It started off the same as any other evening that we plan when we go out together.
Teresa went for her shower while I stayed downstairs with the c***dren. She finished and slipped into some clean casual clothes while she went to pick her Mum up who would be babysitting for us this particular evening.
I took this opportunity to take my shower and shave.
It’s not that often we get to go out together, but when we do I really enjoy it; little did I know how different tonight.
By the time Teresa got back with her Mum I was out the bathroom and half dressed. I put on some of the Antaeus aftershave she’d bought me for Valentines Day, my favourite, and finished off getting dressed.
Teresa went straight upstairs to change into the clothes she’d be wearing tonight. After about fifteen minutes she duly came downstairs looking lovely, she was wearing a loose fitting white blouse that was quite low cut for her, and a pale green knee length skirt that was split halfway up the front. Sometimes I wish she would wear more daring clothes, they suit her slim tall figure.

The plan was to go to a surprise 50th Birthday party for an old work mate.
We knew roughly where we needed to be heading so we said goodbye to the c***dren and her Mum and set off.
The first eight miles were easy but as we got closer to where we thought we should be going we found that we were going around in circles, driving up and down the same roads more than once, on more than one occasion.
We both decided that we were going nowhere fast and decided to stop and ask someone. The first person we saw was an oldish type of gentleman who looked local to the area, he was as good-a-bet as anyone we thought. He pointed us in the right direction and we set off again wondering if we’d ever get there tonight, let alone on time, as we recognised places we’d driven past only minutes earlier.
We thought we were close but not close enough and agreed to ask someone else. As we drove through the streets I was looking for people I could identify from work whom I thought might be going to the same party, but recognised no one.
In the distance I saw a bus stop on our side of the road and stopped, Teresa wound down her window and asked the guy at the head of the queue if he knew where the bar we were looking for was, “Sure” he said “They’ve just re-furbished it, it only reopened last night”, Teresa and I looked at each other wondering if this could be the same bar we were looking for.
“Give us a lift and I’ll show you where it is, it’s not far”, he looked ok about twenty nine, clean and smart in a fashionable way for his age so, looking at each other again we nodded and said alright.
“It’s best if I sit in the front” he said, “So I can give directions”.
As Teresa got out the car to let him in, one of his mates got in the back before she had chance, and another held the car door open for her, she slid into the back seat, nestled nervously between two guys she’d never seen before.
“My names Carl” said the guy sitting next to me, “What’s yours?”
“I’m Steve and my wife’s name is Teresa,” I said
“This is Pete and Jim” Carl said, gesturing to his friends in the back.
And we were soon on our way again.
Jim asked Teresa why we were going to the bar, and she explained that it was my friends Birthday Party.
“So you’re not from around here then?” Pete said
“No: Derby way” Teresa replied.
I was quite surprised she’d spoken freely.
“Turn next right at the pub and follow the signs for Beeston” directed Carl
“You look very sexy in that top Teresa,” said Pete
“Yeh” added Jim “The skirts nice too”
Teresa checked her skirt to make sure it was covering her legs.
“Don’t be shy” Jim said as he noticed her nervousness.
“I’m not” Said Teresa, trying not to be intimidated.
“Keep going down this road until you come to a ‘T’ junction and turn right” said Carl pointing with his arm.
“Your quite tall aren’t you Teresa” Jim said
“Must be these long legs,” Pete added as he placed his left hand on her knee. “They’d look great around my neck”
I saw Teresa twitch in my driving mirror. I smiled, trying to comfort her. It seemed to work……….
“Thanks that’s really nice of you to notice” she replied as she turned towards him politely smiling.
I adjusted my driving position and my mirror so that I could see his hands, one was just above her knee and she didn’t seem to mind too much at this stage.
I opened my window slightly; it sent a breeze into the back of the car. Things were getting warm. I checked my mirror and Teresa seemed comfortable.
“What material is this?” Jim asked as he rubbed the fabric of Teresa’s blouse between his thumb and forefinger
“It’s like Chiffon,” Teresa answered
“I love the way it blows in the wind and clings to the contours of your body”
“Me too” added Pete in agreement.
Jim rubbed the chiffon between his thumb and all of his fingers this time until he was rubbing his palm across MY Teresa’s stomach.
“You’ve got a great body Teresa, do you go to the gym?” asked Pete
“Not anymore; I don’t have the time, what with work and two c***dren to look after”
I saw in my mirror Jim’s hand gently brush across Teresa’s left breast, she raised her arms to her chest in defence at the same time I noticed Pete reposition his hand a little further up Teresa’s leg; her skirt flap had now fallen to one side. Teresa sat up a little straighter not sure what to make of the situation.
Things were happening all at once for her.
“Don’t worry” said Jim as he stretched his right arm across the back of the seat;
Teresa’s head seemed to fall backwards to rest on it automatically.
“You alright in the back?” chirped Carl
