First Time With BBC

And older story of mine that I thought I would bring back…..enjoy 🙂

It was not long before I told my wife about who I really am, that I was having serious desires to be taken by a real man. I have / had no true preference, but something about getting pounded by a cocky and arrogant black guy really turned me on. But I wasn’t looking for some thug or prick to just have me. I wanted a man!!! A black man…..a BBC man!!! One who had a hot bod, aggressive demeanor, and of course a huge cock. So I had my expectations, and I was anxious for this experience. I had been dressing in full for a while at this point, but my wife wasn’t actually aware. Porn was just not enough anymore. So I did a little browsing on Craigslist and saw that there were plenty of guys that were interested in getting dirty with a TS….but I was just a CD! I was nervous and didn’t know what to do, but I knew there was a chance for me to get involved with this side of the sexual spectrum as well. So I waited till the next available free / alone time I had, and decided to get super cute and pretty. At this time, I didn’t really have any of my own clothes, so I went to the closet, found my wife’s cutest bikini and put it on. I ripped all my boy clothes off, and slipped into the bikini. Nothing beats the feeling of sliding the soft and tight bottoms of a bikini, up and over your booty as it holds snug that gurly clit, tucked tight between the legs. I was feeling so horny. I got all cute, and put on make-up. My wife had a blonde wig that we used for naughty play, so I grabbed that and put it on also. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually feeling and looking more like a gurl than ever. I thought “maybe I can pull this off, and maybe a guy will fuck me.” I just wanted to try and feel it once. At this point in my life, I had never been with a man while dressed as a gurl. So I decided to take some pics to keep for myself, if nothing else. The more and more I snapped the pics, the more of a slut I was feeling. It made my body feel so submissive….I was bending and curving myself, to look hot from every angle. I stuck my cute booty high in the air, bent over on my knees, rolled down and back my shoulders, and looked back at my selfie image in the camera. Just as I was taking this hot pic, I noticed that my clitty was barely peaking out over the bikini bottoms. I looked down and noticed that I was dripping wet. My wife’s bikini had cum all over them, and I looked just like a submissive bitch. So I finished my pictures, took everything off, and put it all away….threw the bikini in the laundry and washed them myself. Later, I decided to test the water and explore just how willing to this I actually was. I used my phone and pulled up the CL website, found my favorite pics, and posted my own ad. I was so nervous and scared. All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind….I wasn’t sure how anyone would react to my pictures so I was the most concerned that I wouldn’t meet basic expectations of what a gurl should be. But to my surprise, within 2 hours my email inbox was full. I didn’t even have enough time to respond quicker then the emails were coming in. So I did my best to respond and pick through the group. Eventually I was able to narrow it down to 3 choices. I gave them all my number for texting and told them that we can take things from there, and one of the guys actually texted me… I was glad he did. He was very confident and extremely attractive. We texted a bit back and forth and I set up a date that we could get together. The Saturday date had come upon me, and it was time to put my money where my mouth is….or at least that cock where my mouth is 😉 so I grabbed everything I needed, and told my wife I was going golfing. I packed everything into my golf bag and threw it into my truck. Then I headed out his way. Along the trip, I stopped off in a discrete area and changed into my gurl clothes and wig. When I got to his place, I told him that I have to use the restroom real quick to do my makeup. I proceeded to apply my liner, took one last look in the mirror for approval, and headed out the door to where he was. When I left the restroom, he was standing around watching some TV in his living room. I walked in provocatively, and shyly said hi. He responded “It’s about time sexy. Now get over here.” and as I walked over to where he was standing, his huge throbbing cock was already bulging out of his pants. Before I could even get there, he flopped it out, and presented to me his huge beautiful hard on. I wasn’t shocked at the size, but I was amazed at how horny I was making him. My clit twitched and started to leak. I immediately reached down and tucked it back in….I felt it was rude and not very lady like to just allow myself to be sprung and free, without him allowing me. As I approached him, he wrapped his long arm around the small of my back, and pulled me in close to him. I let out a surprised little sigh as I wasn’t expecting him to just man handle me like that. I was so turned on! I could feel his huge muscles and yummy cock pressed up against my feminine gurl body. As he began to kiss me, I reached for his hard prick and started to stroke it gently. He said to me “You like that fat cock baby?” and I responded with “Let me show you.” I dropped to my knees, grasped onto his dick, looked him straight in the eyes, and started to lick his shaft with my tongue. He smiled and looked down at me stating “There you go….that’s a good slut.” I could hear his moans getting louder and his breathing was getting deeper. I kept sucking harder and