Enslaved Chapter 7

The three of them… Madame Vesta, Quentin and Gustav Heine, were once again seated at the luncheon table.
„I understand, Mr Osman,“ said Madame Vesta, „that you will be staying until the end of the week.“
„That is correct,“ nodded Quentin, “I am finding it most relaxing.“
„Good,“ said Madame Vesta. Gustav Heine grinned at him.
„Did you have that Petula this morning?“ he asked. It was a question, not so long before, which would have made Quentin feel rather embarrassed. But no longer.
„Yes… as a matter of fact, I did,“ he answered.
„Any good?“
„Nothing special,“ said Quentin casuallly. Nice to appear so indifferent.
„Miss Judith offered me to her but, I’m afraid, I’d just given Rebecca such a long and solid fucking, I simply couldn’t cope.“
„Later, perhaps,“ smiled Quentin. That big-bottomed redhead certainly got plenty from her Master, he thought.
„Maybe,“ nodded Gustav.
„Mr Osman,“ said Madame Vesta, „I was thinking. When Melissa has recovered, I wondered if you would like to have have her as your personal slave for the rest of your stay?“
Quentin’s pulses thumped. He tried not to sound over-eager.
„Not a bad idea,“ he responded. Then it suddenly occurred to him that the girl would STILL be wearing that hideous Head Cage. It was not due to come off until about 4 p.m. That afternoon. Moreover, withouth treatment, she would still be fully feeling the weals he had raised across her superb bottom with that whip. She had suffered a great deal for simply (and, Quentin thought, rather justifiably) calling him a `b**st´.
„I’ll arrange it them,“ said Madame Vesta. She probably won’t have recovered until tomorrow evening. Maybe the following morning. But I’ll send her along when I consider her fit enough to serve you.“
„Thank you, Madame, that is most kind,“ said Quentin politely.
One of the serving slaves helped him to salmon mousse and refilled his glass with ice-cold Chablis. Quentin gently stroked her softly rounded nates, as she did so. They quivered deliciously. And excitingly. I think I’ll have another fuck this afternoon he said to himself. He felt fully recovered from this morning’s exertions which, after all, had not yet been all that strenuous. But who? He thought he might have to consult Miss Judith about that.

During the last four hours of her ordeal in the Punishment Cell, Melissa fainted twice. The stretching ache in her jaw had almost driven her out of her mind. The iron pear was nearly choking her. She trembled weakly and prayed for death. Which she knew would not come.
Twice, the duty Overseer, peering through the grille, saw what had happened. Twice a stimulant was injected into Melissa to ensure that she suffered fully.
At four p.m., the same duty Overseer was instructed to release Melissa from the Head Cage. In went a key to the little door. The door swungs open. Out came the cruel, over-large iron gag. Melissa’s mouth remainded wide; it was locked in its unnatural position. Sounds rather like those made by a distant ship’s warning boom came from the depths of her throat. Her lovely, wide-set green eyes were filled with pain and abject despair.
The heavy Head Cage came off; the handcuffs were removed from her wrists.
Melissa fell senseless to the floor.
The duty Overseer did not use another injection. Two in the space of four hours was the limit. Instead she sent for one of the Trainers – Khalid – who carried the lifeless form to the Recovery Room. There, spread-eagled face down on a bench, Melissa’s Healing Treatment began.

„Miss Judith?“ Quentin lay grossly naked on his bed. He had taken more of the Elixir and felt terribly randy. He was, in fact, in full erection.
„Yes, Mr Osman?“
„I’d like a slave girl sent up to my cabin.“
„Certainly, Mr Osman. You wouldn’t like Petula again, would you? She’s till two short of her ration.“
„Frankly, I’d rather have something new.“
„Of course, Mr Osman. Any preference?“
Quentin thought for a few minutes.
„Something young, buxom and blonde, I reckon.“
„Hmmmm… let me think.“ A pause. „Ah yes… Tessa should suit you, Mr Osman. „She’s eighteen, very blonde and nice and chubby. Good big tits.“
„Sounds fine, Miss Judith. Thanks.“
„My pleasure.“ The receiver clicked.
Quentin got off the bed and went to put a cold sponge on his balls. He soon subsided. Want to start from scratch with a new girl, he told himself. He lay back on his bed and, after about five minutes, Miss Judith led Tessa in. Quentin saw at once what the Overseer had said about the girl’s tits; also that she had gold rings through her nose, nipples and clitoris. She was blonde and pretty in a fluffy sort of way.
Tessa went to her knees immediately her collar and chain had been moved.
„Up,“ ordered Miss Judith. Tessa knelt up, her white melons quivering delectable.
