D**gged Danced & Drained (Looking ba

It was Tree’s works Summer Dooo. They’d decided to have a night out as a way of celebrating the end of the College year.
She’d told me who was going on the night out, the girls in the office and a couple of guys to a place not far from where we lived.
Her friend Nikki promptly picked her up at 7:30pm, there were already two other girls/women in the car. She kissed me and said don’t wait up I’ll probably be home about 11:00ish
In the past she’d send me e-mails and I’d look who else she’d sent them to at the same time and who had sent them to her originally, sometimes I wondered if she’d send them on to guys on a separate e-mail. I didn’t mind, it kinda turned me on knowing that she had other guys as friends.
I sometimes think she doesn’t let on as much as what happens for fear of upsetting me or loosing my trust, I don’t know.
When it got to 11:30pm my imagination went into overdrive. Maybe she’d hit it off with one of the guys from the office. Things happen to the most unlikely people when the booze starts flowing. In strange sadomasochism way it excited me, knowing that some other guy found my wife as sexy as I do.
I like it when other guys look at Tree in a “I want You” way.
My mind began racing.
What were they doing, giggling about nothing across the table over a bottle of red wine?
Their knees occasionally accidentally on purpose touching under the table, a secret sign saying I’m here and I’m not running away and I like this. Each pushing the little innuendo a little bit further, seeing what they can get away with without being toooo obvious; or dead obvious letting the other know where they’d like the evening to go. Before long the occasional touching of one’s arm or shoulder would start, chairs would be hutched closer together, more drinks would be ordered to maintain the momentum. Before long their faces would be getting closer together, each whispering their reply forcing the other to encroach on the others personal space, enticing them into a trap, getting closer with every sentence, their hot breath could be felt by the other on their faces, sure , who couldn’t get turned on by the excitement of an erotic encounter.

I couldn’t take it any longer. It was 12:15am; I got in the car and drove to the restaurant. By the time I got there the meal had long been finished and the tables had been moved to the sides to make way for a dance floor
I parked up and wondered in, Security was slack as it was late into the night. I couldn’t see her so I got a drink, found a spot in a dark corner and settled down waiting to see if she was even here, Maybe she’d lied about where she was going, maybe I’d missed her on the way to the place in which case I was in trouble.
I was about a third of the way through my pint when my attention was drawn to a group of rowdy guys clapping and whistling at another table, all smartly dresses in nice clothes. That’s when I spotted her with her friends. There was about seven or eight of them all together now.
No wonder I didn’t recognise her at first she was wearing different clothes to the ones she’d left the house in. They were all wearing different clothes from when they’d picked her up from the house. Somewhere during the night they’d all changed into real sexy party outfits that were a bit risqué for the place they were at. Tree had changed from smart jeans and a green blouse into her stiletto steel heels, her zipped trousers; albeit with the zip firmly closed and her black plunge top that ties at the back in a bow. She looked very sexy, this was one of my favourite outfits and she knew she’d look good in this. Well she’d certainly got her party clothes on, there’s no denying that and it was the middle of summer.
It looked like their table had several bottles of wine on it, some; about six were even turned upside down in the ice bucket, that would explain the laughing and merriment that was taking place. I shrunk back into my corner and continued to spy on them. After a while the group got up and started to dance as women do, but without the handbags. It wasn’t long before the guys joined them on the dance floor.
Tree was forever pulling up her trousers they were low cut to start with and the dancing didn’t help them stay up. She’d always been conscious of this even when she’d wear them at home. The guys dancing near them noticed this and pretended to pull their trousers up too Teresa politely smiled with embarrassment and turned her back on them. This made the rest of her friends laugh and they all pointed and applauded her, the guys mimicked this and started clapping too. Teresa must have had quite a bit to drink as she started clapping too and dancing more so in the centre of the circle her friends had made around her.
It was difficult to see her now from where I was sitting so I moved to the balcony.
This was a better viewing place as I was above the disco lights which meant that I could clearly see them all and they wouldn’t be able to see me because of the lights in their eyes if they looked up.
By the time I’d settled at my new vantage point the guys had joined the circle and were surrounding Teresa, all clapping and encouraging her to dance more.
One of Teresa’s friends joined her in the middle for moral support and to relieve some of the attention, one by one the girls joined each other in the centre until they were all in the centre, laughing and giggling as the guys surrounded them all.
After a couple of songs the girls pushed their way through the circle and back to their table. They refilled their glasses and emptied another bottle of wine and placed it upside down in the ice bucket with all the others, still giggling and randomly looking over at the guys still dancing.
Before long the guys returned to their table too after getting some more Dutch courage in the way of a pint of larger each.
After a few minutes the guys got up and made their way towards the table of girls. Obviously I couldn’t hear what was being said but the girls all shuffled their chairs and the guys sat down as a group. Tree was directly opposite them between two of her mates.
Everyone was chatting, laughing and having a good ole’ party time there was some shoulder barging between the guys as they’d erupt into laughter.
It looked like one of the guys said something directed to Teresa across the table, but I think she couldn’t hear him properly above the music and she stood up and leaned across towards him, the material of her top falling from her chest, unbeknown to her, exposing her boobs before she sat back down nodding in answer to his question oblivious as to the show she’d just given them. After some more chit chat the same guy appeared to ask Tree another question and as if on cue she stood and leaned towards them in an attempt to hear, again giving the lads a view of her boobs before sitting back in her seat. The third time this happened one of her friends spotted what was happening and gently pushed Tree back in her seat pointing at her boobs, Tree covered her chest with her arms and laughed embarrassingly as she sunk back into her chair. I thought this was quite sexy really and wished her mate hadn’t rumbled as to what the lads kept doing.

