Chrissy Male Teen e****t – Episode # 1

This is the first episode of a new series and a continuation of the ‘My Teen Hitchhiking Experience’ series:

It isn’t required, but it might help you better understand the series if you read the following:–

My First Super Chub

I had been out partying late Friday night and was not expecting what would happen when I arrived home. I had been coming and going out of my bedroom windows since I was in high school and I didn’t know my parents were aware of the rope ladder I kept hidden in the tree outside my bedroom.

This time to my dismay, all my clothes were in a white trash bag and the ladder had been cut and was lying next to a note with my name on it:

Chris, I have tried for five years to get you to be a normal part of this f****y. Today I found out you have not been attending classes this semester or last semester, and you spent all the money we gave you for college on d**gs. I love you, but I cannot tolerate your lifestyle in our house. Here is all your stuff and $20.

I pray you turn your life around, but you can’t stay here anymore.


This completely floored me. I have nowhere to go since all my friends were older and went off to college last year. I knew my best chance of finding a place to sl**p tonight is to head downtown to the gay bars before they close.
I tried to hitchhike, but I think because I am carrying a bag with all my stuff no one picked me up. I took a bus to where I was only a couple of miles away from a few bars I know. I usually can’t get in because I am not 21, but sometimes if I blow one of the bouncers they will let me in.

When I got to a place called ‘Docs’ I didn’t know anyone at the door so I found a place to hide all my stuff so I wasn’t lugging a heavy bag around. I tried to talk my way in and he carded me and there was a cop I hadn’t noticed earlier so I walk on to the next place. I was walking to the next bar where I think I have the best chance of getting in; a place called Mary’s. As I am walking a dark blue Camaro passed me kind of slow and then I noticed him again as he made the block and came back. He didn’t stop or say anything, but he passed me slower this time and just kept looking at me.

I guess I should describe myself at this point. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I have grown to 5’7 recently now that I turned 18 a couple of months back. I only weigh about 135, maybe 140 and the fact I am very petite has the opposite effect on older men compared to girls my own age that I like. I like women, but most girls think I am too short for them, but older men seem to like the fact I am small framed. I guess it makes them think I am closer to a girl or something so straight men can justify me giving them a blowjob.

The blue car came around again and I figure this guy is shy so I flagged him down and pretended I needed a ride.

After he stopped and rolled down the window I asked “can you give me a ride please?”

He waived me over to the passenger seat and I walked around and got in.

I hadn’t noticed at first, but when I got in and shut the door I realized just how fat this guy was. I had been with those two fat men the last time I hitchhiked, but this guy had to have a 100 pounds on the fattest one from that night.

“Where do you need to go?” he asked.

I was hoping to find a cute guy to be with, but sl**ping in this guy’s bed is probably better than a park bench. I figure I might as well be direct to save some time in case he won’t let me crash at his place I can find someone else before we get too far away.

“Anywhere you want to take me” I said hoping this would turn him on.

“I don’t have very much money” he said and instantly I could tell what he was thinking. I guess it was a normal assumption considering three copies of me could be on one side of a seesaw and I don’t think it would budge him off the ground.

“To be honest, I just got thrown out of my parent’s house. If I can crash at your place until I find a job I will do anything you want” I said nervously.

This really perked him up because he had been very shy up until this point.

“Are you serious about anything?” he asked me.

With this I let out a sigh and said “yes, sir” showing him how submissive I am.

“Do you get high?” he asked me.

“We are going to get along just fine” I said and I pulled out a plastic bag with a couple of little buds.

We drove for a long way as this guy lives about 30 minutes from downtown. It wasn’t exactly the country, but this area is not as populated as where I live. There are very few red lights, and now the houses are about a block apart. When we arrive at his house, he pushes the button to his garage and we walk through the side entrance into his kitchen. His house was not very nice, but he did keep it clean at least.

We smoked a joint and at first this wasn’t seeming sexual between us. We were kind of just hanging out, it felt like.

After we finished about half a joint, he set in the ash tray and he made his first move on me. I asked him his name and it was Bob. He said he was 42, but I would have thought he was 50 if I had guessed. We are sitting on his couch and he has wrestling on TV which doesn’t interest me at all.
Maybe the joint got his courage up, or maybe he had just needed to get back to his home nest to get his confidence up.

“Let’s talk about the anything part, are you serious?” he asked.

“Yes, sir” I obeyed without being commanded.

Just then he stuck his fat index finger out and said “suck it”.

This was the first time I had been hard since I left my parent’s house two hours ago. I did as I was told and I stuck my mouth all the way down his finger and then I started going up and down; slow, and then fast.