“Yes,” said Teresa, Pete and Jim in unison.
“ ‘Much further?” Teresa inquired in and attempt to find out long we’d got before we reached the Wine Bar.
“Yes” Carl offered, “Keep going”
Pete edged his hand a little further up the inside of her right thigh.
Her legs clamped shut! In an effort to cross them and defend her womeness and then opened again as if to offer more, accompanied by the slightest moan of pleasure, causing her skirt to ride up even higher exposing more of her thighs to her assailants. Her legs were placed either side of the hump that runs the length of the cabin and houses the cars axle.
By now Jim was slowly unbuttoning Teresa’s blouse and moving the soft fabric to each side exposing the lacy cups of her bra.
“WOW” he whispered “What lovely skin”
At this Teresa’s arms fell to the side, surrendering to the mystery and passion, each hand coming to rest in the laps of the two guys. They readjusted their positions.
Teresa’s hands now rested on two unfamiliar semi-hard cocks, getting harder by the second.
By now Pete’s hand was gently stroking the front her panties, he slid his other hand up her back and undid Teresa’s bra.
Very neat I thought, as I watched her boobs slowly escape the confinement of the lace cups.
Teresa shuddered again, this time more so… I caught her gaze in the mirror and gave her a smile. Her eyes barely opened before closing again.
Pete and Jim knew how to handle a woman; they were concentrating on different parts of her body with one hand while they both rubbed her back with their other hand. They could see she was enjoying the attention and intensified their hand movements all over her body as she squirmed and moaned with delight. She hadn’t a clue what was going to happen next.
It was only the fact that I was wearing briefs, as opposed to boxer’s that hid my excitement as my knob grew harder and harder as I watched Teresa drowning in anticipation…but of what?
She wriggled oozing sexuality out of every pore.
Jim leaned forward and stared at Teresa’s tits “These were made to be kissed” he said and proceeded to lick, and fondle and kiss, and gently bite the now erect nipples of her exposed breasts.
Teresa kicked of her shoes and sank into the back, her legs driven wider apart by the lack of room; I could feel her knees digging into the back my seat harder and harder.
No one could see them all from the road, not that she cared, she was on another planet.
I carried on driving constantly adjusting and checking my rear view mirror. Teresa was having a good time it seemed.
Every now and then Carl said make a left here and a right there, he knew that I knew he was leading us round the houses giving his mates more time to feel and caress every inch of my wife’s quivering body.
Teresa started to rub the crotch of Pete while she unzipped Jim’s Chinos, once his hard cock had flirted free from its confines and was in her grasp she turned her attention on Pete sensually unbuttoning the fly on his jeans and easing his stiff rod from behind the denim. Both guys were well excited and were already rock hard and probably had been for quite a while now. Teresa wasn’t phased at all and was showing great confidence, she had the situation well in hand, or should that be hands.
She cupped their sacks and juggled their balls over her fingers before slowly running her hands up and down their long shafts, they both arched their backs in appreciation making their manhood’ look even bigger than ever. It was their turn to moan with pleasure; Teresa knew she was doing something right.
Pete slid his fingers under Teresa’s moist knickers, she moaned again, louder this time and her Knees dug deeper into the rear of my seat, she didn’t care who heard her, she couldn’t control it.
“Nearly there?” Joked Carl
Suddenly the guys swapped positions. It was if they knew Teresa was about to erupt.
Now Jim was working her inner thighs like never before with one hand whilst tugging her hair with the other forcing her head back and exposing her heaving chest to Pete who was kissing her neck as he massaged her boobs….
She had no defences now, nor did she want any.
Their cocks: stiff, red, hard as ever and throbbing as she grasped them firmer continuing to pump them as wave after wave of orgasm shot threw her semi-naked body.
Pete was slowly licking her chest gradually moving lower to concentrate on Teresa’s boobs, caressing and squeezing both boobs together and sucking on both nipples at the same time.
Teresa’s back was arched, sacrificially offering her boobs to Pete, while her legs opened and shut with a vigorous rhythm in ecstasy trapping Jim’s hand for a split second only to release it allowing it to continue on it’s journey towards her soaking pussy.
Just then I saw the Wine Bar we were looking for
“We’re there,” I said
“Keep going, Keep going” Teresa panted
I didn’t know whom she was talking to; either way the result was going to be the same.
But the guys smiled and sat up.
Teresa gave a last sigh of relief, pleasure, satisfaction and disappointment that it was over
“That was fantastic,” said one of them
“Best ever” said the other
They put their now limp willies away.
“Thanks for the lift” said Carl as they got out “Yeh thanks”
Teresa shyly gave the guys a little wave bye-bye and stayed in the back, did up her bra and blouse and straightened her skirt as we found somewhere to park.
As she ran her fingers though her hair in an attempt to smarten it up she said how horny she’d felt during the trip around town and that she would never had imagined how exciting it could have been.
She was positively glowing and looked as lovely as ever.

