled at it, making Riley really aroused.

Lucas tugs at Riley’s panties with his teeth and pulled them down to her ankles and stare at her shaved, wet vagina and taking in her lovely scent. Lucas leans forward and licks Riley’s pink slit.

“Oh, God.” Riley moaned softly as Lucas laps at her pussy.

Lucas moves his hand up to Riley’s breasts and starts to gently pinch her nipples while he’s eating her out. Lucas spreads Riley’s pink pussy open and plunges his tongue inside Riley. Riley bites her bottom lip and grips the sheets tight until her knuckles turned white. Riley was surprised at how Lucas was eating her out, he was really good. To make Riley close in on her orgasm, Lucas sticks his pointer finger inside Riley and added another finger and began to finger her nice and hard while licking her clit.

“Lucas. Oh, my God! I’m gonna cum!” Riley screams.

“Do it.” Lucas said. Riley’s fluids began to spray out all over Lucas’ fingers and in his mouth.

Lucas licked some of her cum off of her vagina and her began to notice some of her cum dripping down to her tight, little ass. Feeling a bit adventurous, Lucas began to lick Riley’s ass for a bit, making Riley coo from the feeling of it.

“Wow, Lucas. That was incredible.” Riley said as she catches her breath.

Riley laid her hand on Lucas’ boxer briefs and slid them down to see the most amazing sight right in front of her. She was amazed at the sight of Lucas’ 8-inch cock and wrapped her hands around it and slowly pumps up and down. As the curious one, Riley began to lick Lucas’ cock.

“Riley.” Lucas moans.

Riley’s brown eyed kept a lock on Lucas’ green eyes as she continues to go down on him and enjoying her own personal popsicle. Riley continues to bob her head up and down in a slow and steady pace as Lucas moans and leans his head back until Riley stopped until he reached his climax.

“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked.

“Nothing. I didn’t want you to cum yet. I want to feel you inside me.” Riley said as she lies down on the bed and Lucas climbed on top her.

With his member lined up, he began to tease Riley by slowly rubbing her entrance with his tip. After a few minutes of teasing, Lucas slowly enters Riley as she begins to feel a bit of pain. After the pain subsides, Riley felt some intense pleasure as Lucas continues to thrust in and out of her.

“Lucas.” Riley moans.

“Riley.” Lucas moans.

Riley grabs Lucas’ side as he pushes harder and deeper into her Riley wraps her leg around Lucas and kisses him passionately until they’re both ready to cum.

“Uhh, God Riley!” Lucas screams.

“Lucas!” Riley cried. Lucas pulls out and blows his hot, creamy load all over Riley’s stomach and collapsed right next to her.

“Wow.” Riley said while looking at Lucas.

“I know.” Lucas said. “Are you going to tell Maya about this?”

“No. This is a very special moment between us that we are going to remember for the rest of our lives.” Riley said as she kisses Lucas.


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