After Dinner Delight

After Dinner Delight

It was the Saturday before my birthday. Tree said she’d try and get the c***dren to bed early and cook a nice meal for us. Whilst cooking she needed to pop out to get more wine, the recipe had used more than was first anticipated.
“Can you wash up and get the bath ready while I’m gone?” she asked.
As I was just playing on the computer I said “No problem”.
For saying she was just nipping to Tesco she looked rather tasty. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I’d never known her go shopping without wearing one before. It made her boobs look bigger and sexier.
I got all the pots washed and half filled the bath in time for when she got back.
“All sorted” she exclaimed with a sigh.
The c***dren tidied up and slowwwwly made their way to the bathroom in the usual round about way for their bath.
Tree meanwhile made the bed with fresh clean linen while I had my shave and kept an eye on them.
I had their water and got clean myself. I took extra time to shave the tops of my legs and shoulders and anywhere else I could reach. It makes me feel better anyway.
After I had done I went to kiss the c***dren goodnight and got dressed.
I didn’t want Tree to see what I was wearing too soon, after all I had no idea what she’d decided to wear.
I’d decided to wear my leather tie thong, imitation leather chaps and leatherette T-shirt.
When she came down she had chosen to wear her new PVC Cat Suit that clung to her slim figure. The zip was positioned well above her boobies which looked very, very sexy in a sadistic teasing sort of way especially as her nipples were protruding beneath the shiny black material.

Tree told me to go into the conservatory and await my Birthday dinner which she would bring into me when it was ready.

First course was a lovely homemade tomato soup, which she knew I loved. I could have eaten a bucketful of the stuff, it was very tasty and I’d have been happy to eat just that all night.

Main course was served after we’d both finished and had a sip of wine and let the soup go down. It wasn’t the only thing to go down; I noticed the zip on her Cat Suit had lowered to nestle nicely between her tits. Peppered steak served on the hot sizzling platters with cream potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and mange-to, excellent with a full bodied red wine and sexy babe opposite me at the table.

Tree’s meal was half the size of mine and I was tackling it at a steady, but progressive pace when the conversation changed towards sexy fantasies. Tree’s wildest fantasy; that she’d admit to was to be watched while I made love to her. Though this had changed on-and-off depending on how sexy she felt. It was very unusual for Tree to instigate a conversation on such a subject. But she did admit to a thrill of being watched whilst being fucked. I liked her fantasy and said how surprised I was for her to be so open; it was brill that she could talk so frankly about her fantasies. She expanded on how sexy she felt wearing the Cat Suit but at the same time safe in that it showed as much flesh as she decided.

“Leaving something to the imagination is a big turn on” I added “It’s like a tease and a challenge at the same time. It can be very erotic”.

Before long Tree had turned the conversation on me.
“So what are your fantasies, still want to see me with another guy?” she probed.
“I think about it all the time” I replied.
“I get a real hard on thinking about you getting turned on by some other guy, how you become the subject of his undivided attention, him pursuing you with all the tactics he’s learnt whilst growing up, the effort he puts in and how nervous he must feel trying to chat up and kiss my wife. He desiring something I have. It all adds to the excitement for all involved.
There’s how it makes you feel and your emotions as well, wanted, needed, confident and sexy. The fact that you will always have me for as long as you want yet can still get turned on by others when there’s no desperation or pressure, you can turn and walk away from them at any time without the need to explain yourself.
But then there’s the thought of your heart racing as his hands start to explore the contours of your body. Slowly, not wanting to seem egger or too desperate he caresses your hips and slides one hand around to the small of your back; he’d lower it slightly after lingering there for a while and then feel the parting of your arse cheeks. This WOULD begin to make him semi-hard. You don’t stop him. His other hand creeps up your side, just bordering on he contours of your right breast. Your heart is starting to race like it’s never raced before. The bulge in his trousers so prominent now that you can feel it against your thigh..
“Phew!!!!!!” I said “I’m getting turned-on just talking about it”
“I like it when I get you get excited” Tree replied. “So what do you see me doing while this guy’s hands are all over me then?”

