Ann getting married soon but lets me fuck her in h

I “met” ann on Plenty OF Fish she lived about 20 miles from me. We chatted quite a lot and always when she was in work she spent her evenings with her soon to be husband or at home. Her mother was very controling and wouldn’t let her out unless with fiance.

Our physical relationship got started when I asked to see her tits. Ann was in work when I asked, so she went to the loo (restroom) and sent me a picture of them to my mobile. I told her they were lovely and I would love to suck them. I asked would you like that? “i’d love that” was her reply. “We will have to arrange it some time.”

We went on to discuss her pussy and if it was hairy or smooth. When she told me it was smooth, I said “prove it.” Again she went to the loom and sent me a picture and it did prove she was hairless. “Ann I would love to stick me cock into that lovey cunt.” “You keep telling me what you want to do but there is no action from you.” “You are engaged and I do not want to drive all that way and you change your mind.” “I promise you will not be disappointed if you visit me. Maybe not the first time but very soon after.”

We made a date for one Thursday because her fiance who worked in the same business was always out of town on work on Thursday. I meeting was to take place during Ann’s lunch break. We arranged to met in a supermarket car park. Ann was wearing a long black coat to keep out the cold of the early December day when first I saw her.

Ann was petite 5′ 3″, slim. 33 years old. Dark hair. I would guess 34C bra cup. She lived in a smallish country town where everyone knew everyone else and no one would know me.

I parked at the only parking space I could find on the ground floor. It was opposite the exit door of the supermarket, so lots of comings and going.

We had chatted for 1/2 hr when I asked “May I put my hand on your knee?” “yes” I put my hand on her knee. “May I put my hand up your skirt?” “yes” So I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. Ann was wearing hold up stockings. Soon I was at the giggle gap – the bare flesh between the top of her stocking and the leg of her knickers. “Would it be ok if I stroke your pussy through your knickers?” “Of course.”

Soon I knew her lunch hour would be up so I said “Another time I would like to stroke the skin of your pussy. Would you like that?” “If we go to the top floor you can do that now.” “Brill.” So I drove to the top floor and parked. Ann slipped her knickers off and I played with her pussy. I loved the feel of her smooth pussy lips.

I explored the slit between her pussy lips and found a long clit. It felt like a 1″ long piece of spagetti. He sex juices were flowing.

Anna asked “Can I see your cock?” “Ofcourse.” So I unzipped my fly, lowered the fromt of my underpants and got my flacid cock out.” I was surprised that my precum was evident on my cock. Like the prat I am I said not very appetising and put it away zipped up my pants and said “I guess i’d better drop you to your work now.

That was the first meeting. More to follow.

Hope you enjoy this unflattering (to me true account of our meeting). If you want more please let me know and I will writethe true account of our further meetings.

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