Jen and Si had been out and about in town; Si had the dizzy tart showing off her fat ass to loads of strangers and bending over with her ass and pussy in the air for all to see. Several guys remarked about her tits hanging out and how you could see her ass, one said “I don’t think that tarts got any knickers on” his friend replied “she’s looking for a good fucking”. A woman beside Si turned to her friend saying “look how short that skirt is she’s almost showing her fanny”. Her friend retorted “and the slut knows it”.
When they arrived home Si had a boner so ushered Jen to the bedroom, pushing her back on the bed he told her “you’ve been a naughty tart and I’m going to punish you”. Si tied her hands to the headboard before pulling her thong down over her heels; he pulled her ass to the bottom of the bed and tied each ankle to a bed leg. She was nicely spread; her shaved pussy lips slightly parted, Si pulled the little lace trimmed mini skirt up over her hips. He turned to leave the room, “where are you going “I have a few things to get from the kitchen. Jen waited nervously for his return, she knew he would return with some of their shopping from the grocers.
Si returned with a cucumber and banana, Jen’s eyes widened. I am going to blindfold you and fuck your pussy and ass with them before I dump a load in you. Jen replied, I don’t want to be blindfolded I don’t like it and that cucumber is too big, I will let you use the banana if you don’t blindfold me. That’s not how it works you’ve been naughty and I have decided to punish you, Si took the blindfold from their toy draw and slipped it over the top of her head and down over her eyes. Jen started to complain but stopped when Si said he would gag her with her thong.
Si looked at his handy work, what a slut she looked her black heels dangling in front of the bed legs below her tethers, her uncomfortably stretched legs rising up to her soft thighs framing her large shaved pussy her labia slightly parted by the stretch. Her soft belly now gaped between her risen top and skirt waist band, Si decided to pull her top and bra up to expose her melon tits. Perfect, he set his video camera up to catch the action, Si began the assault on her pussy by rubbing her clit then inserting two fingers, he frigged her rapidly for a couple of minutes. Jen’s breasts where heaving with her deep breaths, Jen moaned as Si pulled his wet fingers from her vagina, she was nearly ready. Si went back to pleasuring her clit rubbing her bean under his thumb, Jen was relaxed soaking up the pleasure, and Si picked up the fat banana with his other hand and aligned it to her wet hole. Jen let out a small moan of pleasure, Si took this as his cue and thrust it up inside her, and Jen gasped and let out a yelp “what the fuck”. Si ignored her cry, “What am I fucking you with” he called out as worked the fruit in long deep strokes in and out. Jen knew the feel, “a a agh a banana” she shouted out, Si started to thrust it in and out faster.
Ring ring ring, the door bell broke his focus, Jen asked “who’s that”, how should I know we’re not expecting anyone. He went back to shafting her pussy her juices coating it nicely, ring ring ring. Jen said “they’re not going away” bl**dy hell I’ll have to answer it”. Si got up leaving Jen impaled with the banana; he pulled the bedroom door too and crossed the hall to the door, ring ring. Si opened the door, “what do you want” he barked. An Asian guy stood there with double glazing leaflets, sorry mate didn’t mean to upset you, can I “no I’m not interested thanks”. Yeah don’t blame you better things to do and winked at Si, craning his neck looking over Sir’s shoulder. The bedroom door had opened from the draught as Si had pulled the front door open.
Si glanced back “shit” he scooted quietly to the door closing it, returning to the door he realised that was the horniest exposure of Jen ever and all by accident. The salesman had a massive grin and Si’s boner ached. He couldn’t believe what he was doing but found himself asking the guy if he wanted a closer look. Hell yeah, “take off your shoes and don’t make a sound”. Si led him into the bedroom, Jen asked, “who was it “oh just a double glazing guy he was a bit hard to get rid of
Now where was I, Si noticed the banana at the foot of the bed ah yes, mar banana has fell out. Si picked it up and soon had Jen’s pussy wet once more, the salesman stood rooted to the spot but SI noticed him rubbing the bulge in his pants. Si swapped the banana for the cucumber, it was about 12” long with a six” circumference at one end fattening out to a nice 8.5” at the other. Si worked the thin end in gently twisting and pulling and probing. Si wanted access to Jen’s bum hole put he would have to move her, slipping the cucumber out Si said there your done on that side let’s turn you over.
