Dreams Cum True

I was 21 and in my last year of college and was only a few weeks from graduating. It was a Friday and I was hanging out with some friends outside of class when this black guy came walking toward us. He stopped and yelled for my friend Max. Max introduced him as Tyler but he went by Ty, they were in a few classes together and also went to the same gym. Max and Ty continued their conversation away from us. I couldn’t stop staring at Ty. None of my college friends knew that I was bisexual and have always wanted to get with a black guy. Max came back to the group a few minutes later and said Ty invited us to a party at his place tonight. Everyone was interested in going so we all went our separate ways and decided to meet up and go.

I went back to my apt excited for the night to begin. As soon as I walked in I took everything off. I finally found a black man that I wanted to show my feminine side to. I grabbed my towel and jumped in the shower. I didn’t know if he noticed me staring but I had to prepare myself like he did. As I was showering I decided to shave my entire body. I love the feeling of being smooth on my boy parts. I was so excited that I started drinking by myself so I wouldn’t be shy and not talk. I didn’t know what to expect so I decided put a butt plug in to make sure I was gapped and ready. I grabbed it and covered it with lube and slid it into my sweet little hole. I started moving back in forth to make sure it was all the way in. The pressure on my prostate made my cock leak on the floor. I had to take my time and slowly sit on it till my ass was touching the floor. I left in for about 20 minutes. Just enough time to get dressed and pop it our right before leaving.

By the time I met up with everyone I was feeling good. I was completely shaved and made a good effort in preparing my ass. I dressed normal but I had on a jock strap underneath fully exposing my boipussy. All the guys were talking about was how many girls they were going to get and who was getting lucky. I was acting like I was going to do the same but I had a completely different idea of how I wanted the night to go.

We could hear the party from blocks away. When we saw the house there were people coming and going. We knew it was going to be a crazy night. We made our way in and started walking around. Max had no clue what my intentions were but I made sure to stay close to him so I could see Ty. Ty was in the main room, he was standing with another guy who looked a lot like him. Max and I made are way over. He showed us around as we were making our way back to where they had the beer. Max and I filled up and started walking around. Ty told us to come back for a keg stand later. Before I could take a step I felt a slap on my ass. I looked back and Josh was smiling. I had a feeling this night might be it. I think everyone in this small college town was at this party. As the night went on I could feel myself getting intoxicated. I made my way back to the keg for more beer but was stopped in my tracks. Ty and Josh were telling me to get more beer I had to do the keg stand. Now I’m short I’m about 5’ 4” and about 140lbs and Ty was around 6’ 3” and Josh around 6.” I tried to ignore what he was saying but they grabbed the tap before I could. I made my way to the side of the keg and put my hands on the side. I was so excited for them to pick me up. Ty grabbed one and Josh the other and pushed my legs up into the air. I was facing the keg and some girl put the spout in my mouth. I was drinking for a good 4-5 seconds until beer shot out of my nose and mouth. I looked back shaking my head to get the beer off my face. I noticed Ty was looking down my shorts. I had beer dripping from everywhere but I didn’t care. Josh was talking to the girl but Ty’s face expression told me he liked what he saw. I looked away quickly with a smile on face giving him time to get a real good look. They finally put me down gave me towel to wipe my face. I looked at Ty and said thanks and walked to meet Max.