We proceeded to the Bar and made our way upstairs to the party. There were quite a few people there already and they were still arriving.
We made our way towards my friend and whished him a Happy Birthday as we chattered he suddenly notice a guy he now worked with. Gabbing him by the shoulder he introduced him to us, “You’ve never met Steve and Teresa have you?” he said “Steve, Teresa I’d like you to meet Pete. We all smiled, said nothing and shook hands giving nothing away. Teresa excused herself and said she’d get us both a drink.
I checked her at the Bar. Carl was being served next to her, I saw her smile and nod at him, he returned the compliment dropped his hand to his side and gave her bum a quick friendly squeeze. Teresa’s foot rose off the floor ever so slightly, as the memories of the drive here must have raced through her mind.
We never bumped into the guys again at the party, choosing to stay with the Sturmey crowd and not mix with the other guests.

Time flew by and before long it was 10:20pm and whilst the sky was still bright the heavy clouds made it dark.
“We’d better be making a move,” Teresa said and I agreed
We said goodnight to the Sturmey lads and made our way towards the door.
“ ‘Just got to nip to the loo”, and Teresa headed towards the ‘Ladies’ toilets.
As they were next to the ‘Gents’ I took the opportunity as well.
I was first out, Teresa appeared after a couple of minutes, she looked different but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, she smiled gave me a peck on the lips held my hand, gave it a tight squeeze and we walked out the Bar. It was a warm night and quite a walk back to the car.
The street was lit intermittently by the colourful displays in the shop windows.
I noticed she was carrying her cardigan and that she’d removed her bra whilst in the ‘Ladies’. Every now and then the light would fall just right and emphasize her nipples poking beneath her flowing blouse, she’d also undone the top button this allowed the breeze to blow the material around her chest sometimes exposing the flesh on the top of her breasts.
We soon arrived at the car and set off.
Teresa was still HOT after all this time, and wound down the window and undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse. As if I hadn’t been teased enough for one night, only her nipples preventing it from falling away to the sides.
The traffic lights ahead changed to red and I had to pull up. After a few seconds a Transit van pulled up in the next lane, level with us. Teresa sat still, not moving an inch. The driver of the van was higher than us and must have seen right down her front. As the lights changed to green we set off again the van maintaining a constant speed along side of us for as long as he could.
Eventually we turned off and only now did Teresa allow her blouse to fall open to her sides.
Her tits wobbled as we went over the rough road. She knew I was having trouble driving.
“Have you enjoyed tonight?” she asked
“Yes” I fired back before she’d drawn breath “Have you?”
“Yes it’s been fantastic and its not over yet”
She leaned across and unzipped MY trousers this time. Slowly she moved her hand up and down my penis, stroking the head with her palm every now and again. I couldn’t sit still. But we were nearly home anyway by now.
Teresa’s car was on the road so I drove straight up the drive.
“Shame it never seems to take as long to get home as it does going” I said
We got out the car.
“Wait!!” she whispered before I locked it.
Come here, she beckoned me round to the front of the car. She hitched up her skirt and sat on the warm bonnet, wrapped one arm around my neck while she unfastened my trousers with the other. They fell to the floor. I knew what she needed.
It was at this point I realised she’d also removed her knickers whilst in the toilets at the Wine Bar. I squatted down and slowly began to lick her thighs with my tongue, brushing over her clitoris every now and then. She threw herself back flat on the bonnet of my car. She lay there in all her sexiness. As I stood up I could see the shape of her curvy body. It was begging to be licked and kissed all over, for the second time in one night.

She was soaking wet and I slid into her with ease. It felt so nice and warm to be deep inside her, this was in contrast to the rest of my body that was exposed to the cool of the night. I slowly withdrew and pierced her again and again and again. The suspension squeaked as it took a pounding.
The moonlight reflected off her bare breasts that were covered with my saliva. I thrusted into her trying to get as deep as I could, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer, the events of the evening taking over my senses.
As Teresa reached her umpteenth orgasm of the night I pulled out, and held her to my chest. I exploded between us, my willie jerking with satisfaction. Suddenly the security lights came on!! I didn’t think they were working, but it didn’t bother her one bit, she clasped her legs around my waste squeezing every drop out of me.
Her Mum, only feet away from us inside the house.
We went inside after tidying ourselves up.
I drove her Mum home immediately as it was getting late now.
As we drove down the road the streetlights picked out the wetness on the bonnet left by Teresa’s hot wet excited body.
“Has it been raining Teresa’s Mum commented.
The heat from the engine quickly evaporated the moisture.
“No it was dew” I replied “we had it cumming”
When I returned Teresa was in bed fast asl**p, smiling.

Well…it had been a hard one for her………. nee three hard ones.

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