“Getting Pregnant By My Uncle Todd”

My Uncle Todd used my parent’s house to store some of his construction equipment for his contracting business. He often came by early in the morning with a crew of guys to load stuff into their big 4×4’s to supply various building projects. I’d usually see my Uncle as I was leaving for school. He’d greet me gladly with those big smiling eyes and a toothy grin.

Todd was my Dads b*****r and at the age of 52, he was a successful contractor in the state where we lived. He was a muscular, six foot two inch, rough-neck with a square jaw and soft, pouty lips. He had a big, bushy moustache and close-cropped salt & pepper hair. He always had a military haircut but his eyes and body language were very comforting and easy. I’d always marveled at how handsome my Uncle Todd was. His grey/green eyes and dark eyebrows gave him a strikingly hot look that drove women, (and men), crazy. His powerful thighs and buttocks always bulged under denim work pants and his well stacked arms were tanned and covered with a light dusting of fine hair. I saw him with his shirt off one time at our pool party. All I could think of was that he looked like a Spartan…”What a specimen”, I remember thinking. I’d always wanted to see the rest of him but never dared to look too closely.

I myself am a very athletic k** and I lift weights everyday so I’m pretty well-built. I’m 5’11”, 193 lbs. My arms are 16 inches at the bicep and my chest is 46 inches. My waist is 32 and my cock…yes…my cock is 8 inches…heee, heee!

I really don’t consider myself gay or bisexual but I do get turned on by images of men having sex. A few times I let a my neighbor, Mr. Steele, see me jacking off by the pool and once I even let the pool guy suck my cock.
I also have a butt-plug that I use when jack-off so I’m pretty sure that I’d like anal sex. I’ve been with a lot of girls so sex is nothing new to me, but gay sex would be…. I have sandy-blonde hair, blue eyes and everybody says I got my dads “rugged” good looks. I have some hair on my chest and thighs but it is very light. The rest of my body is naturally hairless except for my pubic mound which I shave bare everyday.

I’m telling you all of this because on this day, I was about to discover a side of myself I never imagined.

I had just turned 17 and my Mom and Dad had left for Europe for an eight week Summer vacation. Three days later I found myself bored and lazy without anything to do. I had the house all to myself and thought about throwing a keg-party but decided against it.
It was a Thursday and I got up around 8 am. I took a shower and then came out to the living room naked and dripping wet. I turned on my X-Box and began to play a game. I loved sitting naked after a shower, air drying and cooling off, fully exposed. I almost always ended up masturbating when I did that.

I was feeling pretty randy and was just thinking about logging on to the internet to find some porn when I heard the garage door open. I saved my game and got up to go see if it was Uncle Todd’s crew or what. No sooner had I stood up when, unexpectedly, Uncle Todd came in through the kitchen door. I made a useless effort to hide my nakedness from him by holding my palms over my bare genitals. Uncle Todd looked surprised but smiled as he looked me over.

“Hey k**! How’s your summer break so far?” He looked mildly amused at my embarrassment.

“It’s okay so far,” I answered.

“Hey listen, I’m gonna put an air compressor on the side yard and later on one of my crews will be over to pick it up.”

“Okay…uh…let me put on some shorts and I’ll open the…”

“No, no, no….” he interrupted. “Relax! It’s not urgent. Go back to…uh…whatever you were…uh…”

“I just got out of the shower!” I offered awkwardly.

Uncle Todd was eyeing my nude form as he shut the door behind him. He entered the living room where I stood and stopped in front of me.

“Wow! You’re getting pretty buffed there k**,” he complimented. “Your abs are all cut in and your biceps are a lot bigger than when I last saw you.”

“Yeah…I been hittin’ it pretty hard at the gym,” I explained.

“I bet you’re gettin’ that High School tail in record numbers huh?” He leaned against the tile countertop, still glancing down at my partially covered cock and balls. I’d hoped he wouldn’t see that I shaved them bare because he might think that’s kinda gay.

“Not really,” I lied. Girls were calling me all the time.

“Do you uh…do you shave down there?” He motioned at my crotch and flashed a sly smile.