I could tell I had gotten him real horny, because he took his glasses off and set them on his coffee table and he leaned me to where I am lying on my back on the end of his couch and he starts kissing me and sticking his tongue all the way in my mouth. He told me I had to suck on his tongue when he stuck it in. I did this for about 5 minutes when he said “take your clothes off.”

I stood up and took off my shoes, shirt, socks and pants and then he signaled for me to keep going and take off my underwear. He had me stand there and turn around a few times, and he even made me bend over where I was facing his TV so he could get a good view of my ass. Next, he made me spread my butt cheeks like this was a prison interrogation. He then told me to stand up and stand right before him. I did as I was told and the next thing I know his huge fat face is swallowing my 4 ½ inch dick and he was even licking my balls while my dick was in his mouth.

I am oral submissive; this was something I wasn’t used to as so far, every guy that had picked me up had wanted me to do stuff for them. I guess it was the fact this guy had both his hands around my butt, and one of his fingers half way up my ass, but I was about to explode. I told him “I am about to cum” because I didn’t want to make my only place to crash tonight mad if he doesn’t like cum. This caused him to stick his finger further up my ass and he was squeezing my cheeks so hard I shot my load in his big fat mouth.

He swallowed every drop, and I was kind of thinking “do you really need any more calories”, but I didn’t say anything. He made me make out with him again and I tasted my own cum, but this wasn’t the first time. If it didn’t hurt my neck so bad, I could suck myself back then and had done so more than a few times. If I was just a little bigger I would probably never leave the house, if I had a house.

He then took me into his bedroom and I saw him get undressed for the first time. I can usually get into role playing or anything else I need to trick myself into doing something I really do not want to do. This was guy was so fat it was very unattractive. I was lying there nude and I still had a boner, but it was going down fast as I looked at rolls of fat layered upon rolls of fat.

When he sat on the bed it let out a series of squeaks and went down by three inches on his side. He made me get on my knees and put my arms around him and kiss him again. There wasn’t as much cum taste on his tongue now, but I could still taste some. His face was so much bigger than mine as we were kissing, I was afraid he would swallow me.

He then told me to start licking my way south down towards his dick. I looked down at his dick, and it was hard, but it wasn’t sticking out very much because of all the fat, and there was a little precum oozing out of the end. He directed my head to where I had to suck on both of his tits and the layers of surrounding fat. I don’t know why this turned me on, but I was getting hard again as I felt him playing with my ass while I am licking down to his belly button.

Next I had to stick my tongue in his belly button, although I couldn’t find it. I literally had to push a layer of fat aside and then use my arm to hold it back while I licked all over his sweaty stomach. He kept me licking his bellybutton for about 10 minutes and then he just gently pushed my head further down.

When the side of my face touched his deck, more precum landed on my face and he took his finger and pushed the drops of cum into my mouth.
This got him more erect, and his dick grew a little and now protruded from another fat roll. He commanded me to start sucking him and I did as I was told. He made me crawl over his stomach head first, so we are almost doing 69, except my legs are going diagonally to the left of his face.

He starts fucking my mouth, but he doesn’t thrust his dick at all with his hips. Instead he grabs me by the waist and starts lifting my whole body back and forth. We did this for quite some time, then we got up from the bed and he took me into his living room area again. He sat on the edge of his chair and he made me get on my knees and scoot up to him. I expected to have to suck him off, but he spread and lifted his legs and pushed my head down to his ass.

This is one of the drawbacks of saying “anything”. I guess I am naïve, but I think anything means I will suck you or lick balls, massage, etc. I am starting to think people get freakier as they get older. I desperately need a place to stay so I can’t even think of saying no. I start licking the alphabet with my tongue while I lick his ass as it distracts me from thinking about how humiliating this is. He held my head down there for a very long time. I can’t tell what show is on the TV in his living room, but I could hear three different sets of commercials so I guess about 20 minutes.

Next I had to service his balls. He didn’t keep me down on his ball as long as his ass, but it was still a good while. Next, he made me lick him all the way to his fat feet and start sucking his toes. I had never done this before and I didn’t really like it, but I soon forgot about the big toe in my mouth when I felt his finger deep up my ass. I kept licking his feet while he fingered me and he was going so fast I came.

I had cum on his leg, and he made me clean my own cum up with my tongue. This got him very horny as he pushed my head down on his dick. I sucked and licked his balls until he started jacking off. Finally, after five more minutes, he pulled my head off his balls and shot his load of cum in my mouth.

He made me cuddle with him as we went to sl**p. A few times during the night I had to move as he rolled over on top of me.

Once he goes to work on Monday, I am going to look for a new place to stay.

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