Enslaved Chapter 5

When Quentin returned to his cabin, he felt a little light-aheaded. He was still quivering inside from what had been happening. It had been an incredible experience… and Quentin could not recall when he had enjoyed anything more.
Whipping a naked woman was wondeful!
Quentin showered away the sweat from his body and then lay naked on his bed. The guest cabins aboard the `Paradise´ were large and exceedingly comfortable. A complete contrast to the bleak cells the slave girls occupied! A bottle of champagne would not coe amiss, thought Quentin, and put out his hand to pick up his bedside telephone.
„Yes, Mr Osman?“ enquired a polite voice. That would be one of the Overseers.
„Send up a bottle of Dom Perignon, please,“ said Quentin.
„Certainly, Mr Osman. And, by the way, we have Kim ready for you whenever you wish.“
„Kim?“ In the excitement of the recent past, Quentin had quite forgotten about the girl.
„Yes… the 16-year-old on the quarter deck this morning.“
„Oh… of course…“ His nerves tingled pleasantly. It was about time he released some `dirty water´, otherwise he might burst!
„Send her up in about half an hour,“ he ordered. He wanted to think about Melissa exclusively for a little while longer before turning his attentions to another slave.
„Certainly, Mr Osman.“ The phone clicked. It was just as easy to order a girl as Champagne! Quentin poured himself a measure of Madame Vesta’s Elixir. He felt quite randy already but there was no harm in feeling randier… and ensuring one performed at one’s best.
Quentin lay back and closed his eyes.
Melissa’s bottom. Swelling softly. So white, so smooth.
Melissa’s bottom. Squirming wildly. Laced with weals.
When she’s recovered I’ll have her here, thought Quentin hotly. I’ll do whatever I like with her. Just the threat of another whipping would make the girl utterly compliant. He could make her do anything. He could fuck her till he was exhausted. And he would! Quentin found himself coming steadily to erection as his lustful thoughts intensified. Fine, Kim would soon be there to deal with that. There was a knock on the door.
„Come in,“ called Quentin. It would be a slave girl with his champagne. No matter that she should see his erection.
One of the girls who had served at luncheon came in, still wearing her mini-apron and a maid’s cap. On a salver she carried an ice-bucket and some glasses. She came to the bedside and curtsied, her eyes flickering briefly on Quentin’s rigid member.
„Poor,“ ordered Quentin curtly… and ran his hand over the girl’s bottom as she bent slightly to do so. She accepted his groping as the most natural thing in the world. I am, thought Quentin, truly getting into the swing of things aboard the `Paradise´. Slave girls were becoming a normal part of everyday life.
„Will there be anything else, Master?“ asked the girl, with another brief glance at the solid member.
„Nothing, girl,“ replied Quentin. „You may go.“ Obviously the girl had half-expected to be fucked as well as serve champagne. It was nice to be able to reject her so casually.
„Thank you, Master.“ The girl curtsied again and left. A pretty little thing, reflected Quentin. Well-shaped, as most of the girls were. If it hadn’t been for the imminent arrival of young Kim, he would certainly have had a piece of her. Contentedly, he downed a full glass of the wine in one go and then re-filled. Life was good. Very good.
He thought again of Melissa, still wearing the gag that was half choking her. Still snorting, doubtless. Quentin felt no sympathy now, as he once might have done. There was an iron law on the `Paradise´. If a slave erred, she suffered. His thoughts drifted to Julia. That arrogant creature was in for a very big surprise. And quite shortly. Oh, what a come-down it was going to be! He liked to think of her naked ans scrubbing the deck, as he’d seen Nadine doing that morning. Really sweating her guts out. He liked to think of her being fucked by that massive buck nigger Ahmed. No… wait. That would not do; not to begin with anyway. He would have a silver chain put on Julia first to reserve her for himself. She would, of course, have to suck the Trainers… and that would not be exactly to her fancy! But she would not be fucked. Not until he gave the word. And when, at last, he did give the word, he would want to be there to watch it happen. Lovely!
Complete control of women, Quentin now realised, was the most divinely satisfying thing in the world.