“Damn!’ I thought. “He noticed!; how embarrassing!” I felt a little ashamed as I stood there naked in front of my masculine Uncle having to admit that yes, I do indeed shave my pubes, cock and balls.

“Uh…Y-yeah…f-for swimming.” I lied, “We have to.”

Uncle Todd recognized my false explanation and he knew I was embarrassed. “Hey, I’ll let you in on a little secret,” He mock whispered. “A lot of men do.”


“Yeah! It’s the 21st century nephew! Dudes are starting to realize that women don’t like all that hair down there.” He explained.

“What about you?” I blurted. I really wanted to know.

“Well…” Uncle Todd began to unbutton his denim jeans, “Take a look” He chuckled as he pulled his waistband open to reveal his bare pubic mound.

My adreneline pulsed and I felt my skin flush with excitment.

He wore this sheer, black underwear that pouched his manhood. I could see the base of his big cock and strained to see more.
The pale, ultra-smooth skin above his appendage glowed like satin. I wanted to lick him there.

“Do you shave your balls too?” I queried.

“Look,” He encouraged me as he pulled his pants down further, allowing his cock and balls to flop out over the button fly.

I gasped out loud. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. Uncle Todd’s package was amazing! From his hairless mound, protruded eleven inches of the thickest, veiniest, meatiest, semi-hard, man-dick I’d ever seen. His g****-fruit sized balls were round, smooth and drawn taut by a comfortable looking ring of elastic cotton that was sewn into his jock-strap style under garment. A faint, musky smell drifted to me. I swear I could smell the sperm and semen in his balls.

“What is that thing you’re wearing?” I asked, pointing to the straps and the ringed pouch.

“These are ‘Enhancing Underwear,'” he laughed.

We were standing close now; him with his huge junk hanging out and me naked and wide eyed, peering down at his impressive member. I reached down and slid a finger into the waist-band of his jock-strap. I smiled teasingly and tried to act calm and casual, but deep inside my heart pounded and my adrenaline pumped. God he was sexy! I’d always thought so. Now, here he was showing me the one part of him I’d always wondered about and wished I could see.

My body language and my breathing must have given me away because he suddenly grabbed my chin in his cupped hands and pressed his lips against my own in a spontaneous and surprisingly passionate French kiss. Our mouths locked over one another’s and our tongues swirled, slipping, sliding and dancing around each other in hurried lust.

I could taste his essence and it dazzled my senses. His odor was intoxicating and alluring. And while the sensation of another mans whiskered face against my own initially repulsed me, I soon became immensely excited by that very thing. Another man, slurping and lapping at my mouth with his own. His soft, full lips and slithering tongue assaulting my own mouth in a homosexual kiss, ignited a fire-like sensation in my loins. His big moustache brushed and tickled my face and lips as our saliva-soaked exchange grew more and more intense. He gripped my head firmly and drove his tongue deep into my pallet. Slick with hot pheromone, it coated my own taste buds. I ceded to it and gave him my mouth, surrendering myself to the exchange. His tongue was doing amazing things against my own. I sucked and slathered it as I let it roll all over my mouth. I moaned and Uncle Todd’s breathing quickened.

He had let his jeans drop to the floor and I felt the fleshy press of his thigh against my bare genitalia. My cock shot up and out like a rocket-ship, growing to its fully erect eight inches in seconds. I wrapped my arms around Uncle Todd’s waist and pulled myself to him. His meaty genitals had engorged, stiffened and swelled beyond the confines of his jockstraps pouch. His pert yet massive ball sack spilled out of one side while his thick pillar of man-cock snaked out the other. I pressed my own bare, boy meat up against him and he moaned. He pulled his face away and in a low whisper asked me if I was okay with this. I answered him by pressing myself tighter against his muscled form and clamping my lips over his tongue. Our faces were wet with spit and sweat and my throbbing cock pulsed with excited anticipation and drooled so that my bald pubic mound was wet with pre-cum. I was growing more and more excited and I panted in long, husky breaths. I was becoming delerious with passion and I felt like I was dreaming. My cock felt super sensitive I could’ve climaxed at any second.
We kissed and made out like this for a several minutes before Uncle Todd spoke.