„Mr Osman is a very special guest, Tessa, I hope you satisfy him fully.“
„Yes, Miss,“ said the girl most meekly. Miss Judith smiled at Quentin; she did not appear to find his nakedness distasteful. But then, she wasn’t going to have to deal with it, as Tessa was.
„Let me know when you’ve had enough of her,“ said Miss Judith., „and I’ll have her fetched.“
„Thanks, Miss Judith.“
„Au revoir.“ The powerful blonde left the cabin and Quentin studied the new arrival at his leisure. The eyes were blue, the lips were pink. So were the rather large and beringed nipples. Those rings were as large as the nose ring but the clitoris ring was considerably smaller.
„Come up here, girl, and I’ll have a feel of those lovely big knockers of yours,“ said Quentin lecherously.
Tessa crawlwd forward and slid on to the bed. Her breasts swung pendulously and Quentin’s hands enveloped them, mauling and squeezing. The girl did not resist, she simply shuddered.
„Mmmm… „ sighed Quentin, „you have got really big boobs for an eighteen-year-old girl,“ he grinned at the girl. „Are you proud of them?“
„I… I suppose I am, M-Master,“ came the answer.
„You should be… mmmm… lovely… lovely… „ Quentin went on mauling and squeezing.
„Do those rings hurt?“ he asked.
„N-No… Master… not much… not now… „ said Tessa.
„But they did when they were first put on you?“
„Y-Yes… ohh… yes… Master… they did… „
„What about the one through your clit?“
„That hurt, too,“ replied Tessa. „Very much.“
„But now?“
„Not really, Master.“ Quentin ran his hand down over the belly and, with a finger, touched the ring and the clitoris, playing lightly.
„Doesn’t it stop you coming?“
„N-No… Master… „ Quentin smiled indulgently.
„Well,“ he said, „we don’t have to bother about that for the moment, because I’m not going to start fucking you.“ The girl was complacent, accepting everyting he said. As she must. Quentin paused.
„What I am going to do, is make use of those big boobies. I’m sure it’s happened to you before.“
Tessa nodded. „Y-yes… Master… “
„What are you going to do?“ said Quentin, lying back, „is cover your tits with cold cream. Then you’re going to come back here and toss me off with them. Right?“
„Yes, Master…“ Quentin grinned happily as Tessa slid off the bed and hurried to the bathroom, plump, soft bottom bouncing. A lot of pupy fat on her, he thought, but when she slim down she’ll have a super figure. As it was, at that moment, he was quite happy with the puppy fat.
Tessa came back, naked breasts glistening white with cream.
„Good girl,“ smiled Quentin. „I hope to be able to give a good report to your Overseer.“
„Oh yes… M-Master… please… „ Tessa came onto the bed again, crawling between Quentin’s parted thighs. He was coming to erection again… fast… and feeling delicious randy. My God, what lovely big tits… and how marvellous to be able to make use of them in this way!
Tessa, holding her breasts at the sides, slid Quentin’s hardness between her cleft. Then she pressed her oiled breasts together and began to undulate her torso up and down. To Quentin, it felt absolutely marvellous. He had only had this done to him once before and the it had not turned out too satisfactorily. This time, he reckoned, it would.
„That’s it, girlie,“ he leered, „squeeze hard… mmm they really are a couple of beauties?“ Tessa said nothing, but her look was intent. She was giving off her best.
„I… I… ahh… hope… I am p-pleasing… my M-Master… „
„So far,“ said Quentin. „You are doing quite nicely.“ There was a lovely warm, slippery feeling between the cleft of the breasts. Oh yes, quite delicious! Soon, Tessa began to undulate her torso faster.
„That’s it, girlie… mmm… yes… feels… very nice.“ Quentin felt his prick as solid as it could possible be. This, he thought, is quite an enjoyable change from actual fucking. I wonder how long I’m going to make it last? Madame Vesta’s Elixir made him so randy he didn’t seem to have a great deal of stamina. No matter, he thought contentedly, I can always go round again!
He was beginning to pant. The lust was beginning to rise.
„Faster… faster… g-girl… squeeze… more… more… aahh… yes… that’s good… m-my girl… „
Tessa was bouncing herself up and down now, almost frenziedly, determined to please that fat pig she had sent to. The thickly-girted prick between her breasts revolted her but she had to deal with it. Fully.
„You… ahhh… you know… what… I… hhhhaaahhh… I’m going to do… hhhaaahhhh… girlie… yes? I’m going to spunk all over your neck and face, girlie… hhhhaaahhhh… hhhhaaaahhhh… yes… that’s what I’m going to do… „
Grimly, Tessa worked on, whilst Quentin quaked and juddered beneath her. He was arching up, groaning with licentious delight.
„M-Master… shoot… shoot… „ she encouraged.
