Frequent Flyer

Viet became a ‘regular’ about a month ago, maybe a little more. He’s about average in looks, a little taller than most Vietnamese guys and twenty-six years old. He’s an installer/repair guy for the local cable company with a pretty good looking girlfriend.

There are three guys that are pretty regular visitors; it would be nice to have them all show up at the same time – maybe bring a friend?

The first time we met, he was doing his job. Luckily, he didn’t do a good repair job and had to come back. Both times, I was wearing a sarong and a peasant top, doing some work and watching some pretty hot Xhamster porn. I have saved a few videos, good ones. That day I was watching one that is one of my all time favorites…a very well hung white guy is giving an attractive black one a nice rectum wrecking fuck. There’s a lot of noise as the black guy gets it slow, in the beginning, then, is given a good long hard pounding.
The white guy hits bottom a hell of a lot (yes, you can tell that all too clearly) and the bottom is very vocal as he gets filled very well!

It’s also one where the guy doesn’t pull out when he blows his load. He stays buried good and deep to finish and, damn does he cum!

I let it play while he was working (there was another guy with him) and then, as he wandered over to look, paused it in mid-stroke. You could see, with no question at all, that the top was hung…horse-hung. He had to have at least twelve inches and he was VERY thick, from the tip to the base. One beautiful hard piece of meat.

I let it run as he watched and, there were some comments made. Obviously he was blown away by the guy’s size and, that the bottom was taking it – so much of it; hell, all of it, deep and hard. I let it be known, as he watched, that I was like the guy on the bottom taking it and, taking it deep.

A few days later, he showed up with his girlfriend, to use a room for an hour. It ended up being two hours and they left happy. I’d put another video on while they were here and had it paused, at just the right moment, as he was paying to leave. She walked outside, he paused a minute to pay and look at it. I turned the sound down and let him watch a huge black cock stretch a nice small white bottom for a few minutes. This time the bottom was yelling his head off, he was a little twink and getting it good…taking a long thick black one all the way.

The next evening, around ten, he showed up alone.

I’d had a strange feeling, in the afternoon, to get myself ready. I’d spent some time in the shower after giving myself a good ‘douche’ then had a few drinks and relaxed. He was right behind an older guy and a hooker who were using a room upstairs but, they were gonna’ be a while. He walked right up to the desk in reception then around behind it and up to me. There was no question of what he wanted. I started a video I’d put up, turned the sound up a little then, reached over and put my hand on his leg at about mid-thigh. He looked around and moved a little closer – I moved my hand up then around to his pubic area. He wasn’t hard but, from what I felt, it probably wouldn’t take too much to get him that way.
My room was set up with lube and a clean towel I’d put on the bed (just in case), I hate searching for things like that at the last minute.

As I gently groped and did some rubbing, his cock started to stiffen. I was feeling something a little bigger than the normal Vietnamese package between his legs. Just for the hell of it, I took his one hand, found his middle finger and put my lips around it then, slowly started to suck it. Yes, he was interested.

I stopped everything and led him to the room.

While I sat on the bed, he stood in front of me, I moved him closer. The bulge in his crotch had grown more. I undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then, after slipping them down, almost ripped his shorts off! What popped to full attention was a beautiful uncut cock, probably a little over seven inches long and a little thick, a good mouthful of hard cock!
I teased him a little, running my tongue around the head and a little down his shaft, before opening up and taking a nice mouthful of it. His moaning response and a little trembling told me that this was something he was going to enjoy so I kept at it. Within a few minutes I had him laying on the bed and was working that cock over pretty well. I did take the time to give his nice balls some attention too – one at a time – and I licked/kissed my way up and down the shaft over and over. He made all of the sounds that told me he was enjoying it. I took my time, although I didn’t know how long he’d last, giving his thighs and pubic area a little attention too. My tongue and lips were pretty busy but I made sure not to take my hand off of that very nice cock! I didn’t stroke much but I kept a touch there, a little squeeze, I wanted that very damned bad.

I am, after all, a slut. And, just like a female slut, I want to take cock, any way any time and, as long as I can get it.

Since he was lying on his back I didn’t try to change the position any. Grabbing the lube and using it on me then, lubing that nice hard throbbing cock a little, I hiked-up the sarong and straddled him. He put his hands on my thighs as I moved up his body a little then rose slightly and reached back to take his cock in my hand. Easing down on him I just closed my eyes and strained a little (like I was going to the bathroom) then eased him right inside – the head penetrated, opened me up and I kept taking him fully. It was my turn to moan as he filled my cunt, rubbed my ‘G’ spot and trembled a little.

As always, that felt damned good. I settled back and took it all with a gasping moan of my own. Wiggling a little, I made sure I was getting everything I could and relaxed my cunt the best I could, squeezing my muscles then relaxing them around his great hard shaft. It was bliss – only a small twinge of pain and no cramps – the pain went away as soon as I relaxed a little more and started to ride him.

I tried to let him set the pace but he didn’t do much of anything so I handled things myself. Riding made it nice because I could change my position a little, find my ‘G’ spot and let his cock rub the hell out of it. I made sure of that!
I did pick up on things when he started to thrust a little to meet me…his moaning increased a little and, I felt his cock start to throb more. After about ten minutes, maybe less, he was ready to blow a load in me. I changed my position, sat back a little and took him fully a few times. That was all it took, he moaned like hell, shuddered hard all over and filled me. God what a load! He just kept cumming and cumming for what seemed a very long time! I did feel some of it but the first big sign was how juicy and slick everything got then, as I sat there with that nice cock shoved almost all the way inside of me, I started to leak. That had been one hell of a load!