“Take my shirt off of me,” he commanded.
His voice was raspy with lust.

He raised his muscled arms and I pulled his shirt off as he simultaneously shirked his jeans off over his boots and kicked them aside. He stood before me nude, except for his jock and his brown leather work boots. He looked so incredibly hot and masculine, like a picture from one of those leather-daddy websites. His prominent man shaft and his hairless, softball-sized nuts protruded out in front of him. His big muscles rippled and flexed as he moved and a light sheen of perspiration coated his olive skin.

I looked him over, devouring him with my eyes. His musky, manly scent overwhelmed me and my legs grew wobbly.

“Did you ever realize that I was gay before now?” He asked.

“No,” I replied, surprised and absorbed by all the amazing possibilities that were suddenly registering in my lust-filled mind.

“I’m so glad that you are though Uncle Todd… I’ve always wanted to see your cock and balls and to feel your muscles all over me,” I admitted.

“Oh Damn!” he exclaimed. “That’s good to hear nephew… That’s good to hear. I’ve wanted to do this with you since you were fifteen. Do uh….do you know what S&M means?”

“Of course I do!” I answered laughing a little.

“I’m into the leather, S&M scene and sometimes, when having sex between two men, we say or do things that may seem cruel or thoughtless,” he explained.

“I KNOW what S&M is Uncle Todd,” I said smiling. My heart pounded in my chest, because I had a feeling he was about to ask me something about which I’d always fantasized.

“Do you want to go further with this?” he asked carefully.

“YES I DO!” I answered quickly.

“Can you keep it a complete and utter secret?”

“Absolutely Uncle Todd…I can,” I promised.

‘Oh Fuck!’, He whispered. ‘We’re gonna have so much fun.’

“I’m going to make love to you by screwing your asshole Nephew?”

“OH GOD YESSSS!” I gasped. ‘Now we’re talkin’!’, I thought to myself.

“Tell me what to do and I’ll do it for you Uncle Todd!”, I proclaimed.

My inhibitions were melting away like wax from a candle.

He smiled slyly and pulled me to him. He kissed me once more and I slurped and chewed at his full, wet lips and sucked on his tongue. Uncle Todd kissed me like I was his woman, spittle drooling in to my open mouth and my throat opened,hungry for his tongue. He held me firmly and he felt me up with his big, strong hands.
He moved around behind me and pressed his bare form against my backside. I arched my back girlishly and poked my fanny out for him.

He squeezed my ass and fingered my moist anus for a few minutes. I tried to breath smoothly but I panted in anxious wonder. My body heaved with passion and I hummed my pleasure.

Suddenly, he knelt down behind me and pulled my full ass melons apart, exposing my smooth, butthole. My sensitive anus gaped and puckered from his rough kneading of my mounds. He began kissing and licking my twitching ass-ring with his soft, wet lips and I shuddered in response. I pushed my rear-end back against his whiskered face and opened myself as much as I could. Encouraged by my actions, Uncle Todd stuck his long tongue up into me and swirled it around my convulsing sphincter. I wimpered and moaned in delighted passion as he bagan eating my pussy. My teenaged dick stiffened even more. It throbbed and pulsed as Uncle Todd wrapped one hand around it and pulled it backwards through my open thighs. He mouthed and slurped at it as I groaned louder in submissive approval.

“Ahhhh Damn Uncle Todd!!! That feels fucking SO good! Oh My Gawwwd!!”, I rasped, heady and filled with lust.

“Awwww Yeah…Eat my pussy! Get me wet and ready Uncle Todd….I’ll do whatever you want me to…Ohhhhh y-yessss…..”

My Uncle ate my boy pussy until my asslips sagged and gaped hornily. I needed some dick up in me….Suddenly, he stopped and told me to go into the bathroom.
“I’ll be right back” He said and he went outside to his gang box. He came back with a duffel-bag.

“Get in the shower.” he instructed.

He followed me across the bathroom to the shower. I turned on the water and stepped into the tub. Uncle Todd pulled a small dildo with a hose attached to it.