harder. Soon I was licking and sucking it deep and fast just like a real gurl would do. What I was doing to him was making me feel like such a good gurl, that I didn’t even want to touch myself. The look on his face was way more enjoyable than touching myself…and at this point, my clit was getting hard but staying small tucked inside my panties. Then without warning, he grabbed my hair, trusted himself all the way to the back of my throat, and proceeded to jam his dick in and out of mouth untill his cum exploded into my belly. There was just so much, and it happened so fast that it started to ooze out the side of my mouth. At this point, I knew what he wanted and I knew that right now I was his BBC bitch. After I finished licking up all his cum from his swollen head, he f***ed me down lower so that I was on my hands and knees. Then he commanded to me “Lets go bitch….to the bedroom.” and I graciously did as instructed. I crawled like a submissive bitch all the way to his room, swaying my ass from side to side as I moved. Once there, I sat up straight with my ass sitting on my legs. I was waiting for him to tell me what he wants next. He then took off the rest of his clothes, walked over to me, and stood proudly in front of my face like a dominant BBC bull. As I sat there, I was compelled to wrap my lips once more around his hard cock. I started sucking and as I did, he pulled my ass up off the ground. He then stripped me down till I was wearing only my panties, stockings, and pumps. I was feeling so slutty. He reached down, twisted my panties in his hand, and started to tug back and forth on them so that I could feel the rubbing on my clit. I was leaking everywhere….Strings of cum were just dripping out of me. As I continued, he stood up and guided me to his bed. He then laid back while I continued to suck him off for a few more minutes. I was so horny…I was feeling like such a gurl and the only pleasure I was getting, was watching how good I was making him feel. I was being used, and I loved it!!! After a few minutes, I took off my panties and pumps, and positioned myself ass up, and face down. I knew what his cock wanted, and I wanted it so badly as well. But I was extremely tight….while bent over, he began to lick my gurl pussy and even told me how tight it was. I responded with “I know, please be gentle with me.” He reassured me with “Don’t worry gurl, I know exactly how to handle you.” and so he did. He continued to loosen me up with his tongue. I could feel it flicking around in my hole. It was so wet and lose. It felt so dirty but yet so right. Then he gently pushed his fingers in, and began to slowly pump at my spot. Cum was just pouring out of me. He looked down and noticed…”Do I make you wet bitch?” and with a sigh I gleefully shouted “Yes daddy!!!” He did know just what to do with me. I was so horny that I was now begging him to pound my hole. He positioned himself behind me, and lifted my booty just a little higher. He placed one hand my back and f***ed me to arch higher. His other hand firmly grasped my ass, and he began to squeeze his cock into me. The first feeling of his wide cock slowly entering my pussy, instantly sent tingles throughout my entire body. I began to shake and moan, and it was only half way in. He reached down and took charge of my ass with both hands….he was now fucking me. I was in pure sissy bliss. I couldn’t even think straight, and all I wanted was more! He pumped me from the back for a while, and then he turned over to sit at the edge of his bed. He told me to get on and ride him. I turned around, stood over, and glanced down. I couldn’t believe that his entire cock was just in me, and was about to go in again! As I dropped my booty down, he reached around and started to rub my clit. This was the first time any man had touched me like this. I fell into a deep state of submission, and as he penetrated further into me, I was overwhelmed with excitement and pleasure. His subtle rubbing was too much, and I could no longer hold it back. Like a sissy gurl, I uncontrollably squirted everywhere. “There you go…what a good gurl!” He stated. I was partially embarrassed, but after seeing how it was making him even more aggressive and horny, I indulged the feeling and began to grind him hard. I was screaming and moaning from pure pleasure. I shouted “I want you to cum in me baby! Cum deep!!!”. Then, with both of his hands on my hips, he started to fuck me as hard and deep as he could. The feeling was pure ecstasy and f***ed me to cum again….almost simultaneously, I could feel his prick get massive inside me. The cum erupted deep,and felt so warm. The feeling of his cock filling me with cum, felt better than both orgasms combined. I sat down all the way and grinded my ass on his lap a bit. Then I slowly stood up, and bent over the bed so I could lick clean his massive shaft and head. As I lapped up the rest of his seed, I could feel his load dripping out of my hole and running down my legs. At that one single moment, I was hooked on BBC and knew exactly what kind of gurl I was. Feeling like a completely used slut, I pulled up my panties put on my clothes and took off. I pulled off to a secure private area again, and started changing back into what I was wearing when I left. I pondered how it felt to have him in me, and how I was going to tell my wife. There was no way I could keep this secret from her anymore, and I was dying to share my BBC experience with her. I wiped off my face with some makeup removal wipes and headed home….stories to tell and confessions to make.

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