A true story about being used as a crossdressing c

This is a true story about my first time being used as a crossdressing cumdumpster.

For weeks I had been fantasizing about being gangbanged in my schoolgirl outfit. My black daddy would make me watch videos of twinks and traps being pounded by huge blacks cocks while I got on all fours and raised my sissy ass in the air for my own pounding.

While he was stretching out my ass and fucking me hard he would ask me would I like to be used by his friends and treated like a cumdump. I’d beg him to pimp me out to his friends which made him so excited he’d blast a thick load of cum deep inside my ass every time. Afterwards I’d thank him for his load and suck and clean his thick cock.

Last weekend however he made my fantasy a reality. I was told to go to a hotel room, dress up in my schoolgurl outfit and then wait for him to arrive.

Like a good little cumslut I happily obeyed

My black daddy arrived and I greeted him as usual on my knees begging for his cock.

“You’re a good little slut so you deserve a treat” – he said, pulling his big hard black cock from his pants.

Opening my mouth wide, I took him in my mouth and started sucking him off.

As per usual he ordered me to the bed and told me to assume the position. On all fours, my little schoolgurl skirt riding up to reveal my white cotton panties and suspenders.

This time however he did something different. First off he blindfolded me, then he put a ballgag in my mouth. Next, I was handcuffed, then my panties were pulled down around my knees, my ass completely exposed and vulnerable.

Then he started to lube my tight asscunt before stretching my hole with a bigger than usual dildo.

My heart was pounding now and I knew the precum was starting to leak from my little clitty.

“Your dreamed of being a cumdumpster you filthy cunt and now you are going to get what you deserve!”

I then heard the hotel door open and footsteps as a few people entered the room. I couldn’t see a thing and all I could feel was my ass sucking in the big dildo.

Then a popper was put under my nose and someone suddenly yanked the dildo out of my tight hole, causing me to gape wide

I was so horny I wanted to beg to be fucked hard but all I could do was moan loadly. Nobody said a word.

Then a felt more lube being squirted inside my gaping hole. Then someone got on the bed behind me.

I was shaking with excitement. My hole was winking open and shut. Then I felt it, the warm thick bulbous head of a cock rubbing against my wet hole. I pushed back and then moaned loudly as he thrust into my pink fuckhole. I gasped at the sheer width of his cock, bucking my hips as my hole stretched to take his girth.

Then he grabbed my waist and plunged 8 inches of thick cock into my tight ass.

“Yeah you fucking dirty little cunt, how you like that bitch”

I had no idea who he was, but I didn’t care. Not even my black daddy had stretched out my cunt with his cock, this one was huge and I loved every inch.

The more I moaned the harder he pounded me, his balls slapping against me with every thrust. I just knew that only a black man could fuck like that and have such an enormous cock.

Just when I thought he was cumming he pulled out and I heard him say, “It’s your turn man.”

What followed was a procession of huge cocks fucking me relentlessly, raw and hard.

My ass was destroyed. Gaping wider than ever before.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I heard my black daddy announce that it was time to fill me up.

I was still on the bed with my ass in the air. One by one they mounted me, plunging their cocks in balls deep before grunting loudly and pumping thick warm loads of cum deep inside my hungry sissy cunthole.

I counted 5 loads in total and my ass was full almost to the brim with their cum. It felt incredible.

Then my black daddy plugged my cum filled ass, pulled up my panties, untied my blindfold and nutted all over my face.

I still had the ballgag in and could only moan as the thick load blasted all over my face. I could see the other guys now all standing around, all black, their flaccid but still huge cocks hanging heavy.

This became my new weekly treat. I was now the filthy cumdumpster I had always dreamed of being.

Every Saturday night was the same, the only difference was my slutty outfit. But the position was always the same.

On all fours, ass in the air, gaping cunt ready for cock and cum


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