After a while the conversation seemed to dry up and the girls made their way onto the dance floor for a regroup, but always at least one of them maintaining eye contact with one of the lads at any one time. The guys watched as the girls danced, they seemed to have their own private show all of them looked nice in their party gear frequently teasing the lads with suggestive moves, then giggling and encouraging another to outdo the previous tease. The atmosphere seemed great everyone was on a high and looked like they were having a great time.
I felt like some sort of god above everyone being a spy on the balcony, Teresa being unaware of me being there.
I decided to get another drink while the bar was still open.
When I returned to my vantage point I could see that the lads had joined the girls on the floor.
It was getting tense now the preliminaries were over and time was of the essence as the night wore on. The dancing was closer. Tree was still pulling up her trousers and the lads were still teasing her about it.
Then one of them, a coloured guy, Jamaican I’d guess, mimicked helping her.
He held her hands as she wriggled down into them.
She didn’t seem to mind and released her grip on the tops of her trousers and spread her arms above her head wriggling her hips leaving him to pull them up for her, to the applause of her mates. This for me was very very erotic. I’d never really fantasised about an ethnic guy with Tree until I bought some black condoms, I wasn’t too sure how Tree would take them but she seemed to go along with it so I knew she was enjoying this even more and this was really turning me on, she looked great really sexy and loving it, she fit the part if you know what I mean. The disco lights lit up his skin tones like a black rainbow, the blue, green red and yellow lights reflecting off their bodies differently but really outlining where his hands were roaming over Teresa’s tummy.
Then the music changed to the slow dances and as this guy had already got hold of Teresa’s waist she couldn’t get away.
I’m not sure if she even tried. They danced close even sharing the odd kiss now and again. I watched fascinated as I she let him slowly unzip her trousers and slide his hand around her arse. My cock was hurting it was so hard.
After a couple of records they retired back to the table to the cheers of the rest of the crowd. The lad (I’ll call him Winston) offered Tree a chair, she refused and gestured that she was going to the ladies and as usual when in packs, her friends followed.
While they were gone one of the guys emptied a sachet of something into a few of the girls drinks while the other removed a chair from around the table, a bit like musical chairs and on their return it was Teresa who was left standing looking bemused until her dance partner slapped his thighs in offer of a seat.
Her friends cheered her to accept the invitation, which she dually did but in a way that surprised them all. She swung her left leg over Winston’s legs and sat facing him, immediately standing up again and looking at his crotch as if she’d sat on something she shouldn’t have, this was greeted with another roar of laughter, applause and encouragement from the girls’ team and Teresa settled back into position placing her left arm around his neck while stretching for her drink with her right and immediately half emptying the glass in one go before slapping a big sloppy wet snog on the guy. And bouncing up and down on him. I had to raise my eyebrows; this was a different Tree to the one I’m married to, an exciting dangerous and spontaneous cougar. The snog seemed to last for ages, part of me wanted her to stop it and another part of me was urging her on more and more.
I could see the guy rubbing her back as they pushed their lips together.
Then a song came on that the girls seemed to like and they all raced onto the floor grabbing Teresa’s arm as they passed and dragging her off her man of the night.
Before long the guys were on the floor too not wanting to lose the momentum, I guess.
Tree must have been well d***k or d**gged by now because when the lads started dancing she turned and rested her head on another’ shoulder, (I’ll call him Gary) Ok he too was of similar race to the other one, and was wearing similar fashionable clothes I guess, but not a mistake anyone could make.
She didn’t seem to care but Winston hadn’t wooed her all night for Gary to take the trophy at the end of the night and moved towards her resting his hands on her hips. When this didn’t get her attention he gently pulled at the bow of her top undoing it and slid his hands inside her top and cupped her boobs, I could guess he was playing with her nipples, all this while she was kissing Gary whose right hand was between the fully opened zip kneading her butt cheeks. She didn’t seem to mind that her friends had been long gone by now. It wasn’t until Winston, desperate for some attention slid his hand down the front of her now very low trousers that she turned to face him and gently remove his hand.
The three of them walked off the dance floor. I guess they lads were wondering if they’d both blown it as they looked at each other behind her back, Winston as if to say I got there first, Gary, as if to say she’s mine now you had your chance.
Tree led them to a corner seat and they sat either side of her. As if it were a race Winston kissed her immediately as Gary went to fondle her tits, the top hanging still loose. Tree’s hands reached to each guy’s inner thighs before resting between their legs. It was Gary who released his Cock from his trousers first. Even from where I was standing it looked massive. Maybe it’s true, African cocks are 20% bigger than Caucasian ones. But it would be because he had her other nipple between his lips.
The place was starting to empty now as people made their way out to the car park, but the music kept playing and so did these three. It wasn’t long before Tree had unzipped Winston’ trousers and was playing with his dick too.
They only got away with this because of the ‘L’ shaped room.
With Gary occupying her chest Winston had nowhere to go except between her legs.
His dark hand slid slowly over Tree’s tummy and beneath the clinging material of her trousers, these were already very low and I could still see his wrist as his fingers flicked over her pussy.
He arched his hand and f***ed her trousers even lower.
Teresa released his cock and he knelt between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs.
I knew this would be driving her wild as he nuzzled deep into her.
She pushed Gary back off her tits and took his erect cock in her mouth, well the end bit anyway, she’d never swallow all of it, but to her credit she looked like she was doing a great job by the look on his face. I didn’t know what she’d do if he was to explode right there and then in her mouth but that would have been game over and I think he knew it.
He was probably thinking of “dead dogs” something I’ve always remembered Ron Jeremy, (another of Tree’s mates) the famous porn star saying.
I would never ever of believed this had I not been seeing this with my own eyes.
Just then a barman came round collecting the empty glasses when he saw what was happening he retreated…………………………………………………………………………………………………to a safe distance and watched.
Winston ran his hands up the outside of Tree’s thighs and gently tugged at the waistband and pulled them over her knees, she put her legs together and made it easy for him to slip them off over her feet and he was back in there, kissing and licking away like a puppy that hadn’t eaten for a week.
Tree’s head bobbing up and down as she sucked away on Gary’s manhood, her lips clamped around his shaft.
Then I couldn’t believe what I saw, Winston started to put a condom on!!!!