He closed his eyes and dozed a little, not being roused until there came a knock on the door. That would be Kim. He saw that, in his doze, he had subsided. Well, that would soon be remedied.
„Come in… “
An Overseer whom Quentin had not seen before entered. She wore a purple leotard and similar coloured calf-length boots. She was leading Kim on a collar and chain.
„I am Miss Vivienne,“ she said, “I believe you asked for this slave?“
„Correct,“ nodded Quentin.
„Do you want her collar on or off, Sir?“
„Off, please, „ replied Quentin. His eyes ran happily over the youthful naked figure, nothing that the girl wore only nipple rings, from which were suspended tiny ruby pendants. No nose ring, no clitoris ring. The collar and chain clanked to the floor.
„As you know, Sir,“ said Miss Vivienne, „there are some mild corrective instruments in the cabinet. Please use them, if you so desire.“
„I will,“ grinned Quentin. Kin’s small, c***d-like face looked quite impassive.
„If you have any trouble with the girl, I should be glad if you would report it, Sir.“
„I will, never fear, “ replied Quentin.
„Thank you, Sir. Just ring down when you want her taken away.“
The Overseer ventured a brief smile, then turned and left the cabin.
Left alone, Quentin gazed at the apple-round breasts, the almost c***d-like mound.
„So, Kim,“ he said, „it is true that you ate still only sixteen?“
„Yes, Master.“ The voice was certainly that of a 16-year-old.
„Who sent you here?“
„My step-mother, Master. She has always hated me. I was a*****ed from Boarding School.“
„Indeed? Most unpleasant, I’m sure. How old were you then?“
„Fif-teen, Master.“ Quentin contemplated what a hideous shock for one so young to arrive in such surroundings.
„Have you always wore a gold chain?“
„Yes, Master.“
„Life must have been pretty tough. Especially to begin with.“
The young features quivered briefly but intensely. „Y-Yes… M-Master…“ If he hadn’t felt so randy, Quentin might have felt rather sorry for the girl. He was steadily coming to erection again.
„But now, you must have adapted somewhat, yes?“
„Yes, Master.“
Quentin smiled in avuncular fashion. „Well, Kim,“ he said, “you have been brought here to make an old man happy. Well, certainly old as far as you are concerned.“
„Yes, Master. I wish to please you to the very best of my ability. It is my duty.“
„Good… that’s fine.“ Quentin beckoned with his finger. „Kneel on the end of the bed, my little slave, and start by kissing my balls.“
Kim did not seem at all disconcerted by this order and got at once on the end of the bed, bending forward with her hands on Quentin’s plump thighs. She also parted her thighs which displayed her fully in the mirror on the wall at the end of his bed. There was another mirror in the ceiling above. Quentin saw the slight figure bending forward… the long straw-coloured pony-tail… and the tightly-rounded young bottom. All very nice.
The soft warm lips began to kiss his scrotum gently. Even nicer. Quentin thought of all the training that had gone into making Kim do this without the slightest delay of protest. In the real world, what 16-year-old could be persuaded to kiss the balls of a paunchy, middle-aged lecher like himself?
The kissing went on and was intensified. A busy little tongue began to lick. The girl certainly knew what she was about.
„Suck me, girl,“ said Quentin with a sudden urgency. Already his desires were getting out of control. Not surprising, perhaps, in view of what had happened and what was happening now.
The girl raised herself up and her open mouth began to run up and down his rigid organ. Quentin was not particularly long but he was thickly girted, with a big knob. He shuddered with pleasure as the urgent mouth slid up and down, first one side, then the other.
„Get it in your mouth, slave,“ said Quentin, his voice suddenly thick.
With instant obey , Quentin’s large knob was rnclosed by a wet-warm, sucking mouth. The seemingly eager mouth of a 16-year-old. He was astonished by the sucking power. Then he recalled what he had seen earlier. Kim would have spent hours on one of those machines, ensuring she had the strength to suck a man with maximum effect.
Oohh… oohh… it was marvellous!
Kim took more of him, still sucking like a vacuum cleaner.
It was even more marvellous!