„Oh wh-what… super… t-tits… ohhhh… what lovely big tits… „
Then Quentin suddenly erupted. His semen spurted up over Tessa’s neck, and chin… and her face. She was covered in it. But, all the same, she went on working with her breasts until Quentin had slaked himself to the full.
It was, to say the least, a splendid performance on the part of the eighteen-year-old. It was something she loathed doing most of all, yet she had carried out her duties in exemplary fashion.
Quentin was sighing contentedly. Some experience that. Only an eighteen-year-old. Lovely… oh… lovely. And he was going to fuck her later.
„Go and get cleaned up, slave,“ he ordered drowsily.
„Yes, Master.“ Happily Tessa left the bed to get rid of the revolting consequences of Quentin’s lust. In the bathroom, she washed, dried and then powdered herself. Tessa was well aware that the evening was not yet over. She had had to deal with a number of gross monster like Quentin during the time of her servitude. Always, she thought, the middle-aged ones were the most disgustingly bestial.
When she came back, Tessa knelt at the end og the bed. Quentin surveyed her lazily. He wondered what it must be like for a girl to have to wear rings through her nose, nipples and clitoris. Most humiliating! Did they ever get used to it? Unlikely. It was a constant reminder of their slave status. You could make a slave girl do anything you liked, reflected Quentin. That was the point of them. A sudden idea came to him.
„Show me your backside, girlie,“ he said. There was no hesitation. Tessa turned on her knees, thrusting up her hindquarters high, put her nose to the floor and then parted her thighs. Like her breasts, Tessa’s buttock cheeks were ample. Big, white three-quarter moons of sodt flesh. They framed a cleft in which nestled a ripe young cunt – still to be sampled, he said to himself. Mmmm… I’d like to see that bottom squirming. And why shouldn’t he? A sudden heat went through Quentin. He was the Master and, if he wished, he could make a slave squirm!
He slip off the bed and went to tthe drawer where he knew some corrective instruments were kept. He had been advised by one of the Overseers to use them whenever he wished. So why not? In the drawer was a strap and a thin cane. Neither were very severe, for obvious reasons. One didn’t want a guest losing control and doing a lot of damage. Like he had lost control when he was whipping Melissa.
„You’ve got an excellent bottom, slave,“ said Quentin, approaching the girl.
„Th-thank you… M-Master… „
„Very tempting. Too tempting, in fact. I’m affraid I’m going to have to make it squirm.“ There was a little moan from Tessa. „It’s not that you’ve been naughty. It’s just that a man sometimes likes to make a plump bottom like yours squirm. Must have happened to you before, eh?“
„Yes, Master,“ answered Tessa in almost a whisper. With her shape, it seemed to happen all too often to her.
Quentin put the cane down on the bed and stroked the single-thonged strap. Tessa would have felt much worse than this, he reflected. Still, it was nice to be going to do as he was. He placed the strap over the naked buttocks.
„Twelve,“ he said. The big nates gave a little clench of dread. Nice, that.
The strap fell on the right cheek, setting it quivering. Tessa’s breath was sucked in. A pale pink band appeared.
This time the leather fell on the left cheek. More quivering. Another little gasp. Another pink band.
Thwack! Thwack!
Quentin laid on harder, left and right. Tessa squirmed this time, her big bottom juddering and her gasp was louder. It was a most satisfying sight. She’ll squirm even more when I give her the cane, thought Quentin happily. He licked his lips. Lovely to be able to do this to a shapely eighteen-year-old girl!
Thwack! Thwack!
As hard as he could.
Oww… ahhh!“ yelped Tessa. Her bottom twisted left and right,quivering all over. Marvellous!
„I wish I had a really meaty strap to lay across your backside, girl,“ said Quentin thickly. Tessa made no answer. There was just another clencch of the big nates. Six to go.
Thwack! Thwack!
„Owww… owww… oh M-Master… „
Those four, laid more or less over each other, made Tessa really squirm. Quentin was quite delight.
„Keep your bottom up, girl… right up,“ he ordered. The three-quarter moons, now more pink that white, thrust up higher, the skin tautening.
Thwack! Thwack!
With all his f***e! The bottom bounced and jerked violently, flesh juddering. Oh what a sight! To his surprise, though he had so recently been tossed of by Tessa’s tits, Quentin found himself coming to erection again. He sat down on the end of the bed and gazed at the blatant nudity before him.
„That hurt, slave?“
„Y-Yes… Master… „
„The cane will hurt more.“ No answer. „You hear me, slave? I don’t want any dumb insolence, or I’ll report you. Then you’ll get a REAL caning!“
„Yes, Master,“ said Tessa hastily. „I didn’t mean to offend you, Master.“
„I should hope not,“ said Quentin empathically. With some amusement, Quentin wondered how many girls would say they didn’t mean to offend when they were displaying themselves immodestly as Tessa was. It was she who should be offended! Still, he was living in a different world.
