Barb and Armond

This story was written in response to a request.

I am a 5’11’ black man named Armond. I met Barb when she and her husband were out for dinner and fun. She wore an unbuttoned skirt that showed a lot of her long slender legs when she walked to the bar. Her tits jiggled and screamed “Look, NO BRA” under her partially unbuttoned blouse. I sort of picked her up and later took her and Gene to a hangout of mine, where Barb got gang fucked by 2 white men (hubby included) and 5 black men and me. She thought she might get pregnant as it was near her fertile time and all of us came inside her cunt, but she did not.
I had been to see Barb a few times at her house when hubby was working. I made sure that he was aware and he told me that Barb often did not tell him that I had been I had been to their house and fucked her. One day I called her and told her we were going out that night. Gene and I had planned this, but Barb was unaware of that but she had to tell him we were going on a date. When I dated Barb, I told her what I wanted her to wear. Although she could not be dominated as one might think, she rarely disappointed me. This night I wanted her to wear a front button dress, heels and a coat and nothing else which told her that I was at least going to display her, if not share her with some friends.
We stopped for a drink before we went to the only adult movie theater in Syracuse and Barb objected that she did not want to go in. I gave her the choice to walk in alone, buy her ticket and go to the left theater and I would follow in a few minutes or she could go in with me. Barb is a 5’6” slender, pretty, white housewife, auburn hair, and 36c. She agreed to go with me, saying she had never been in such a place, which I knew from my talks with her husband. I had also arranged for a couple of my black pals to be there. The theater was very dark so when we went in we were virtually blind. This required us to wait a few minutes to see anything other than the screen. As we waited, I undid Barb’s coat and unbuttoned her dress down to her waist. She could not see the 3 or 4 guys were standing there watching me until her eyes adjusted to the dark, so made no objections but when she saw them, she tried to pull her coat together, but I did not let her, so she watched the movie and ignored the lookers. The movie was about a girl being fucked by several men and the heroine was covered with cum.
Eventually we could see to sit and chose a row to ourselves, and I started to fondle her exposed breasts. Soon a guy sat in the same row and I whispered to Barb that she was going to be everyone’s plaything. She looked around and saw a couple black and 4 or 5 white guys. She did not see her husband but he was there to watch.
A guy moved to the seat next to Barb and tentatively reached out to touch her tits. When she made no objection, he became bolder and other men moved in.
I had Barb stand and remove her coat and but as she sat again, someone pulled her dress up to her waist exposing her furry pussy, hips and ass. She had men feeling her all over and was getting real turned on. The black in front of her unbuttoned the rest of her dress and Gene, who had moved to just behind her, pulled it off. Barb was totally naked in the theater now.
Her breast stood out proudly as more guys moved closer to look and touch. One of my black pals slid his hand over her pussy and between her legs. She rose up a little and allowed his finger to enter her cunt as her hand was guided to a rock hard cock of the man on her left side. A black guy was standing in the row behind and rubbing his rigid cock in her hair and on her cheek. Barb turned her head and took his cock in her mouth. Now there were 4 or 5 hands on her legs and cunt and a few more handling her tits.
One black guy got on his knees between her legs and pulled her forward toward his cock. Barb told him not to fuck her, as she was fertile. He ignored her and slid his bare cock into this pretty housewife as her husband watched him over her shoulder. When the black slid in, Barb opened her legs and raised them. The black began fucking her and she responded, but kept saying don’t cum in her unprotected cunt.
The guys around her started to urge him to cum in her and knock her up. He picked up his pace and suddenly buried his cock deep inside her and groaned that he was cumming. “I filling you sweet cunt with black baby juice, Honey”, he told her. Barb had an intense orgasm as he came inside her. When he pulled out a white guy took his place and fucked her hard. He also shot off deep inside her wide spread cunt. Three blacks in row then took their turn at cumming inside her, as she sucked off two more guys. One guy pulled her over on his lap and she settled on his cock and that is when she saw her husband watching her get knocked up.
As she rode this guy’s cock another woman who we had not noticed, came over to Barb and her current lover. She stooped down and was licking his sperm covered cock as it slid in and out of Barb. The guys immediately stripped her naked also and one guy fucked her doggie style as she licked Barb’s cunt. The man Barb was riding came in her and Barb rose up. The other woman clamped her mouth over Barbs drooling cunt and sucked a lot of sperm out of her. Her husband had fucked the other woman and he told Barb that he did not want to give any possibility that if she got pregnant, he would be the father. He told her this just as a black with a 9-inch cock was spurting inside his wife.
I decided that now I would take Barb to a peep show, so I had her go to the ladies room to clean up. I refused to give her any clothes, so she went and came back naked. She told me that she had been fucked once more on the way there.
Gene picked up her dress and gave her the coat to put on and we went to a peepshow a few blocks down the road. I sent Barb in first and followed several minutes later. She was looking at the vibrators with her coat unbuttoned from the waist down. When she moved, most of her long leg showed with an occasional flash of dark that I knew to be her pussy hair. I told her to unbutton her coat completely and then come to the back where the peep shows were.
While looking at the marquee Barb said to me, “Armond, Already more than a dozen strangers had cum inside my fertile cunt, and now I think you are setting me up for more sperm. If I am pregnant, how will I know the father?” I replied, “If it is black, one of my pals knocked you up, if white, someone else did.” The several men that were hanging around laughed at this comment.
I took Barb into a booth that I knew had a glory hole in and bent her over in front of it, with her ass and cunt against the hole. I heard someone go into the booth next door and looked between her legs to see who entered. Happily it was a black man also and he took a quick look at Barbs wet cunt and pulled out his cock. I told her to reach back and guide the strangers cock into her. She whimpered a bit, but did it. OHO, he is big, she told me as he entered her. I watched him trust into her and his big balls swinging back and forth. Suddenly he thrust deep into her and I knew that he was shooting his seed into Barb. It was terrific, as neither of us knew this man. While in the booth, Barb took 4 more cum loads in her cunt and two down her throat.
I took her home and cleaned her up before Gene and I fucked her one more time.
Later, Barb she told me that she was pregnant and was sure that she gotten knocked up at either the theater or peep show. As it turned out, she was wrong, her husband did it, but I am thinking about having Barb bred again. She says she does not want to have another man’s c***d and especially a black one but her husband and I are trying to change that opinion. She occasionally dates some of the guys that I have introduced her to and sometimes someone she met through them. Her marriage is still solid and Gene sometimes joins a gang bang on his pretty wife. More tales will follow as they occur.

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