An hour passed I was in bad shape and having trouble walking. I started feeling dizzy and knew I was probably going to get sick. I made my way to the bathroom but not in time. I got sick all over the floor and my clothes. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. I stripped off all my clothes leaving my jock on just incase someone walked in. I wiped off everything, put a towel around my waist and staggered out of the bathroom to the nearest bedroom I could find. I passed out on the floor and was woken when a light came on. I heard a familiar voice talking to me. I finally realized it was Ty. He said I’ve been looking for you. He helped me to my feet and took me back to the bathroom. I took off my jock and stepped in the shower with Ty following right behind. He started washing the sickness off my body. I was still a little out of it do to the alcohol but I sobered up pretty quick. Ty was whispering in my ear how turned on he was by what he saw. He was moving his hands all over and stopped on my ass. He started squeezing my ass cheeks and rubbing his fingers on my asshole and then put his hand on my cock and started stroking it. My cock is only 6.5 inches when it was erect so I wasn’t working with much. It only took a few minutes before my cock was hard as a rock. I was moaning and grinding my ass against what I thought was his arm. I couldn’t hold back any longer I turned and saw it. It was everything I was hoping for. Ty’s cock was about 8-10 inches and veiny but it wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be but I wasn’t complaining. I didn’t know what to expect since the only other ones I saw were in gay porn or were the rubber ones I had at home but a real one in person left me in awe. I started rubbing his chest and pinching his nipples and kissed my way down to his cock. I started stroking it with the biggest smile on my face. I was looking up making eye contact while I was moving my tongue across the tip of his cock forcing my tongue in his dick hole and around the head. I used my other hand to caress his balls. What surprised me was Ty was just as smooth as I was. He had no body hair. I asked him what he wanted me to do. He put his hands on the back of my head and told me to open up. I put the head of his cock in my mouth and almost got sick again. I was taking my time enjoying every second of it. I placed my hands on his hips and went at it. I could tell he was about to blow his load but he stopped and told me to stand. He said “don’t worry you will get it all soon enough.” After only a short time Ty turned the shower off and told me to get out. I stepped out of the shower and stood there staring at this magnificent human in front of me. He dried himself first then handed me the towel. Once I was finished I turned to hand him his towel and he smacked my ass and motioned me towards the door and opened it.

I was nervous that I would be seen but I followed Him to his room and sat on the end of his bed. I looked over and saw Josh in another bed on the other side of the room asl**p. I was sitting there naked and was hoping that he didn’t see me. I was a little excited cause I knew Josh was eyeing me earlier too. Ty walked over to Josh and shook him till he woke. Josh turned on his side and saw me sitting on Ty’s bed, naked. He threw the blanket that was covering him on the floor. He moved to the side of his bed when I noticed he had no clothes on. He stood up and made his way over to me. That’s when I noticed it. Josh’s cock was hanging down past the middle of his thigh. My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I thought Ty’s cock was big but Josh’s was on another level. He sat down next to me and grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. My hand looked so small going up and down on his shaft. All I could do was nod and say yes never taking my eyes off of it. Josh told me to stand then made me spin around. I felt like a girl in a beauty pageant the way they both were looking at me. Ty came over and sat on his bed right in front of me. He showed me a cage and told me to put it on. I fit my little sissy cock into the cage and Ty locked it while Josh was playing with my ass. After he was done Ty stood up next to Josh and smiled.

Ty grabbed me by my hand and told me to get on my knees. He put his cock in front of my mouth and put it on my lips. I started licking his dark pole making sure not to forget his balls. I was moving my fingers back and forth pushing them into is ass causing him to thrust his cock in farther. Josh was behind me smacking my ass and rubbing lube all over it making sure to slide a finger in my hole whenever possible. Ty moved back to his bed and sat down and while I was keeping his cock in my mouth. Josh was standing behind me and started talking to Ty. Josh put both his hands on my ass cheeks and spread me wide open. He spit on my hole and started using his tongue, shooting in and out of my ass. I was going crazy I couldn’t control myself and felt cum leaking from my cock onto my cage. I was pushing my ass back on Josh’s face hoping his tongue would go deeper. Josh was holding my ass open when I felt him push 2 fingers in. I was still pushing back wanting more. I took Ty’s cock out of my mouth and begged Josh for more. Josh responded by fingering me harder. I was so excited by what was happening I didn’t realize he had his entire fist in my ass and was working it back and forth. I felt cum leaking from my sissy cock onto the floor. He was stretching my ass with his hand preparing my ass for what was to come next.