“Hold this,” he directed.

He took out a leather cock-ring, a ball stretcher and black jock-strap.

“Put these on,” he said.

I quickly lashed the leather strap around the base of my genitals then buckled the nut-puller onto my scrotum. The device caused my testicles to be pulled downward and away from pelvis and made them super tight. My whole package was now sticking out lewdly from my crotch. Finally I put on the jock-strap then looked at myself in the mirror. What a sight I was. My fit teenaged physique glowed, flush with sexual vigor and eager desire. My erect shaft extended up and away from my hairless pelvic mound. The jocks pouch had two openings in it which allowed my pronounced cock and distended balls to jut out. The black waistband of the jockstrap skirted my narrow waist just below my smooth, rippled belly and the elastic straps encased my creamy, white bubble butt, highlighting its roundness. I thought I looked sexy, manly, nasty and hot and…well, like a gay porn star. I turned and faced my Uncle, posing for him.

“Mmmmmm yeah,” he growled.

“You’re one sexy stud nephew. You got a perfect ass there buddy…just ripe for the taking.” He teased.

I felt the invigorating warmth of his desire wash over me. I was ready to be his sex toy…So ready.

“Get on your knees in the bathtub and stick your ass up.” He spoke with knowing clarity, like he’d done this before.

I did as I was told and knelt in the tub, sticking my fanny up high and spreading my thighs apart wide. He grabbed my cock and balls and yanked them roughly from behind so that they stuck out between my ass cheeks and thighs like some lewd, fleshy tail. I gasped. I felt Uncle Todd caressing my ass melons. His digits encroached the smooth crevice. I felt the warmth of oily lube being spread across my virgin anus. I carefully pushed back a little to give him more access to my hole. He coated my butt-hole with grease then inserted a nozzle in me and turned on the faucet. I yelped as water flooded my bowels and I shifted uncomfortably as he filled me up.

We repeated this routine for over an hour. Each time he’d fill me he’d then leave me alone to expel the cleansing fluid in private. After awhile I was completely cleaned out and nothing remained inside me. Uncle Todd stood me up and made me bend forward with my legs apart and my back arched. He used a 12-ounce plastic squeeze bottle with a special nozzle on it to shoot warm, clear oil up inside of me. The slick fluid coated the inner walls of my pristine ass-pussy. I was now douched, lubed and ready for my first real male intercourse.

Uncle Todd used a thick metal ring to array his own enormous meat into a sturdy, trussed pillar which jutted out proudly from his body. He looked like a Greek god primed for Earthly delights. I marveled at his 11-inches of vein-etched beef. Suddenly, I felt all my inhibitions disappear. I was ready to be corrupted by him… Ready to secede from my heterosexuality forever…Ready to submit to my hunky Uncle Todd… Ready to be degraded and subjugated, and ready to be shameless in my sexual servitude. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure him with my body. Then, to recieve his spermy broth as a reward.

“You ready Nephew?” He asked.

“Yes Sir,” I answered him panting and flush with anticipation, “I am.”

He led me to the living room. There was a soft, black, terry cloth blanket laid out on the floor. Assorted leather items and some sex toys were lying about. A can of Crisco and a glass pipe sat on the end table.

“On your knees!” he ordered.

I knelt down facing him. He stepped forward holding his massive cock in one hand. He slapped my cheeks with then teased the tip of it around on my lips and chin. I kissed and nibbled at the plum-sized gland. I tasted the musky fluid that had oozed from the slit and was instantly enthralled by its potent flavor. I had to have that dick in my throat! I wanted my Uncle to choke me with his cum-stick and face-fuck me with it. I opened my mouth forming an “O” with my lips and coaxed him to shove his dick down my throat. He did just that, choking and gagging me severely. I dutifully quelled my instinctive reaction, which was to gag and pull away. I fought the reflex with all my will because I wanted to please my Uncle…I wanted to be worthy of his big, amazing dick.

