Carmen’s black day

After my daughter Carol and I had finished our little sexual encounter and I had said I was a whore for black cock, she got up, told me to dress in a sheer black top, black stockings and my ankle strap black stiletto heels. She then went off and after a while I heard the doorbell ring. The voices were male and I knew my daughter had a surprise for me. When she returned, “Mom” she started, “You will do exactly as you are told to do” then added, “No complaints, no refusing”. Then added, “Is that understood?. I hesitated for a second, “Yes, honey” I finally said. Three black males now came into the room and I knew my best desires were about to be reached. One came over to me, “Is this the whore you got for us?” he asked Carol as he reached over and began to caress my pussy, “Look at that slut pussy” he said. “She’s your whore to do whatever you want to” said Carol. I watched as she moved off leaving us alone. One man now had his cock out and taking me by my arm, “On your knees whore” he ordered and down I went. “Suck that cock” he then ordered and taking hold of his cock, I took it in my mouth and began to suck him off. “Choke on that cock” he said as he grabbed my hair and drove his cock in and out of my mouth harder and harder. “Fuck that white slut mouth” I heard another man say as he continued to pound my mouth with his hard cock. Now one other man moved next to me and “Now suck his cock whore” as the first man moved my head over to the next man. “Fuckin’ whore, suck that cock” he said and into my mouth I took his cock and sucked him as hard and fast as I could, firmly holding on his cock to make sure it stayed in my mouth. After a few minutes the man pulled me off his cock, “Get on the bed” he ordered and I climbed onto it. “On your knees” he demanded and so I did as he said and coming onto the bed behind me, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back as a second man came up in front of me. He reached over, took hold of my tits, “Nasty little tits” he said as he took hold of my nipples. Squeezing them hard and pulling them out, “Feel those nipples man” he said aloud as the pain now seared though my tits. “Suck my cock whore” as he pulled me towards him and into my mouth he drove his cock. Meanwhile the man behind me had been rubbing my pussy and sticking his fingers into my cunt, now took his cock and drove it deep into my cunt.

For what seemed a long time I had a black cock fucking my mouth and another fucking my cunt, both men fucking me as hard as they could, jarring my whole body. it was now I felt the third man grab hold of one of my tits and began to squeeze it hard. “Fuck that white little whore” he said to the others. “Let’s see you fuck that white bitches mouth” he said looking at the man fucking my mouth. As the man did, the man playing with my tit began to slap my face hard, “Suck that cock bitch” he said firmly as the pounding of my mouth got more intense and I began to gag a little. The one man grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock so that I could catch my breath, “You like that black cock fucking you whore?” he said looking at me. “Yes, yes” I started, “I like a black cock fucking me” I answered back. With that the man behind me pulled his cock out and I was ordered to lay down on my back. The man who played with my tit now climbed on the bed and taking hold of my legs, spread them apart, let go of one and taking his cock, rammed it into my already wet cunt and began to fuck me hard. The man who had fucked my cunt now moved next to my head, “Lick that cock whore” he ordered and I took hold of it and began to lick his cock. “Lick it up and down” he demanded and I did so. “Lick that fuckin’ cock whore” he said as I tasted the juices from my cunt on his cock. “Put that cock in your mouth whore” he then ordered and back into my mouth went another black cock. As I was fucked in my mouth and cunt my mind went totally into a pleasure mode as I relished in the glory of two black cocks in me. The pain subsided as it now turned to sheer pleasure. Reality came back fast as the man fucking my mouth said, “Mamma’s little whore” as he slapped hard at my face. “Did your mamma suck black cock whore?’ he asked. All I could do was mumble a no. “Did she know you’re a black cocksucker?” Again a mumbled no. “Liar, I bet she sucked black cock too” as he continued to pound my mouth.

The fucking went on for a while more before the man fucking my cunt now took his cock out and wetting his fingers, jammed them into my ass. A minute later his cock was now rammed into me and the immediate pain was soon to ease as he now fucked my ass as hard and fast as he could. Grabbing my hair, he pulled my head back and off the front man’s cock, “Your man ever fuck you like this whore?’ he asked. “No” I cried out, “I love it more than when he fucked me” I added, realizing that these blacks were fucking me better than my ex had ever done. “Should we tell him what a little fuckin’ black cock sucking whore you are?’ he asked. “Tell him what a naughty fuckin’ whore for black cock you are?’ I answered “Yes, yes”, “Tell him I’m a fuckin’ whore for black cock”, knowing that he already knew I loved black cock. By now the man in front had moved off the bed and was replaced by the third man. He looked at me, my head still pulled back as the man fucked my ass hard, “Who are you?’ he asked. “I’m a whore” I answered back. Several slaps came to my face hard and again he asked, “Who are you?’ “I’m your fuckin’ white whore” I said back. “You gonna suck a lot of black cock tonight?” he added. “Yes, yes” I started, “I wanna suck black cock”. “You fuckin’ dirty white little whore” he said. Fuck me in my mouth” he ordered me to say. “Fuck me in my mouth” I repeated his demand. “Louder” he said and I cried out, “Fuck me in my mouth”. “Suck on my black cock” and back into my mouth went his cock. By now I was getting not only sore but extremely worn out and the men had finally reached their limit as well. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, “What are you now?’ he asked. “I’m a black cock whore” I said back. “Louder” said the third man, “I’m a black cock whore” I yelled out and for the final time a black cock went back in my mouth. As if on cue, the man fucking my ass now pulled his cock out and I could feel his hot cum flying onto my back and before I could do anything, the man in front pulled his cock out and exploded a load of cum over my face. Grabbing my hair, the third man turned my head towards him and a second load of cum came splashing over my face and hair. The two men rubbed their cocks over my face, spreading their cum and then ordered me to lick their cocks clean. We all finally settled back, me laying down on the bed while all three men caressed my tits and cunt softly. “You’re a fuckin’ black cock whore baby” one finally said and I knew I was to be from then on.

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