Quentin groaned, rolling from side to side on the bed. He knew, in that moment, he could not withstand this incredible sucking mouth. He would have to fuck this girl later. For the moment he was lost in her mouth. The lust, generated by all he had seen and done, was mounting to a fierce peak.
Nothing could stop it.
He was going to shoot and shoot.
Kim seemed to sense it and sucked even more avidly. Fiercely. Almost painfully. Quentin released the pony-tail and placed his hands under Kim’s firm young breasts. They joggled as her head bounced up and down. Faster… faster… ever fatser!
Quentin was groaning louder, his haunches beginning to jerk, his stomach quaking. It was the best blow-job he had ever had in his life… and a 16-year-old was giving it to him. Through glazing eyes, Quentin could still just about see the feminine charms still displayed in the mirror. Oh what a delicious young cunt! That was to come nect.
The culmination of desire swept upon him. He was lost… quite lost. Nothing on earth could have stopped him shooting his load within a few seconds.
And that was what Quentin did exactly…
With young Kim continuing to suck whilst she ferociously swallowed the jetting semen. As she had been trained to do.
It was a violent and prolonged explosion of pent-up lust which left Quentin quite drained. He felt weak and helpless. His thighs and calves quivered, out of control. He was slaked… quite slaked. He moaned, his head turning, mouth slobbering on a pillow. The young mouthwas now quiet, yet remained lightly gripping his flacid organ.
Kim had done a marvellous job.
For the time being.
Quentin closed his eyesand drifted off into a lustful reverie… which included Nadine, Rebecca and Melanie. And, above all, Melissa.

When he awoke slowly from hislustful reverie, Quentin found himself in half erection. Kim’s mouth was still delicately gripping him. Obviously awaiting orders. That Elixir of Madame Vesta’s was certainly potent, he thought. He knew he was ready again.
Lightly he patted Kim’s head. „I’m going to fuck you,“ he said.
„Yes, Master…„ The mouth had left his prick. The voice was submissive.
„Or, rather,“ said Quentin, „you are going to fuck me. You’re coming on top of me. Going to ride me.“
„Yes, Master.“
Quentin like the idea of a 16-year-old doing all the work. He fondled the girl’s well-rounded tits and pressed them against his swelling tumescence. Quickly he was solid again.
„There you are, my pretty young slave… it’s all yours.“
„I… I am honoured, Master.“
Honoured? It was an amazing thing to hear. Surely not possibly true. But said, anyway. Kim slithered up him, wriggling provocatively. His hardness was pressing into a soft-warm belly.
„You like my cock, girlie?“
„Yes… mmm… yes… Master… I want it in me… big and hard…“
„Good… good. Because that’s what you’re going to get.“
Kim came up over him, thighs splaying wide. She gripped the root of Quentin’s prick and ran the knob up and down between her liquid-warm sex lips. How could she be so already? Training?
„M-Master… Master… I w-want you…„ There was an urgency in the girl’s voice yet Quentin knew, what she said could not be true. It was just marvellous acting. Marvellous training.
Slowly, wriggling provocatively, Kim sank down on to Quentin’s erection. How hot she was… and how tight too! Quite delicious! Quentin placed his hands on the tight-rounded young bottom. A schoolgirl, he said to himself, a schoolgirl!
„Master… Master… you… you feel wonderful… oh it’s such a lovely cock!“
„Then get your cunt to work on it, girl,“ ordered Quenmtin grossly.
Instantly, Kim’s haunches began to rise and full. Slowly but persistently. Her cunt gripped tghtly in hot, liquid velvet. Kim’s haunches began to move faster. At the same time she began to wriggle. It was heavenly… quite heavenly!
„Oh… oh… you little beauty…“ panted Quentin, „you really do… ahhh… do… make… aaaahh… a marvellous f-fuck…“
„Oh Master… Master… I’m glad I plase you!“ Young Kim was giving her all. As she must, of course. There could be no half measures when engaged in such activities, otherwise the results might be dire.
