Close Encounters Of Olden Times:: 4Why She it Ther

Once upon a time a long time ago I hear a story about a man at a restaurant eating lunch and reading the sports pages all by himself; the only person in the whole dining room at the time with maybe 30 empty table for.other patrons to sit someplace where it’s not crowded or noisy like can get around other people sometimes. In walks the second customer into the empty dining room and she’s looking all around for where to sit; she could’ve sat at all but one table, probably most people would’ve sat a few table away from the first guy, but not this girl, this girl sits at the table directly across from his, and she sits on the side to face him rather than facing away. Why did she sit so close to him? Why did she want to face him. The guy couldn’t read her mind and didn’t want to interrupt her lunch to ask her. She was extremely good looking to him, so he though he would finish the paper while admire the lovely view. She was likely at university, dark skin, hair, eyes, petite from all covered by a simple white sleeveless Mexican dress that reached to her knees and up to her sleeveless bare brown shoulders. She showed a little cleavage, but not on purpose, the dress was conservative but looked like a million buck on this woman. Curly back hair. She began to eat quietly by herself occasionally looking up at me or out the window because thats all she could see from the spot she was sitting in. The guy wondered why she sat so close. She looked so good that his dick began ta tingling an eventually it grew up ripe and red in a big bulge under his pants. Now, he didn’t want to go full exhibitionist on this lovely girl, but he had an urge to masturbate that was an impulse he couldn’t resist throughout the whole lunch. So, he schooled down further under the table, he pulled the news paper down to cover his lap and he slowly and imperceptible began to get out and stroke his dick. to this girl taken turns looking at the paper and back at her so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and maybe be upset. She continued with her lunch and the guy jerking off at the table facing her continued what he had started doing to. He wondered if last time she looked had she seen his shoulder moving a little bit? If so, did she know what it might mean? She didn’t seem to notice or care, so he continued as he had been, discreetly and unnoticeably mostly but she kept looking at him for no reason at all and bit by but he allowed his shoulder to bounce higher and faster than before. He left his keys to linger longer on how pretty everything about this woman was and he could see no flaw whatsoever. The final time she looked at his face she stared at it for longer than the rest. For no apparent reason either, but that was what made the guy jerking off blow his load real hard for her underneath his table. It was as if she sat there on purpose for him. Made eye contact with him at climax. Saw his shoulders moving more and more through the whole episode, and when the guys face twisted in relief, and his body released some tension, it was then, after he came for her that she finally got up and left her table to go to the restroom. She didn’t see anything, but she must have known something; or, possibly not. Either way, the guy left without any trouble and he watched her leave and go her way as well. Two strangers eating close and facing in an empty full of empty tables. What did it mean? What did she want it to mean? Anything, nothing? Not a single word was spoken by them and they never saw one another ever again. The man still remembers what she looks like and wishes he could talk to her someday. Maybe they think it ought to be a more popular pastime like apple pie.

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