I often say this when writing about Christine – if you haven’t previously read about my encounters with her then it will probably help to go back and read some.

Christine isn’t a fictional character created for the benefits of these pages – she’s 100% real and all my stories are completely true, told as accurately as I can recall and without any embellishment whatsoever.

Folklore would have you believe that there are women out there who guys can call on at any given time for sex and I’m sure that’s true in some cases. You would imagine from the things me and her had done on that very first night that Christine would be that woman to me. We had fucked on the first night and we had fucked all night. I had fucked her arse bareback and filled it with my cum, as I had with her pussy. I had cum in her mouth, on her face and all over her tits. To this day I regard it as the best sexual experience of my life and given that one night in we had done pretty much everything possible you would assume that the door was now open whenever I pleased. Often it was but occasionally my advances were met with a frosty reception. Admittedly my advances often woke her and she lay there on the receiving end of my d***k texts completely sober and sometimes she had entered into relationships with other guys. Despite being a slut, Christine was (almost always) exceptionally loyal.

This one particular night was one such stone wall night. I had returned from a night out more merry than normal and extremely horny. The previous time of trying had also been unsuccessful and I was wary of embarrassing myself with another cold shoulder. With this in mind I navigated to Xhamster and began watching multiple gangbang videos.

I was 30 minutes or so in when it became apparent that only the real deal would cut it. I screenshotted the image on the phone in front of me, Michelle B being double penetrated, and immediately sent it to Christine. As soon as it had sent I had realised what a stupid move it was but it was too late.

Despite it being the early hours of the morning the reply was almost immediate

“What the fuck have you sent me that for?”

There were no kisses, no greeting and it was quite clear I had crossed a line.

I apologised, explained that I was horny and lusting for her and apologised once more. She didn’t reply.

I was too embarrassed to continue my porn marathon and my horniness had completely vanished. I locked my phone and fell asl**p.

I awoke the next day to two messages, both from Christine. The first apologised for being so rude and the second simply read “when can we watch together?”

I had awoken feeling as I had when I’d sent the screenshot in the first place. I could reply as cold as she had with me but that wouldn’t get my dick up her arse.

“Well what have you got planned for today?” I replied. Her response was somewhat delayed.

“This is a bit awkward but the reason I acted the way I did in the night was because I was with someone else and he had seen what you sent”

This was nothing new. Christine was free to meet who she liked, I knew she longed for a proper relationship and this only slightly bothered me because I knew one day it would mean we could no longer fuck; I had no designs to be that long term partner, nor did she want me to be it. I had fucked Christine after another guy before, he’ll I’d even fucked her with other guys. If anything I was turned on by her putting it about and I wanted to know a little more.

“Did you have a good time?” I asked

“Fucking rubbish. Selfish fucker pumped his load into me before we’d even got going. I don’t mind that if he’s up to making up for it but that was him done. The only other action I got from him was a mouthful over your message. To be fair I think he’d fancied round two this morning but I had spent the rest of the night thinking of you and just wanted him out of the house so I could get you round”.

“What were you thinking of exactly” I asked.

“Your rock hard cock deep in my pussy, right up my arse and all the way at the back of my throat. Already cum all over my fingers rubbing my pussy whilst I imagined sucking you off and cumming down my throat”.

“I’m on my way”.

Christine didn’t live particularly far away, a 15 min drive at most. The boner her last text had given me, together with the thought of the impending sex, had lasted the duration of the car ride and stayed with me as I knocked on her door and was welcomed inside. True to form Christine saw the bulge in my jeans immediately. Despite being no more than three steps into her house, and with the door only just closed behind me, Christine took to her knees in front of me. As she had so many times before she expertly unfastened my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. She did the same with my boxers and my stiff cock sprung free. My dick hadn’t even come to a still before her mouth had gobbled the whole lot. She sucked as marvellously as she always did as pulled her vest top down to her waist. I fondled her pert tits over her bra – this got her moaning and the moans felt terrific against my shaft.