As it was, Quentin had no grounds for complaint. He was getting everything he wanted to slake his outrageous lusts. A hot-tight slippery young cunt sliding up and down his solid organ. Giving him increasing pleasure moment by moment. Almost unbearable pleasure. Quentin looked up to the ceiling mirror and saw the young bottom pounding up and down. Giving him everything it possible could. Superb… quite superb!
He was mounting again. Mounting to the heights.
„Faster… faster… fatser…“ he panted, eyes rolling as he strode to a climax. His whole body began to judder.
„Ooooooohhh… aaaaaghhhhh… ooooh you lovely little fuck… ooooohhhhh… AAAAGGGHHHHH… HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHH… HHHHHAAAAHHHH!“
Jerking uncontrollably, Quentin exploded into the wriggling depths.
The slumped, breathing stertorously, mouth sagging agape.
He looked quite disgusting.
But, of course, Quentin did not care wheter he looked disgusting or not. On the ‘Paradise’, such things counted for nothing. He was there to be served to the limit by slave girls and, whilst they did so, whether he looked revoltingly bestial was neither here nur there.
In fact, it made it all the more pleasurable to realise a girl found you revoltingly bestial and still had to serve you to the limits of her abilities. Yes… Quentin liked that. He now felt very relaxed… and happy in the knowledge that there were many more delights to be enjoyed in the days ahead. He patted Kim’s head.
„You can take a shower, if you like, young Miss.“
„Oh… thank you, Master. You are most kind.“
„Pour me a glass champagner first.“ Kim did so and Quentin grinned as she ran off, schoolgirl-like to the shower cubicle. How delightfully that rounded young bottom waggled. It was, he reflected, quite a different bottom of that of Melissa. That was nature and superbly shaped in the classical tradition. Kim’s arse was simply round and juvenile. None the worse for that! On the other hand, Quentin said to himself, one needed a bottom like Mellisa’s to punish. It was softer and more fulsome. The rod or the whip bit deeper into it. Idly, Quentin wondered how the girl was coping with that awful pear-gag in her mouth. It had been there for several hours… but there were many, many more hours to go.
Kim returned, looking refreshed, breasts bouncing delicately, ponytail swinging. She really is most delightful, thought Quentin, as the young girl sank to her knees by his head.
„Pour yourself a glass of champagne, little one,“ he said.
„Oh Master… that is not allowed…“
„What do you mean, grl? If I give you an order you obey it. I am a guest here.“
„Yes… oh yes… Master… I understand…“ Kim sprang up and, with a trembling hand, poured some Champagne into one of the waiting glasses.
„Cheers,“ said Quentin, raising his glass.
„Cheers,“ responded Kim, looking a little nervous but drinking deep and fast.
„You seemed to needed that,“ said Quentin. „Poor yourself some more.“
„Do you think I should, Master?“
„Just do as I say, girl…“
!Yes, Master.“ Kim trembling, poured herself a second glass and tried to drink it more slowly. She was not used to being treated in such a fashion.
„You are very good with your cunt, girl,“ stated Quentin with deliberate crudity.
„Thank you, Master. I am glad I pleased you.“
„Yes, I am sure you are,“ nodded Quentin, „otherwise you would have got a good thrashing, wouldn’t you?“
„Yes… yes… Master…“
„Pour us both some more whine. Then order another bottle on the house phone.“ Quentin was in the mood to get a little d***k.
„Yes, Master,“ said Kim meekly. She poured the Champagne and then ordered some more.
„I think,“ said Quentin jovially, “it might be rather amusing to have you dressed up as a schoolgirl… and then have me act as your form master.“
„Dressed up, Master?“ Kim spoke as if having any clothes on was something unreal. Well, she had been kept naked for so long it probably was a little unnatural to her!
„And you know what happens to naughty schoolgirls, don’t you, Kim?“
The young girl blinked. „Th-They get punished, Master?“
„That’s right, little one. They have to take their knickers down and get their bare bottoms smacked. Or, if they’re really naughty, caned.“
Kim blinked again. „I understand, Master,“ she said. The serving slave arrived with another bottle of Champagne, poured two glasses and left. Once again, Kim drank fast.
„Like to be a schoolgirl again?“ asked Quentin.