Si untied Jen’s legs which was a relief as they were beginning to ache. He had a dilemma as he had to untie her hands but couldn’t risk her trying to take the mask off. He went to the head of the bed untied her tethers, he instructed Jen to turn over onto her knees. He need not have worried as Jen was compliant and took up the familiar position, kneeling head down ass up. Si began retying the tethers making sure there wasn’t enough slack to allow Jen to touch her mask, “do you have to do that” Jen complained at the bindings. Si went to the foot of the bed and decided to alter her normal position, by spreading her thighs further and pulling her knees back more. Perfect he thought much better access; he tied the foot bindings around her thighs making sure she held the position. That’s not comfortable complained Jen, “shut up you naughty whore” Si rained a couple of slaps down on her ass stinging her flesh.
Si took some lube from the draw squirting it on her bum hole, “YOUR NOT USING THAT CUCMBER ON MY ASS”. Relax don’t worry, Si looked at the sales man and gestured for him to remove his trousers. As he stripped Si began to work the banana into Jen’s bum hole, Jen knew the feeling of the fruit it wasn’t her first time and she relaxed. The salesman stood there sporting a six inch boner, smaller than Si’s, he gestured for him to take over which he gladly did.Si encouraged him to give her it harder and deeper. Jen laid her forehead on the bed and was soon rocking slightly to meet the probes. Si picked up the cucumber lubed it and slid the small ends tip up and down her clit, “who said guys can’t multi task he said”. Si started to probe her pussy in time with the banana, Jen was moaning with pleasure as six inches of cucumber spread her pussy walls against the banana. Jen had customised herself to it so SI slipped it out and lubed the other end, he probed her entrance but there was too much resistance. The sales man realising that she couldn’t stretch pulled the banana out and Si pressed it to Jens entrance once more. Maintaining the pressure her pussy walls began to envelope the green monster, Si squirted more lube twisted and probed and slowly it made its way inside her. Jen was gasping, oh oh oh no no that’s enough but it wasn’t, Si had the thick end wedged in 3” and now it was tapering down. He pushed and pulled in small movements and soon Jens pussy walls where stretched and doing their job of lubricating the monster. Si went deeper 5”,6” 7” he worked it back and forth quicker Jen was groaning calling out, Si applied more pressure 8”. Jen yelled out “oh my god oouui “her body tensed and she screamed in orgasm like never before.
Si pulled it out causing another mini episode, he whispered to the salesman take her up the bum, he looked at Si questioningly, you can’t have her pusy she’s not protected. He was desperate for relief and pushed his cock against her star it opened easily and he pushed in a few inches. Si nudged him forward, he got the message and plunged to his balls .Her as was gripping his cock and he could still feel her body quivers as she came down from her orgasm. He just went for it desperate for relief he pummelled her hole, it felt so good, Jen came back to reality the sensation of a warm cock filling her passage had her on the verge again and as her body spasmed the sales man flooded her back passage with a massive load Jen feeling each of his six spurts before he let out a grunt of his own. Jen turned her head to the side it was a noise she was not accustomed to but she put it down to her high state of arousal and flopped her head down.
The salesman had frozen embedded with Jens passage, Si nudged him and he slowly pulled his dick out. He looked at the slut’s big round ass as his seed leaked out of her hole and ran down over her pussy. As Jen lay panting Si ushered the guy to leave, dressing in the hall he slipped out quietly. Si relieved himself catching it in the palm of his hand; he placed it between Jens legs and rubbed up over her pussy spreading both loads over his whore ass

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