Gail’s big day

Thursday evening my sexy little daughter in law sent me a text message. She said that a male friend of hers has invited her up to spend the day with him. He wasn’t going to work Friday and since he knew her husband would be at work he wanted to spend the day making love to her tight little tattooed body. A few weeks ago Gail had confided in me that she wanted to open her and my son’s marriage. She told me that they had discussed it and she was going to go ahead and start looking for a suitable guy.

Friday morning all I could think about was my little five foot three one hundred pound tattooed daughter in law being sexed by someone other than my son. She carries her self with style and grace and does modeling for several photographers in our area. I texted her and said only ” have fun sweetheart” . Her return text said ” I’m going to”. We each said I love you and that was the last text that morning. It was just after nine on Friday morning.

I kept busy all day but my mind was constantly on her and what she was doing. Just after three thirty I got a text from her. She said I’m going to stop by your house on my way home. I texted her to pull back to my shop that I would be out there. That way she and I could talk without my wife listening.

I heard her Tahoe coming up the gravel driveway and eagerly waited for her to get out. She opened the door and I saw what she was wearing, a Georgia Bulldogs tank top over a sports bra and a pair of tiny black Spandex shorts. Her legs looked awesome. She walked over and sat on the tailgate of my pickup where I joined her. I took a picture of how pretty she looked so pretty. I couldn’t tell she had just spent the last four hours in the bed of a stranger. I asked her to tell me about it.

She said that they had watched a movie while laying in his bed. I said but did you guys do it? She smiled and I could tell she knew she had a power over me. She said yes. I said will you tell me about it? She said to be honest we actually fucked three different times. I was shocked at that. No way I protested. She said I swear. I said did he wear a condom? She said all three times. You mean he came three times I blurted out. She said of course. I asked if she had an orgasm? She said once. She told me just enough to get me excited but she didn’t go into detail.

She and I talked about what she had planned for the rest of the weekend. Since this was only Friday she had two full days ahead. She said she was meeting her trainer Saturday morning for a work out. I know she thinks he is hot so I asked her if she was going to try and fuck him. I watched her beautiful eyes as she said all I have to do is say OK, he has already told me he wanted to fuck me. I almost begged her to do it. She said it’s a Saturday I’ll have to see how crowded the gym will be. So that’s a maybe I said, she said yes. Then her phone chimes it was the guy she just left. I read the screen over her shoulder, it said . ” Had a great time, let’s do it again soon”. I watched as she typed ” Sunday”. He agreed.

I said sweetheart that will be awesome, you just fucked all day today and possibly will tomorrow and then again Sunday. She said yeah and you know your son will be getting it tonight and Saturday night. I said you little freak….She just smiled and said you love it. I told her that I do in fact love it. She is the most exciting thing to happen to me in over twenty five years.

Well Saturday at the gym included alot of touching she said but her trainer had a rescheduled client waiting next and he couldn’t do a ” private” session. Then Sunday my b*****r invited all of us over to his house for steaks and the Daytona 500. Gail attended like the good wife. The entire day I couldn’t help but think she was missing out on getting that tight little body of her used by that guy from Friday. I did whisper to her I was sorry she was missing out. She is such a wonderful person and she said it’s all good. I can get it another time.

Monday I ran by and picked up her scrips from the pharmacy and carried them over so I could visit. I really love just being near her. She is so elegant and her pretty face is something I can’t get enough of. She and I talked about this week. She has errands to run Tuesday ( today ) I asked her if she could get her guy to hookup with her on Wednesday because it’s going to be a rainy day and he dies construction. She said she will see. Then I asked her for a date for lunch Thursday and then Friday is open for another hookup and she is going to tell her trainer to not book someone right after her workout on Saturday because she wants a ” private” . Well that’s what we talked about and I realize things don’t always work out as planned but I’ll post what really happened.

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