„If that’s what you want, Master.“
„That’s what I want… and that’s what I’m going to have,“ he grinned. „Come up on the bed, girl.“
Kim climbed up and Quentin began to fondle her breasts. She thrust them at him provocatively. When his hand ran down her belly, she opened her thighs invitingly. Quentin titillated her cunt. Both of them were drinking the wine at a quite rapid rate. Quentin soon began to fel the effects and it amused him to see that Kim was quite tipsy. He poured a little of the wine into his navel.
„Lick that out,“ he ordered. The young girl did so almost greedily. He put some drops of wine on his prick. Lick that off,“ he said. Kim did so. It felt nice. Quentin began to swell a little.
„Does my Master wish to fuck me again?“ enquired Kim in a rather slurred voice.
„He sure does,“ replied Quentin, who was stiffening fast. He rolled over on to the youngster who, at once, parted her thighs wide and drew them up so that she was readily available. Quentin felt a little girlish hand grip him and guide him in. He snorted with pleasure. Two young limbs wrapped themselves round him and clamped over his heaving lump. Quentin rammed slowly but steadily. Having been slaked twice, he was going to make this one last.
„I… huhhh… I’ve huhh… always… huhh… huhh… wanted to… huhh… huhh… fuck a schoolgirl,“ he panted.
„And now you are, Master,“ said Kim. She sounded almost happy. Probably on account of the Champagne, he thought. She felt so light and lithe; so agile. Even though Quentin’s weight was crushing Kim down, she was managing to wriggle ecstatically.
Quentin began, after some five minutes, to ram a little faster.
Oooh… you’ve hooor… hhhaaaahhh… g-got… a… aaahhh… hhhuuhhh… hhooorr… lovely… tight cunt… girl… „ he panted.
„T-Thank you, … thank you, Master,“ said Kim.
Soon Quentin began to grunt piggishly, sounding rather like an a****l at the trough. He was drooling and drippling, mouth slobbering on Kim’s shoulder. Quite disgusting. Of course, the girl endured all this b********y without complaint… but she was glad when Quentin’s groans of delight intensified and his prick began to jerk convulsively within her.
Moaning, Quentin slumped down, chest heaving, wet with sweat. Within moments, it seemed, he was snoring gently.
Unfortunately for Kim, she was unable to extract herself from the crushing weight on top of her.

„How was Kim?“ It was Madame Vesta who asked the question. She sat at the head of the dining table, flanked by Quentin and Heine.
„Excellent,“ replied Quentin. He felt and looked a little jaded, partly on account of his sexual excesses, partly through drinking too much.
„So you like them young, do you?“ enquired Heine.
„On occasions, I do, Dr Heine.“
„Oh, please call me Gustav. I shall you Quentin. I prefer them more mature. Like my Rebecca. You wioll have noticed.“
!I certainly noticed, Gustav,“ smiled Quentin.
„As long as both of you gentlemen are getting what you want,“ said madame Vesta. She suddenly slapped the bottom of the serving girl at her side.
„You’ve slopped home, you careless bitch,“ she snapped. „If it happens again, I’ll have you caned!“
„I… I beg p-pardon, Madame,“ gasped the girl, curtsying nervously. It always was an ordeal to serve the Mistress of the `Paradise´.
„I’d like to have that Kim dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl and give her some lessons,“ announced Quentin.
„I’ll arrange it whenever you want, Mr Osman,“ said Madame Vesta. There was no question of her being on Christian name terms.
„Thank you, Madame Vesta,“ said Quentin politely. Marvellous, he thought, you have only to ask and you get.
„I wouldn’t mind having Rebecca dressed up as schoolgirl, said Gustav. „Rather amusing thought that, eh? I could have her send along to you whenever you are giving Kim lessons. If you like?“
Quentin thought of buxom Rebecca bursting out of a schoolgirl uniform… and liked it.
„Good idea,“ he said. „I’ll let you know.“
Dinner proceeded pleasantly and without incident. At one point, an image of melissa flashed in Quentin’s brain. She is, he realised, not yet halfway through her cruel ordeal.
Later, back in his cabin, Quentin took a final dose of the Elixir and was soon deeply asl**p.

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