Obviously I couldn’t see him penetrate her but I could imagine it, I’ve seen plenty of interracial porn, and loved watching that large fat black penis slide in and out of the woman. Knowing that this was happening to my Teresa just turned me on even more than ever, and by the way she was gagging with Gary’s cock stuffed in her mouth and her legs wrapped tight around Winston’s waist and locking her feet together behind his back she must have been enjoying it.
Winston started slowly, I could see his buttocks going back and forth, then he’s quicken his pace, and then slow again, as if to tease her into an orgasm.
Gary re-positioned himself with his legs either side of Tree so that she was almost sitting on him. He still hand his chinos on, and they’d need a wash after this episode.
Winston had increased his rhythm; he was thrusting deep into Tree now. His black arse glistening in the Blue, Green & Red disco lights. How much longer could he hold out for?
Not long, with one last thrust he stayed in, his body jerked as I guess he ejaculated his vent up sperm. I imagined it ALL being caught in that condom teat. His solid black rod jerking in uncontrollable spasms.
I knew the withdrawal would be special, this would make her quiver, and it did.
She lay there shagged, spent, exhausted and worn out.
But then Gary wanted his turn and produced his condom from his pocket. He slipped it over his hard cock easily. This was a novel one as it glowed lime green in the dark which meant I could see flashes of this as he slid in and out of Tree’s pussy. Luckily for Tree he didn’t last that long and he soon hugged her, his stiff black 9 inches buried deep in her and shot his load. His shirt clinged to his back drenched in sweat. As he pulled out I watched as Teresa’s body shook more than it had ever done when we had made love, but that didn’t bother me right now.
I watched as the guys abandoned her, like they never knew her, they walked away laughing and gesturing at their conquest as they straightened their attire.
She looked helpless, slumped on the seats against the wall. Her remaining friends gathered her stuff up and ushered her away to their car.
Once I knew she was Ok I raced home. I arrived back and jumped into bed. I heard her come in only a couple of minutes later and go straight to the bathroom. After the usual 30 min interlude she walked into the bedroom put cream on her hands and proceeded to rub it in as she sat on the bed. May be she hadn’t been as d***k as she’d made out. She pulled the covers back and slid in bed, placed her arm around me and fondled my cock. It didn’t take much for it to get hard after what I’d witnessed tonight.
She played with me like she’d never played with me before. She knew I was awake.
“Make love to me now, I want YOU “she whispered.
I rolled over and she took charge. She was a different person.
We played for a few minutes when she said “do you still have any of those black condoms left?”
“Sure” I said as I reached for them.
“Why don’t you help me” I suggested
She unrolled the black condom over my modest erection and took it in her mouth.
God I nearly came there and then……”dead dogs”…..”dead dogs”…….
“Fuck me” she whispered.
“If I must” I answered
I did my best, but this stuff turns me on like nothing else.
It was a shameful performance. Especially knowing this was her third time tonight she’d been taken.
She seemed to enjoy it, I did but it was over way too soon.
We fell asl**p.
When asked how the previous evening went she said “it was cool, plenty of atmosphere and dancing”
I left it at that. I had my own take on the evening and it was just great.
Every now and again she’d say put a black condom on. I never questioned it, but we always had fantastic sex with Winston, Gary and me.

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