“Come on….every heterosexual female would love the feeling; being desired a strangers hands wondering all over their body……..admit it. And you’d reciprocate, the adrenaline would flow, and your curiosity would get the better of you, you’d need to know if he is getting hard. Your hand inconspicuously would have to delve between his legs. He’d let you have full rights. He’d be getting stiffer and want you to know; the nearer your hands crept towards his cock, he’d be willing you to go there….believe me, it is one of the most erotic feelings a man can experience. It’s all down to anticipation.” I enthused..
“Well…..powerful stuff”. She said leaning forward and playing with her zip. “And you wouldn’t mind if another guy touched me???”
“If he was touching you it would be because you wanted him to and that you were enjoying it…….I wish you’d admit it sometimes Tree.” I cagily replied
“So lets say there was a knock at the door in 5 minutes and I say “Hey you’re present has arrived at last, I can’t wait,” and I let this hunk-of-a-guy in, who I find dead SEXY”.
“He’s taller than you (who isn’t) he dominates me as he pushes me f***efully against the wall in the conservatory, I feel the cold hard brick against my back through my skin tight suit. He starts to kiss me passionately on the lips and my neck, his hands caress my arse: you sit routed to the spot and watch us both.” Is that OK with you?
“You can see that I am obviously enjoying his passionate advances, so long as you tell me about them I’m Ok with it all darling”.
“How do you feel?”
“It does excite me the thought of YOU getting turned on by another guy. I think about it more than you think???? Believe me every time I w…….!!!!”
I can appreciate that you WILL and SHOULD find other guys stimulating. There’d be something wrong with you if you didn’t, you’re only human, there’s more to a relationship than finding someone sexy. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with our marriage it means we’ve got more if WE can admit to it and still love each other, do you not agree???”
“Are you sure?” Tree inquires
“Yes I am, I think about it a lot….I can handle it” I replied.
“I’ll get the desert” she replied. “And I’ll give my mum a ring, you stay here”.
Tree went into the kitchen to prepare the afters and call her mum.

She returned a few minutes later with the raspberry baskets.
“I thought you’d like these” she said with a giggle.

There was a silence for a while as we ate our deserts.

“How’s your mum?” I asked.

“OK I suppose” came the reply.
“But I thought you’d just……..”


There was a hush.

“Steve” she said, “I can open the door, but before I do let me tell you something”. Tree explained.
“Go on” I replied enthusiastically.
“I’d love to give you something special for your birthday. But it’s going to be very difficult for me. There’s a guy at our door, he’s not English, he’s Polish, I used to know him a long time ago, we used to go to school together, I bumped into him in town a couple of weeks ago and we went for a coffee and chatted about old times. I fancied him like crazy THEN, now; he’s tall very muscular and rather handsome. I mentioned that I was married and that you’d like to see me dance with another guy. Shall I open the door?” She asked.

“If you feel comfortable about telling someone you’ve not seen in years that I’d like to see you with another guy you should answer the door”, I told her.

“Before I do, I don’t know what will happen????” Tree stated.

I nodded and Tree went to answer the door.

She led her friend by his hand into the lounge and they stood in front of the settee. “Steve this is Nelek……Nelek this is my husband Steve”

He was very smart dressed in a dark suit with an open neck shirt, and just how Tree had described him. I could see why she found him attractive.

“Może całuję was teraz?” He said
“Tak” Tree replied.

As if I was invisible they both started kissing passionately. It got more intense the longer it went on. Trees tongue was flicking randomly over his lips his tongue was chasing hers trying to catch it and swap each others taste.
Tree couldn’t keep her hands off him any longer, having once fancied him she seized her moment….his kissing was driving her insane, she needed more of him. As her hands roamed around his body and slid his jacket from over his shoulders. Tree was far more experienced now than she was at school and knew exactly what to do. I’d taught her well.
He took hold of Tree and gently laid her down the length of the settee. She stretched her arms above her head, she’d was surrendered herself to him
His hands traced her perfectly slim sensually body, slowly teasingly pulling the zip of her Cat Suit down below her tummy button. Her tits were easy to get at now and he knew it, as he fondled the flesh of her boobs and toyed with Teresa’s hard erect nipple.
“Wy macie wielkie piersie” he whispered.
I had no idea what he said but Tree let out a sigh and arced her back.
He began to kiss her beautifully exposed boobs, his wet lips softly pulled at her hard nipples.
His right hand roamed around Trees flat tummy before delving beneath the shiny black material towards her pussy. His forearm forcing the zip further down I could see his fingers tussle the first pubic hairs they came into contact with.

“Który czuje dobry” Tree said softly “Utrzymują robić to”.
“Wy czujecie fantastyczny You feel fantastic” I heard him reply
“Wy wyrabiacie ja zwilżają” she said.
They were in their own world now
His hand dug deeper and found her warm wet virgina, her legs parted slightly inviting him to explore her more. He did.
Tree was quivering; I knew Tree would enjoy herself if she ever let herself go.