Quentin picked up the cane and stood up. The cane, though thin, was very whippy. It would sting nicely. He laid on six strokes, as hard as he could, in quick succession. Perhaps surprised by this rapid assault, Tessa threshed down on to the carpet, legs kicking out. Her hands came back to clasp her writhing bottom.
„OHH… OOOHH… OOOHH!“ she gasped. Quentin grinned.
„That hurt, didn’t it, girl?“
„Yes, Master… oh yes… “
„Get your backside up again… and get it up high.“ The hands left the bottom now striped with six pink, twin-tracked weals a well as the pink bands. Up came the buttocks, curving taut again. Flesh flinching with dread. Nice. Summoning his strength, Quentin laid on six more rapid-fire strokes… which made Tessa squirm right down to the floor again. He realised he was now fully in erection.
„Get it up again… up… up… I say!“ ordered Quentin thickly. „Now I’m going to make you squirm for a different reason!“
He knelt and gripped the plump, soft flanks, mounted the helpless girl, ramming in with deliberate brutality. He heard her gasp and felt her squirm. Both were genuine enough. This amounted to no more than simple ****. The girl was not ready for him but, on this occasion, that mattered not. **** was **** and had its own rewards.
Thump… thump! Thump… thump!
Quentin’s belly pounded to Tessa’s big buttocks, bouncing back off them.
Ram… ram! Ram… ram!
Tessa was jerking and juddering under the onslaught. Writhing constantly. Only just able to sustain the gross weight that had mounted her. It was bestial, but this was what this fat pig wanted. She f***ed herself to cry out add to his pleasure.
„I… hhhaaahh… I… I’m… hhhaaahhh… am… going to… hhhaaahhhh… fuck this… big arse off you… „ panted Quentin. His mouth was gaping, he had started to drool. His eyes were bulging. Absorbed in his sheer a****l pleasure, he had forgotten all about damaging his heart.
Thump… thump! Thump… thump!
Faster… faster… even faster! Oh he’d really got that backside on the move!
Thump… thump! Thump… thump! Thump… thump!Thump… thump!
Quentin worked up to a furious crescendo, loudly snorting in piggish fashion, as was his wont. Then he was on the `vinegar strokes´, his limbs quivering uncontrollably. He was gasping and groaning as the wave of his intense lust broke over him. Then he was jetting and jetting into the squirming depths.
Jetting and jetting… until he was weak and drained.
Quentin was moaning softly as he slobbered on the girl’s shoulder. She, for her part, felt sick with revulsion. Luckily for her, she was not. She simply knelt there, enduring the sweating weight. He really might as well be an actual pig, she thought, her brain cringing.
After too long a time, the weight left her.
She heard the creak of the bed.
And soon after that, she heard snoring.
Tessa remained kneeling with her bottom up high. As she must.

When he awoke, Quentin wondered where he was. Then he saw Tessa’s up-raised hindquarters and became aware. How long had he been asl**p? It could have been hours. It was, in fact, nearly two hours. He felt exceedingly thirsty. Buck’s Fizz would go down nicely. Champagne mixed with iced orange juice. He picked up the phone and ordered some to be sent up.
Idly Quentin examined Tessa’s rear while he waited. What discipline! The girl had been kneeling there all the time he had been sl**ping.
A serving girl entered with his order, placing a tray on the bedside table. She curtsied and left, not so much as glancing at Tessa.
„Slave,“ ordered Quentin, „pour us some drinks. Buck’s Fizz. Yes… you can have some too. I expect you need it.“
Quentin had never said a truer word. Within a minute, Tessa was on the bed with him, knocking back the concotion as fast as he was. The girl drank greedily, as if seeking a quick oblivion. Quentin didn’t mind. It amused him. He got Tessa to order up another bottle.
„In its own way,“ remarked Quentin, „that was a very good fuck.“
„I… I’m glad you enjoyed it, Master,“ said Tessa, already a little tipsy.
„It was like genuine ****, really.,“ mused Quentin, „you weren’t ready for me at all. But it was most most satisfactory.“
„I’m so glad,“ said Tessa. And she actually f***ed a smile. Quentin smiled back. „But I’m sure I could give you a far more enjoyable fuck than that,“ said the girl.
And, ten minutes later, lying on her back with her thighs raised and splayed, she was doing just that. Quentin much enjoyed the feel of the big breasts beneath him as he glided in and out of what had become a hot and juicy cunt. So different from the last ravaging.
There was not doubt at all, relaxed by the alcohol, Tessa was uninhibitedly giving her all.
For Quentin, in a quite different way, it was another most satisfactory encounter.

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