He violated my throat with several f***ed plunges, causing me to snort and grunt around the meaty girth of his enormous pole. Saliva and mucous spit gushed out of my mouth coating the sturdy prick. I choked back tears as he jolted my gullet one last time. He snorted loudly and buried his dick all the way to its base. I felt his metal cockring click against my teeth and I could feel his hairless, cum-laden balls mash against my chin. I gagged around it yet breathed in the smell of his sperm laden nuts. The bathroon echoed with the sounds of hot male sex as I grunted and chortled and almost lost it, but Uncle Todd withdrew his rigid slab in one long, slick pull. It flopped out, obscenely slapping against his belly, drooling rivulets of cream colored semen and saliva. I could smell it with my lungs, musky and potent.

“Oh yeah Nephew…you’re gonna be one wicked little fuck-slave,” he growled.

Tears and spit ran down my neck and coated my bare chest. I was panting like a hot a****l, sordid and dazed by the brutal abuse he’d just dispensed. I LOVED it and begged him with my eyes for more sordid i****t.

He lay down on the floor face up. His massive, saliva covered boner stood high in the air, bobbing and waving sexily. I dove in on it, ingesting his towering tool down my gullet, consuming almost the full 11 inches. He moaned approvingly as I went to work sucking dick. I would open my neck to it and f***e all of it down, then I’d swallow around it, massaging it and gripping it with my throat muscles. I repeatedly gulped and swallowed before coming up for a quick breath. Then, I’d repeat that over and over while my Uncle moaned and panted. I lavished my oral worship upon him. Guttural grunts and gagging gasped emanated from my chest as I hungrily sucked on his cock meat. I reached up feeling his muscular chest and rippled abs. I pinched his erect nipples and pulled them hard. Uncle Todd moaned his approval.

He reached between my legs and gripped my bound nut-sack by its base. I moaned in delight but mustered my capacity for pain because I knew what was coming. I was right! My Uncle strangled my pressurized balls with his powerful grip and yanked on them hard. The harsh wallop sent painful blizzards of mixed sensations through my body. Part of me wanted to release and ejaculate while another part of me tensed in agony as a genuine scream erupted from my lungs. I pulled my face off of his big horse cock, pre-cum and saliva forming a ropy string between my lips and his shaft.

“Owwww F-fuck! P-pleeeease Uncle Todd!!! I like it b-but it hurts!” I pleaded as he repeated the assault on my balls.

A deep, sickly urge to piss, cum, fart and puke all at the same time flustered me while something else in me welcomed the sadistic treatment of my exposed testicles.
I went back to deep-throating Uncle Todd’s spit-soaked boner. Soon, he eased up on my tortured genitals and pushed my face up off of him.

“Sit down on my dick Nephew.”, He instructed.

My lust induced adreneline shot through me and I almost swooned at the thought of such a depraved and pleasurable act.

“Fuck yourself on it and make yourself cum. I wanna see your hot, teenage cock spurt it’s load without touching it.” His voice was raspy and thick with lust.

His slimy, spit and semen soaked boner waved heavily in the air. It pointed straight up at the ceiling and twitched lewdly, inviting me to impale my horny boy cunt onto it’s length.

I climbed eagerly up on top of him and straddled my thighs onto either side of his hips. I positioned my tush over his lap and reached back, gripping his enormous fuck-stick with my right hand. I aimed the drooling tip of it at my gaping sphincter and steadied myself with my left hand on my Uncle’s chest. I took a deep breath, then exhaled as I sank my weight down onto his amazing manhood. I shuddered and gasped as I let my body drop, impaling my greased butthole down onto that huge, male erection. Pre-cum spurted from my own cock-tip as his girth crowded my prostate and f***ed semen from me.

“Uhhnnn AhhhhUhhhngh!”, I grunted as I impaled my hungry pussy onto his big, drooling horse-cock.

