Double or Nothing

Double or nothing

That summer afternoon I had a nice surprise when I got home from a hard day at my office.
My loving husband was already there; with the company of two black studs.
After a quick refreshing shower, I came back to the room and found those nice huge, muscled and well hung black guys, ready for me…

Both guys, Marco and Jeremiah did not need any encouragement as they were staring at me lustfully and stroking their thick black cocks.

Victor walked to me and untied the camisole’s ribbon exposing my hard nipples for my studs to play with.
Inside I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet. At the same time one of my bulls put his hand on my cunt and began fingering my clit while planting a deep throat kiss on my lips and not letting me go from this erogenous embrace.

The other bull sucked and licked my nipples, then bit and pulled them with between his white pearl teeth. He applied just enough pressure until I asked him to stop. It was a lovely mixture of pain and pleasure that made me want their cocks.

I wanted to say something, but words would not escape from my lips…
But the feel of those black hands mauling me, made me hornier and weak. Instinctively I grabbed their dicks and started to stroke them in slow motion.

Then the black guys lifted me and laid me down. I could feel their hands parting my legs and fingers getting into me. I looked down and saw Marco’s head between my legs. He gently nibbled my pussy lips as he moved around. His fingers found my G-spot, causing my body to twist a bit. He knew he had found my special spot, and began to slowly slide his finger back and forth in that area within me as he placed kisses on my outer lips. Very quickly my body was responded with an orgasm washing through me.

At the same time Jeremiah was kissing me, so I broke off the kiss to catch my breath. The black guy ran his hands through my hair and kissed my neck as I recovered.
As soon as my legs stopped shaking and the heart beat returned to normal, Marco positioned himself between my long legs, lifted my ankles and placed one on each of his broad shoulders, bending me in half.
Then he took his giant black serpent and rubbed his head up and down my slit which was getting wetter and wetter. That black cock was thick and veiny; it looked more like it belonged on a horse than on a man.

I looked down between us and saw the color contrast of his black cock head invading my pale pussy. His black cock withdrew but when it entered me, burying balls deep into my tight stretched hole. I moaned and bit my lip.

The initial pain was nearly overpowering. I could not breathe. When he withdrew I opened my eyes and saw his smiling face. I knew when the next thrust would occur and needed to prepare myself. The cock buried itself again and again, I screamed, I felt my lower lips stretch to accommodate the huge dick impaling in my womanhood. He continued to pile drive the immense cock into my pussy. With a few slow motions he was slid his piece until his heavy balls banged against my thighs as I started moaning wanting him to fuck me harder.

I humped back, getting all of the big cock I needed. All I could think was that I was being fucked so fine and I began to fuck back at him, rolling my hips, jutting my belly at him.

At the same time I was moaning, groaning, squealing; my nipples hurt, all sensations were bringing me to a point of no return.
Jeremiah left my nipples and stuck his tongue into my open mouth and I sucked it deeply. His fingers found my clit and began rubbing it. Every touch, every pull, every push was making my skin, my body, my whole being ready to explode.

Victor was pulling my legs up and out to help Marco get deeper into me.
He then picked up a new rhythm as my spasms increased in intensity. He began to pull his cock’s full length out of me before driving it back in. He picked up the pace; his hips and cock a blur as sweat poured off his forehead and down onto my breasts.

He pumped me faster and faster. Soon I came and I felt his hot semen shooting into me. I pushed my pelvis into him so that I could get all his cock had to give. I was out of breath…
Marco rested but did not pull out but held me and turned over so that now I was on top of him, still fully impaled deep in his hard dick.

As my mind was engrossed with the feelings of pleasure and pain, Jeremiah inserted his finger into my very tight rosebud and made me rock into it. Soon he replaced his finger with a second. It felt a little uncomfortable at first with two large fingers pressing into my asshole.
The uncomfortable feeling soon subsided as he slowly moved his fingers back and forth. Then I felt a dose of lube, it felt cool and soothing.

I groaned around Jeremiah’s huge piece of hard meat. He removed his fingers from my ass. Then I felt his bulbous head push at my tight sphincter.

My body stiffened, with a hard shove and a violent tug back on my hips, his cock head invaded finally my asshole. I screamed and gagged.
Jeremiah waited until I got used to the penetration and relax before slowly starting to fuck me anally. After a few minutes I was able to take the length of his hard thick manhood to the balls without too much pain.

In fact in a few more minutes the pain had disappeared and his fucking became much more pleasurable. My body was being double penetrated by two very large black cocks. I screamed, but I still don’t know if they were screams of pain or passion. Both were intense.

I came four times in a row. Almost every time the men moved I came. Before long Marco was slamming his hard cock into my pussy, fucking me roughly. They were moving in unison. The pressure inside me was tremendous. I could feel the huge black cocks rubbing together inside me. It felt like my body would rip apart at any second.

Through my orgasm I could feel Jeremiah and Marco slow down and their bodies tense and practically in unison release a burning torrent of cum deep inside my ass and pussy. Marco eased out of me first, and then Jeremiah took his cock out of my ass.

Went the black guys went away, my loving Victor came to take care of me.

I was really exhausted after so intense sex session. My legs were still shaking and a pool of sticky cum was flooding from my cunt and asshole…

I opened my eyes and thanked my loving husband for that nice surprise.
He told me to get ready. The night was still young and he had prepared more surprises for me…

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