Close Encounters Of An Olden Kind: 3. Condoms Lo

In this instance the commanding officer was a very good looking woman who had in from a neighbor straight for the weekend. As it happens to turn out, I’m new there and neither of us know anybody either, so, from nothing, had to come something. We made our own private party within the party and things where going great between us. We talked just the two of us about lots of differs things, but not about sex. We had just met, our friends her one friend was the host so she was alone, and the people I went with were busy talking to their old friend which I didn’t feel like doing just then. So we were two odd people out and when you like that the best thing to do is find a bottle of wide and drink it empty. When ours had no bl**d left she began talking to me about the Barty and why she flew down and her hometown and stuff. I basically followed her leads on that. So, when the whine is empty see asks me if I’d care to join her for a smoke on the 3rd floor back door patio of the party.. I don’t smoke, but we were friends, so, I said sure why not. Then the most unexpected thing ever happened. She said that I looked well dress, but asked if I could pull out my dick because she really wanted to have my cock in her mouth. I said ‘yes’ of course. It was a beautiful woman, taking advantage of a break in traffic party trough the back door porch, she was gelt great, and all the stars hung shiny over us in the night time sky. She had a good and quick technique, but she couldn’t finish before two women from the party came out to smoke their digerati on the patio where we were currently hindering their efforts. That saw everything, but we quickly put ourselves back together and nobody mentioned a word about it after that. I’m think ‘this is awesome.’ Free BJ from a sex girl I talk to for a couple of hours. She was nice to talk to. I’d have done that without the sex, so that made a regular night a memorable on.

After being seen, I figured we’d return to the rest of the parter and do normal party stuff. But she says into my year that she want to go out and fuck me somewhere. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Details slowing us the whole time were never ending: had to borrow a car, had to find a late night store to get condoms at, had to dic deep for condom moment, had to try try try for parking spots that just weren’t there. Eventually we parked the car blocking a driveway underneath a big tree. It was a cold dark night and late enough that there wasn’t going to be many people walking by the car that were going to look and see us.

We jumped in the back. with the new condoms, but no condoms. condom. Where did we put the condoms. Spent a half hour to loo for them in the car outside, underneath, between seats, every part of that car was turned inside out and neither of us could explain the mystery of the magically disappearing condoms. I was kink of cranky.we’d gone to all the trouble to lose them, but we weren’t going to do the whole thing over again cause by that time we’d be more tired than horny I think. What did we do after giving up on safe sex, well, we promised to only do oral on each other and masturbate and drop and not intercourse type stuff. It worked out great for a while cause she had a tongue ring and she made me feel special. After me I was set to give her her turn of cunnilingus but she stopped me to sa that she was menstruating that night and that it wouldn’t be fun for me. I told her to let me be the judge of what’s good and bad ok. She said ok with a excited, but ye look on her face. It was dark, so it didn’t feel like anything red, she was clean and it didn’t taste too different from normal, and it felt great so I grinned my face in, out, up, dow, all around, and every way possible with her skinny legs spread wide apart for me, he b cubs nibbling to the rhythm, and the look and sounds that were coming from out of her face shone sexy as can be. We were both turned of after having done such a good job at oral on one another and we wanted to fuck, but; no condoms?

We figured we had maybe e choices without the condoms. Not have sex.. Masturbation. Go back to the party. Fuck without condoms. We talked it out for a bit and basically she was with a boyfriend in her hometown and wanted to bone me because I was nice, and also to piss her bad boyfriend off. I wanted to bone her because it feels good, she looked fantastic, she was a kinky girl with a boyfriend and I was a rebound throwaway at a random party, so, like young idiots we tossed res aside and fucked in the care bareback for maybe couple hours or so.. Couple people did walk by us but if they saw anything they didn’t let it show. We were invisible to them, but I don’t know how we did it. It was a great bang section. Lots of positions, lots of talking dirty, and lots of lubrication because of her menses which I could see cause the dark. We both came. I pulled out cause what can you do when you don’t have condoms and shot on her stomach which she liked.

After that it was time to take the car back to the party, leave her there, pick up the people I was with to go where I was staying and knock out for the night. On the ride back I told her how good and energetically she had been moving with me and she tell me that she took a party popper to help get her in the mood. I didn’t and I didn’t know she did, but looking back, how nice she was, it made sense to me after. Then after that she tells me that the party host is the guy who paid for her tick out to visit him and they he was meant to fuck her than night like he did the night prior, but instead of that she was with me. I was not looking forward to entering the door to that party again because the whole think might be enough to make someone upset with us. That didn’t happen, but here’s the worst thing that happened to me: I age her out during PMS. I didn’t know if my face was clean or had remnants of her red wet pussy drying to my lips and chin there like a light shade of clown makeup maybe. I walked all the way from the front door to the back bathroom, through a bunch of people with her dry bl**d smeared around my mouth. I didn’t realize it until I got into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I was horrified, but it was too late for that so I just washed it clean and had to hope that nobody was paying any attention to me. Lucky for me, that was so. Nobody noticed me thank goodness cause that would have been a he’ll of an embarrassment. I’m not sure if the party host got with her after I did that night or not, but I remember she wanted more cause her candy wasn’t going to wear off for a while. If it wasn’t him, it was somebody else I’m pretty sure cause after me she startled cuddling with another guy.

It was my first night in a new town at my first party in that town and my first lay with my first sexy lady I saw. I couldn’t have been happy except for the possibility of STI’s and the whole drive home with my friends in the car I kept on telling them that that girl was crazy. That I’m crazy. That we just fucked hot and we were practically strangers who only talked for a couple hours together before getting down to business. We drove to our spot in a car that smelt like sex and Victory. It turned out to be a good night after all. Wish she didn’t leave the next day. She would have made a great girlfriend I think. The only think missing is no having a chance to get to know the two girl who caught us on the back porch when they went out for a smoke right at the start. I’d have loved to exchange a few words with them two: sorry, or you wanna join us; whichever was more polite under circumstances like that.

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