He slipped the PVC material of Tree’s Cat Suit over her shoulder and exposed her chest, her nipples were dark, and she was obviously very turned on by this her beautiful tits were all his: for the moment.
I watched, fascinated as my wife got more and more turned on by another guy……once or twice she’d catch my glimpse and look me straight in the eye…..that was a fantastic turn on…you just can’t begin to imagine.
My cock was bursting.
He continued to lightly kiss and lick her body, her back arched donating more of her flesh to him; he took it. She was feeling his warm breath get closer to her navel. He loitered there for a while before Tree, giving him the Ok firmly pushed his head down towards her soaking treasure. As he lapped at her juices Tree couldn’t keep still. Her body shook as his tongue flicked her clitoris around between his lips. She pulled at his hair in an effort to control her spasms, but it was a hopeless attempt to prevent wave after wave of orgasm.
After about 20 minute an exhausted Tree pulled him up.
“Teraz to jest moim obrotem” she ordered.
She slid between his legs and unzipped him. Though his boxers Tree released his manhood.
“Pogłoski przy szkole były prawdziwa????” The rumours at school were true??” She said
He was massive, about 2 inches bigger than me and thicker so I could understand Tree spending a lot of time examining his cock after all it was her that had made it this huge she softly licked it, his pelvis thrust towards her face offering her more.
Teresa said “Wy macie fantastyczna błyskawica”(you have a fantastic shaft)
They both laughed.
“Wciągają to” he ordered
His shaft was hard and a lovely straight shape.
Tree once again looked across at me as her hand stroked his cock; she rolled her palm over the prominent head. It looked dry, she licked it leaving a trail of saliva that made it shine, her hand began to wank him off. She lingeringly kissed it at regular intervals. She rubbed her boobs with his long shaft, his massive end stabbing at her nipples.suck it

Tree gradually stood up and he peeled her suit from her thighs down to her ankles. She stood out of it. She was naked as the day she was born except for her engagement, wedding and eternity rings.
Nelek sat up; her trimmed pussy was just inches from his mouth. She must be feeling his warm breath across her taught tummy.
She looked across at me. I was massaging my hard cock slowly; I could have cum on demand.
Slowly while still holding my eye contact she place her hand behind his head and pulled it towards her, I saw her grip tighten as his tongue began to lick her clitoris, his tongue darted between her pussy.
I knew how she was feeling she loves receiving oral…but this time it wasn’t me.
She moaned with pleasure
She took it for what seemed ages,
“You OK? She stuttered looking me in the eye.
“Sure” I replied
Tree again spoke in Polish and he nodded.
His Rock hard cock jerked every time he hit her button.
I saw Tree smile u*********sly. She was pleased.
“Wyrabiają miłość z mną” He begged.make love with me
Tree looked across at me.
I nodded and smiled.
I had no idea what he’d said to her.
Tree straddled him and took hold of his monster cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. Tantalisingly she hovered over him.
“Go on I dare you” I said
Tree began to lower herself onto his shaft. It went deeper and deeper into her: she shuddered with pleasure as he stretched her. I watched her as she gradually began to ride up and down him, her juices left him shiny, he buried himself into her again and again his hands searched around her front and grabbed her tits. Her slim body began to glisten as the sweat of raw sex oozed out of every pore of her sexy body. Her pace quickened as she orgasmed then calmed, then it would quicken again minutes later as the next orgasm shook through her she was loving it.
I watched her make love with the guy she fancied at school.
I walked towards her and kissed her while she was still impaled on Neleks rock hard cock. I could hear his balls slap against her arse. Then his legs went rigid and his pelvis thrust towards her. This time it was his body that shook uncontrollably. He held still for about fifteen seconds then slumped back into the settee.
As I pulled away she hung onto the kiss, our lips never parted and I lifted her off him with the kiss. She broke free when her body shook uncontrollable as he flopped out of her.
Tree and I went upstairs to the bathroom we got into the shower together and I lathered her down. Her body is beautiful and I love the feel of it. When Tree was done we dried ourselves and she threw a towel around her waste and we went downstairs.

Nelek had let himself out and left for the night.

We looked at each other. Had it really happened we giggled and fell into each others arms and kissed.
“So did you enjoy your Birthday present then?” she asked
“What do you think?” I replied……………..
I rushed her to bed, cuddled up to her so tightly and thought about my given present.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked her.
“I had a great time I’ve been in the arms of two men tonight and it felt fantastic. I could not have imagined how erotic it could have felt. It’s my birthday next month guess what I’d like………….check my recent calls on my mobile?????”

But that’s another story…………………… We might have to wait a while………………………

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