Egyptian Princess Fantasy

Ever since I saw her in a layout years ago, I’ve had a thing for Egyptian princesses. There is just something so exotic about them, a beauty that words can not do justice.

My fantasy unfolds like this. I stand in a hall filled with priceless vases, paintings, and a red rug with gold trimmings. Red, the color of loyalty. Standing several feet away from me are men dressed in loincloths. Hard bodied men that might make even the most straightest of men give in to their curious desires. The hall is hotter than the fires of hell. She has kept me waiting here. Sweat pours down my face. After what felt like forever, she is lead into the room by four studs. Two lead her to her throne, the other pair continue to fan her. She is adored in gems and rubies, a gold bikini top, and what I best can describe as a grass skirt, like the ladies wear when he land in Hawaii. She’s got dark, shoulder length hair, and two of the most beautiful brown eyes ever.

She slounched back, crossing her legs, and she looked me up and down. I could only wonder what she thought of me. She had these studs tom perform what ever desire she wanted. What would she want with a guy like me?

“Bring him to my quarters!” she said, both commanding and sexually. Two of her studs lead me to a room, and rather large room. There was a dressing table, a rather regally looking bed, and another throne, much like the one she had just been perched on. Her studs brought her to the throne, and she then commanded that they leave us alone.

“I shall make use of you.” she said. She stood up, and removed her skirt. She had nice long legs and a sexy ample bush. It was perfectly groomed. I wasn’t sure what was ahead of my, but seeing her standing there, sans pants, was making me hard. She walked over to me, removing her top and dropping it to the floor. Her breast were perfect. Not too big, not to small, just perfect. She gazed at me in a seductive manner, and I could barely keep my breath. She placed her hand on my left shoulder, and dragged her hand across, passed my neck, and to my other shoulder. She began to kiss me, driving her toungue in my mouth. I kissed her back, enjoying the passion.

“I’ve wanted to make love with and American.” She said. I wasn’t going to use words, I just went along with the moment. I lead her to the bed, and laid her down. I moved my hand slowly down her body, passed her breast, to her hips. I just couldn’t get over her perfect her pubic hair was.

I spread her legs, and kiss her down from her hips to her bush. I glanced up to see she hasn’t shown much emotion. I began to lick her pussy. Slowly I licked and teased each part of her clit, making sure I paid each part the proper attention. I drove my tongue deep into her snatch, and she was starting to moan. She took me by the back of my head, and pushed my face deep into her pussy. I felt hair hairs on my forehead. I kept licking and teasing, licking and teasing, I slide two fingers on my right hand in as I licked her. The penetration my fingers made had her feeling good.

I wanted to slide my cock in her. I needed to slide my hard cock in her, but she tasted so damn good. I assumed if she wanted my cock, she’d ask for it. And it wasn’t long before she did. She picked me up, and laid me on the bed. She removed my pants, and demanded I removed the shirt. I did as she asked.

She took my entire seven inch cock in her mouth. She was taking me deep, and I loved it. She teased and pleased my head just like I had done her bush. She dragged her tongue slowly down my shaft, and began to lick my balls. I’d never had a woman take my balls into her mouth. It felt good. I placed my hand on top of her head, and she took my arm. She liked what I was doing.

She took my cock out of her mouth, and pushed me to the bed. She stradled me, sliding herself down my pole. She rode my well, screaming her desires.

“Yeah, this is feeling great.” I moaned, having a hard time to keep my breath. The princess was quite the pro at riding me, perhaps fine tuning her work on her studs. For several minutes, she rode my cock like it was a prized bronco. She got off me, and was on her knees. I got behind her, and let me know that anal was forbidden in her culture. She told me she wasn’t k**ding, and that though she was a princess, if I penetrated her anally, we’d both face death.

I slide my cock in her pussy and pumped away. She enjoyed the feeling of being taken from behind. We’d been going at it for 20 minutes, and I was enjoying every moment. For the last few, I’d had her from behind. She pushed off, and stood up. She walked over to the bed, and laid on her back. She commanded that I penetrate her again, because she wanted my cum.

My cock was red and I was ready to cum already. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I teased entry, thinking that was perhaps something she desired. However, she commanded I go faster. I Shall, my princess, I replied. I pumped fast as I could. As fast as the strength I had would allow me. Sweat poured off both of our bodies. I could feel myself needing to cum. My cock felt sensitive, I needed to cum, but I was enjoying this, I didn’t want this to end.

“Cum,” she demanded, Cum on me, now!” I did as asked. I poured my juices all over her. My cum splashed down on her Egyptian body. I collapsed right next to her. We gazed upon each other and kissed.

We dressed and she informed me that she enjoyed our tryst. She asked, not though command or demand, that we do this again in the future.

Oh, Princess Nidia, you are my goddess.

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