The vein-etched pillar opened me wide and my ass-lips gripped and gaped around it’s girth as my asshole adjusted to the manly invader. Uncle Todd humped his hips upward causing more meat to pack into my hole. I whimpered in submissive delight and wriggled my fanny around on him. His Plum-sized cock-knob was wedge deep in my belly and I could feel it inside me, just above my naval. His bald pubic mound pressed on my ass-lips and his sperm-swollen nuts mashed between my slick, hairless ass globes. Having his throbbing dick jammmed so far up inside me caused my guts to spasm and the sheer lust I felt turned my butthole to melted-butter. I swooned in submissive delight and began to raise my tush up off of his lap. His cock shaft pulled outward on my strained anus and my stretched rectal sheath was pulled inside out around it. My belly quivered and shook as it released the pillar of dick meat which filled it so well. I rose up until only the snotty tip of his cum-rod remained in my butthole, then I dropped my rump back down hard, impaling myself roughly and letting gravity take me onto it’s rigid length. I yelped and cried out in a husky, throaty voice that sounded unlike my own.

“AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwFuuuuck!! I want you to fuck your cum into me!! Make me pregnant with your cum Uncle Todd!”, I threw my head back as I yelped.

“Oh My Gawwwd it feels so fucking perfect!!! I was made to be your fuck slut!! My cunt longed for you Uncle Todd!! Squirt your sperm into my pussy and fill me up!! It’s yours Uncle Todd!! My pussy belongs to you!!”, I shouted and rasped uncontrollably as I humped my fanny up and down in long strokes.

My own trussed genitals wagged and flailed wildly, heavy with pent up sperm and engorged with bl**d. Droplets of pre-cum spattered our bodies as I rode his cock.
The sound of my wet ass-lips spasming around his pole filled the room.
I wanted to be used and ****d by him…To be treated like his teenaged butthole slave and tortured with sex. I wondered if any of his crews could come over and use me for their pleasure….I must remember to ask him.

Uncle Todd stopped me by pulling down on my thighs. He held me there, still on his lap, his big, twitching boner lodged up my boy-snatch. Having his huge cock shaft buried up my horny fuck-twat felt amazingly right. I was right at home with him sodomizing my butthole.

He stopped for a second and asked,
“You want me to cum now? Or do you want to make it last?”

“I wanna make it last Unc…” I answered.

“The way I feel right now, I want your big dick meat inside me for the rest of my life”, I gasped huskily.

I stuck my tongue out so he could slather it with his hot spit. He sucked at it, horny and aroused by my desire to keep fucking.

We remained there for a while, kissing and grunting passionately, joined together by his swollen knot, locked in my butthole.

I rolled on to my side with Uncle Todds prick still up in me and he spooned me, locking himself tight to my back.

We were both moaning as he pinched and twisted my erect nipples and I massaged his meat with my asshole.

After a few minutes, I felt his erection soften a little and he reached down between us to grip his penis.

“You wanna let me up to go piss?” He asked.
‘No…’, I replied.
‘Do it in me’.

I had gone a little mad with all the possibilities of man-to-man exchanges I could share with my Uncle. I must admit, the perverted idea of letting him use my butthole as a urinal turned me on big!

I felt his hot, burning flow of man-piss begin to inundate my bowels. It filled me fast and I began panting in anxious panic.

“I’m pissing up inside your cunt, boy.”, He informed me.

Indeed, he had let loose a flood of hot, burning pee in my butt and it filled my bowels like an enema. My colon relaxed around his piss-hose as the urine warmed my insides.

“OH F-FUCK!”, I cried out as his piss filled my belly.
“Sshhhhhhh”, He whispered. “Relax and let your belly accept it all”
I did as he instructed and the painful pressure bagan to reside even as he hosed more piss into my open chasm.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww”, I groaned.
“That’s it baby….Take your Uncles pissload and hold it in. Feel it wash up inside that perfect, horny, little, boy-pussy….I’m gonna squirt my nut up there real soon….get it ready son…You’re gonna feel what it’s like to be knocked up by a man…..Mmmmmmm. Yeah boy.”

I was beginning to feel like a true, submissive fuck pig. My filthy, perverted desires that had welled up inside me were suddenly about to be released. I felt myself turn….and I savored the surrender.

We rested there like that for almost an hour. My belly full of his urine and his cock plugging my chute as we both dozed for awhile.

Suddenly, we were both startled awake by the ringing of the doorbell.

…..To Be Continued…..

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