I took Ty’s cock out of my mouth and stood up letting Josh’s hand fall out of my ass.
Josh and Ty stood up next to each other. I watched as they both grabbed each other’s cock and started stroking. It was almost like they were pumping themselves up to fuck me. I looked at them with hungry eyes watching them stroke each other. I was feeling my ass knowing it was gaped. I tried grabbing my cock forgetting it was caged. I sat up on the bed as they both walked toward me. They both started swinging their cocks in my face when Josh told me to stand. I turned away from them and held my ass open exposing my gaped hole. Ty was first he positioned his cock in front of my ass and he let me ease back on it. About a second later I felt his cock pop in. It was finally happening, Ty was rocking back and forth fucking my ass. I climbed on the bed so I could get on all fours just so he could go deeper. I laid my chest on the bed and stuck my ass in the air. Ty grabbed my waist and started pounding me. I could tell he was loved it by how he was talking to me. He was fucking me balls deep when I felt his cock start to swell. He was f***ed me down by putting his foot on the back of my head. My cock was bouncing around with cum dripping all over the bed and on his legs. Ty started grunting and pressed his foot down even harder burying my face in the bed. I was having trouble breathing but I didn’t care the thrill of getting cum shot in me was everything to me. After five more pumps he pushed all in and released 4 streams of cum deep in my ass. All this time Josh was behind Ty on his knees rimming Ty’s ass while he fucked me. When he pulled out, Cum was on his cock and leaking from my ass. I couldn’t believe what I saw, Josh turned Ty to him and started sucking cum and lube off of Ty’s cock. Once he was finished he turned to me and started licking and rimming my ass completely cleaning me.

Josh stood using his hands to wipe his mouth. My ass was already loose from Ty so I thought Josh would slide in with ease. Josh was behind telling Ty to get on his knees. Ty took Josh’s cock into his mouth getting him hard to fuck me. Once Josh’s cock was hard he had Ty move to the bed. He was leaning against the wall with me between his legs. His knees were up and legs spread exposing his asshole and his spent cock. I was wrong about Josh his cock was beyond huge. Just getting the head of his cock in took a lot out of me. He was forcing it in making me squirm around trying to help. He was about half way in when I made him stop. I pushed back and finally felt him enter me. It took me a minute to catch my breath but the feeling was like nothing I ever felt. He was sliding it in with ease making sure I felt every inch. He was fucking me like I wanted to be fucked. My eyes rolled back in my head and I let him do whatever he wanted. I spent the entire day and night thinking about Ty but that all changed once Josh buried his cock in my ass. Josh picked me up off the bed and held me in the air with us both facing Ty. He was bouncing me on his cock. Ty was still on his bed stroking his cock hard again when he told Josh to bring me over. Ty removed my cage and let my cock free. My little sissy cock was hard in no time at all. Josh had his arms under mine with his hand behind my head making so I couldn’t touch my cock. He finally put me on the bed and started fucking me like an a****l. He grabbed my hair and started long stoking his cock deep in my ass. He was slapping my ass telling me how good my ass was. Josh was laughing knowing how much I liked it. I moved onto my side and put my leg in the air. Josh was still going but now I had my hand on my cock and was about to shoot my load when Ty moved closer and took my cock in his mouth. Just as he did Josh grabbed my hips and unloaded shot after shot in my ass. I could feel the warmth inside my body when I finally let mine go. Ty took it all in his mouth and swallowed it all. Josh was still pumping making sure every last drop was expelled into me. He pulled his cock out slowly fully exposing my now widely gaped ass wiping it on my ass cheeks. He stood up smacked my ass again and made his way to the door. He looked back smiled and walked out. Ty still had my cleaning my cock when the door shut leaving only the two of us there. He looked up and asked if I enjoyed myself and I said “dreams do come true.” He gave me some clothes to put on since my stuff was dirty from earlier in the evening. I put them on and to my surprise they fit. Ty looked at my shocked expression and said you look good in Max’s clothes. Little did I know but found out later that Max had this planned all along. I made sure to visit a few more times and brought Max along too.

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