Before he started to go soft on me, I slipped off and turned around to start cleaning him up with my tongue and lips. His girlfriend had probably never done that after sex – I went into it like getting dessert. I went after him like a Hoover, getting every drop of cum, sucking and licking like crazy. He went down slowly then just gave a long moan and relaxed.

I flopped beside him and tried to let my breathing return to normal; that had been a very nice little ride.

While I’d been cleaning him up, I’d been leaking a lot. It was running down my thighs, over my balls and down my limp cock. That always feels damned good to me. Messy but good.

Now, as I lay there staring at the dark ceiling, it was making a little mess in the sarong as the leaking continued. I could feel where he’d been rubbing inside; that felt good too. I wanted more. The nice thing about these guys is that, although they fuck good and hard, they cum pretty quick – they do cum a LOT and, they recover pretty fast. It’s almost as good as having a guy with a bigger cock last for a long time; I’m not gonna’ bitch.

Within fifteen minutes he was getting ready to go again, I checked after he touched me and gave me a few gentle squeezes in the right spots. I was still leaking some so we wouldn’t need any lube, it would be all natural for round two. I suggested the good old missionary position and he didn’t hesitate one bit. As I rolled over, got on my back and, pulled up/spread my legs, he mounted. When I rolled my hips back a little, that was all it took – he found my waiting hole with no problem, the head went right in and the penetration was swift and deep – that got a little squeal of pain from me. It was a little pain, a little shock and a lot of pleasure, as always, it felt fantastic!

Once he was solidly planted in my cunt, I pulled my legs up even more, got them under his arms and wrapped around him. He’d already made one hard thrust, now he could really bury himself good and deep in me, which he did, deep and hard. To help him I rolled my ass as far as I could and tried to get my legs up even more – it helped a lot and he was pounding away HARD quickly! Damn was he giving me a good one!

This time, he lasted about twice as long. There was enough cum left that lube wasn’t a problem, I did have some small cramps but they were only little twinges and they went away quickly. He was rubbing my ‘G’ spot over and over so I tried to adjust my position a little to get more stimulation, that worked too after a short time and I was beginning to feel the first little twinges of an orgasm. I just tried to relax, help him do it right and enjoy. The more the feeling built, the louder I got, he was helping me to leave the planet and I was ready.

Within a few minutes, it didn’t matter and I didn’t care anymore. My orgasm was peaking – I felt like my whole body was going to just explode and, I was ready for the release. He was gasping so much, fucking away so hard, that he was probably right on the edge of cumming anyway. There were a few more good hard thrusts, I had the feeling that I had to pee in desperation then everything just exploded like a bomb!
On the last thrust, he buried himself even deeper and kept pushing like hell. I squealed like a ravaged cunt, my whole body contracting in a big quivering mass of passion and, we both came. I erupted all over my belly as I tore at him, his cock quivered inside of me and he emptied himself in long hard spasms as he pumped another huge load. Not as big as the first one but, from experience, I knew it was a good one…oh fuck…a damned good one.

I relaxed slowly, drifted back to the planet and, loosened my grip on his forearms. I might have left a few bruises but I’d been careful not to dig my nails in; didn’t want to leave marks for his girlfriend to wonder about and ask questions.

The timing couldn’t have been better. As he slipped out there was a little puff of cum and the couple that had been in the room upstairs were waiting to leave. All I had to do was stand up – shaking like a leaf – make sure the sarong was pulled down, straighten the top and go take their money. I stumbled out to the desk then stood there still shaking all over as his cum ran down my thighs and my own cock continued dripping a little.

I secretly wondered if the gal had even half the enjoyment I’d just had…

I realized, joining him back in bed, that he was in no hurry to leave. I didn’t care and, if he was up for round three, he could fuck away. I’d be sore as hell after that monster orgasm so working another one off in me wouldn’t matter. My insides felt like a cement mixer anyway. I flopped down beside him, put my hand on his cock and just relaxed. That lasted about twenty minutes.

When he started to get hard again I stroked a little, squeezed that cock a little and helped him. Within a few minutes, he was like a rock and I was glad I couldn’t get knocked-up. I couldn’t help wondering if he was this good with his girlfriend.

This time I rolled onto my stomach and put my legs together. He took the hint, mounted me and penetrated a little slower. Slower but just as deep, it felt just as good!

He went at my soaking cunt nice and slow this time, rocking in and out while I got a pillow under my pelvis and propped myself up a little for him. He took the hint and straddled me, moving higher on my hips and, rode me like a pro. He was thick enough and, had been fucking me long enough, that I was starting to gape open. That and, being full of cum, made it a good relaxing, well lubed, ride. He was running out of energy and slowing down, I was just being fucked nice and easy. That went on for what seemed like a very long time until he started to moan and grunt like crazy…started fucking harder and faster…then drove his cock in deep once again and I felt him start to pump all over again.

This time, when he stopped pumping and pulled out, I knew it was over. He’d fucked himself silly in me and, was totally worn out. He slipped out, rolled off and lay there breathing like hell for a few minutes. I put my hand on him and told him that it had been great. It had been! I was gaping, leaking even more and I WAS going to feel this for a few days.

All I had to do was wait for him to get dressed, lock up after him then, go pass out cold. That had been a very good session.

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