Suddenly she stopped, removed her bra as she looked up at me before saying “cum in my mouth, I know you’re still good for more”

She immediately took me back in her mouth and sucked harder and deeper than she had been. I resumed caressing her now naked tits and with it the moaning on my cock resumed also. I was now just moments from shooting my load into her mouth as she had asked me to. Christine must have been able to sense this and she raised one hand, gently stroking my balls as the long hard thrusts down my cock continued with her mouth.

I didn’t want it to end but at the same time i was ready to shoot my load. It was then I remembered I had spent the previous night hornily watching porn without acting on it – that meant just one thing – this would be a HUGE load.

It was. The first wave came as she had me right at the back of her throats and shot straight down, Christine gulped without flinching as it made its way to her stomach. The next wave came as the tip of my cock was just in her mouth (she had mastered the art of sucking the cock from tip to base long before I had put my dick in her mouth). It was a load as big as the last and a wry smile formed on her mouth around my cock as her mouth filled with my hot load. I took my cock from her mouth and she let the semen dribble down her chin onto her tits as I did.

“Fucking hell” she mumbled, her mouth still full of my cum “that was a big load”

But I wasn’t finished. With my cock in my hand I directed a third and final load right into the middle of her face. She closed her eyes and smiled as another huge load hit her nose, forehead and hair.

She opened her eyes, took me back in her mouth and sucked the final drops from my throbbing bellend.

“Let’s get in bed and watch some of this porn you were watching” she said as she got back to her feet. Once upright for the first time that morning she pulled down her jogging pants followed closely by her lacy black knickers. Once removed she raised the knickers to my mouth with her index finger and pushed them past my lips. She had expertly aimed the underwear (without looking), gusset first into my mouth and fucking hell they were wet. I knew she loved sucking cock but I hadn’t realised before how wet it made her. Her pussy must literally have been dripping as she knelt before me taking my cum down her threat and all over her face. She flicked the knickers from my mouth with one finger again once she had made her point and led me upstairs.

She walked one step ahead; her arse and pussy directly in my eyeline.

We were barely halfway up the stairs when I decided I could wait no more. I plunged my face into her behind and began to lick her soaking wet pussy. She stopped dead as she first felt my tongue slip between her lips and knelt forwards against the stairs before her. She tasted fantastic and from the position she was in I was able to lick all over. My tongue licked sraight between her lips an onto her clit and she moaned and groaned with each stroke of my tongue over her pussy. The moaning was now full volume – surely the neighbours could hear everything. They’d probably heard it all before, maybe even made her moan themselves! I wouldn’t put anything past Christine. Whilst continuing to let the whole world know what was going on within her four walls, she subtly adjusted her position in front of me. Her arse was now directly before me and she clearly wanted to feel my tongue on her arsehole.

“Lick my arse” she begged. If the neighbours didn’t know previously they did now.

I directed my tongue towards her tight ring as Christine replaced my tongue against her pussy with her fingers. Index, middle and ring finger delved straight into her snatch as I licked her arsehole. The moaning was already at full volume as I had licked her pussy but now it became more frequent and interspersed with a commentary also at full volume.

“Uh yeah lick my arsehole while i finger my pussy. Spit on my arsehole and rub it all over with your tongue so you can get your big hard cock straight into my arse”

This continued for a couple more fantastic minutes and I too had joined in with the commentary.

“Your arsehole tastes so good. Get a finger in there while I lick your arse out”.

Without warning Christine turned to face me, legs spread on the step above me and remarked “just wanted to make sure you were hard”. I was rock hard and had been for some time now. She grasped my cock with the hand that had been deep in her pussy placed it into her mouth and gave sucked away again momentarily – her eyes lighting up as the cock past her lips. She got to her feet and turned away from me, once again displaying her arse and pussy right in my face.

“I need your cock in my arse” she said as she climbed the final stairs. “I need your cock deep in there and I need your cum in there with too” she concluded.

I couldn’t wait.

She entered her bedroom and knelt on all fours on the bed before me. I followed not far behind and almost without direction my cock slipped straight into her arsehole without any resistance at all. It felt amazing and clearly not just for me, within just a few thrusts I felt Christine quiver as the orgasm ran through her body and onto the fingers that had continued rubbing her pussy as I fucked her arse. That was all it took – the second load of the night shot deep into her arse. As my balls emptied inside her I contemplated what we do next.

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