Big Bob

Her tits were huge and old Bob loved sucking them. She was his live in sex toy. He was rich and loved huge tits. He had been sucking them for over an hour. He also had a nine inch cock and took pills to make him a great lover. She was twenty six and Bob was sixty eight. Her big tits had bought her many lovers and when she got the offer to live with bob so he could suck her tits and fuck her any time he wanted she was happy to oblige him. His rules were no underwear and he could suck and fuck any time his dick got hard. This morning he had sucked her a long time as he finger fucked her then he licked her cunt and fucked her hard and went back to her big globes.

He not only liked sucking her tits but he had a photographer come in and take nude pictures of her and he had them hung in his sex room. His favorite was her legs spread wide showing her cunt and her back arched with her tits thrust out. He also had one with his cum leaking out her fuck hole and her nipples hard where he had just sucked them.

Yesterday Bob doubled up on his cock pills and took her naked into his sex room and sucked and fucked her for over six hours. He filled her mouth, cunt and ass with his thick cream and he made her nipples sore sucking them so hard. She liked sucking his thick cock. His cum had a great flavor and he liked watching her swallow every drop.

Bob liked her dressing sexy. He bought her lots of low cut and tight tops showing off her huge tits. He liked taking her out to dinner in a very short dress barely covering her ass and cut so low in front you could see most of her tits. They would go in his limo and he would suck her tits almost all the way there. He had fucked her in the limo several times on the drives home. or she would suck his hard dick. Several times she was naked when they got home and he would walk her nude body into the house as the driver stared.

When he met her she was at a party they both attended and he could not take his eyes off her. She knew who he was because of his wealth and his love for tits. He came over and talked to her and ended up driving her home but he took her to his house instead and undressed her and ravaged her tits and fucked her and she never left. He was handsome with a nice firm body and a nice size dick. He was a great lover when he took the cock pills. She loved the hours of fucking with him. She loved sucking his cock as much as he loved sucking her tits. Lots of days he either wore just boxers or even went nude so she could grab his thick meat and suck him dry. The days he was nude she sucked him several times tasting his thick cream. She also liked to wrap her hand around his cock and jerk him till he would cum. Then he would spread her legs and eat her pussy for a long long time getting his face covered with her cum. It was all about the sex and they both loved it.

She had been fucking men since she was sixteen. Her tits made her very popular and she loved the sex. And she really loved the taste of cum. She spent a lot of dates naked in the back seat of a car and then she found men to take her to a hotel and they would fuck and suck and bathe together. She loved washing their cocks and asses. She went on a yacht with one man and spend six days naked and fucking every where on the yacht and sucking his cock constantly. She had a black lover for several months and he was hung like a horse. He loved to watch her suck his huge dick and then fill her full of so much cum she could barely swallow it fast enough. He liked fucking her ass and sucking his own cum out of her then kissing her and passing it to her to swallow.

The last party Bob took her too he bought her a special dress. It was cut low almost to her naval and showed her tits right to the nipples. It was short and had slits up the sides and no underwear and several times that night he reached up and finger fucked her then licked his fingers. Every man there had their eyes on her sexy body even if they were with wives or e****t whores. Most of Bob’s friends were rich and had wives and kept whores. They took the whores to sex parties and nude beaches and resorts where they fucked the whores as the friends watched. It too was all about the hot sex.

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