A good time

I thought I’d write this little story of a threesome we had last year. It had lots of good points and a few bad, but I thought this story might help couples in the future deciding wether enter into this way of life and share there wife with another man.

It all started about a year ago when I was researching men’s interest in bedding my wife. You see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty year old, with a figure of 38D-26-36, yummy and dark hair, and with an intense need for sex. We’ve been married for over ten years now, and even though the first ten years of marriage had consisted of making love at least two to three times a day, I could see that as the years were passing, her sexual interest in me was not what it use to be, but then again, if you could eat chocolate every day, that would become boring too. I felt that we needed some sexual excitement in our life. Now this is the part, when she goes all blah blah blah again, I know. And as it turned out, I was very right; I’d never seen her so sexually excited as she was with this guy. It’s been a few months now, since we had this threesome, and although our sex life improved dramatically, after for a short while, again it is drifting back into the old ways. So the moral of this is, you have to keep feeding this sexual monster over and over. This can’t be a bad thing, CAN IT?

She is very confident of her body, and could I say, has had a lot more sexual experience than me, not that she sl**ps around, but has had a few more partners than me. She has a funny way of thinking when it comes too sex and how many men she’s had in her past, but I think I’ll never know the whole story. You see, she thinks that when she sucks another mans cock, or he eats out her pussy, that’s not sex. And there have been a few of them in her past I think.

Well getting back to the point, I went on Hammy and advertised our interest in a threesome. Had quite a few replies, as you would imagine. After discussing it with my wife and sorting through all of them, I choose this one bloke, and struck up a chat line with him over quite a few weeks, to get to know him better. He seemed likes a genuine fellow, who you could trust, and after a while we arrange to meet in the city for a meal, and to see if things might progress. The dinner went well and we invited him back to our hotel room. My wife was very nervous during the walk from the restaurant too our hotel. My wife took a shower and after came out in a very short dressing gown, with nothing under neath, she was very nervous having never done anything like this before. But also not being shy, she climbed on top of him and gave him a cuddle, exposing her beautiful bottom for him to caress, to which he didn’t hesitate to fondle with the greatest of pleasure. After a while of fondling and squeezing she jumped up and proceeded to undress me in front of him caressing my cock as she went. Then she dragged me over to the bed were I proceeded to suck on her hard nipples, from the corner of my eye I could see he was quickly getting undress to join in the fun. He hopped on the bed and quickly had his head between my wife’s legs and was sucking gently on her now very wet pussy, while she pushed her hips higher and higher, trying to allow him fuller access. He must have had a good technic as she was moaning load from the get go. He then placed his thick fingers into her swollen pussy lips and made her groan even loader, and her hips to buck higher and higher against his thrusting fingers, and as he caressed her swollen clitoris between his fingers, I thought she was going to cum there and then. But it wasn’t that long before she exploded in a huge and load orgasm withering all over the bed. It was probably the excitement of it all, or just because it was another stranger doing this to her. He then proceeded to climb between her legs, also not being shy to get what he wanted, and placed the head of his thick penis against the lips of my wife’s wet pussy. She raised her hips to allow him to have complete access to her forbidden area eagerly. With a strong and determined slow thrust, he entered her pussy, stretching her vagina, unlike anything I could hope to achieve. Her breath was temporary taken away, but was soon replaced by the groaning I so longingly wanted for myself from her. Then something strange happened, he couldn’t keep an erection, he had a nice thick cock, with a very large head. Which my wife described as feeling amazing thrusting into her and a strong sucking sensation, when he pulled back. But as he tried to fuck her, his old man kept going soft, poor bugger. Anyway after a while, and being so bl**dy horny myself, I stepped in and fucked her good, well I thought! Almost straight away he said he had to go; must have been embarrassed.

We were staying in the city for a few days, so I suggested to her that we invite him the next night and try again, as I was feeling that the whole night had been a bit of a let down, for everyone, including him. Anyway I gave him a call and he jumped at the idea, who wouldn’t. Later that night my wife had decided to go for a walk, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed when he arrived. When he knocked on our hotel door, we had a little chat before she returned. We had a small meal in our room, before settling down for an old fashion game of strip poker, which I thought would help lighten the atmosphere. As luck would have it I won constantly, as those two slowly lost their clothes. Not to be left out, I started throwing aces out to catch up. In time he was completely naked, with a huge erection this time, my wife was left wearing just a very sexy black bustier. Our version of this game required a dare to be preformed at the lost of any more hands. My wife lost, so I dared her to either kiss him on the lips or suck his cock. I wonder which one she would choose. Well she knelt down between his legs, and devoured his thick penis to the hilt over and over. The game continued for a short time, when I lost, and he dared me to get him another drink, so off I went to another room, to get his drink. When I got back, my wife had dragged him onto the bed and was now running her lips up and down his thick cock, and licking his pre cum from the tip of his knob. I felt funny, as if I’d been tricked, and just stood there watching them withering around on the bed. It felt strange to watch your wife being so sexually intimate with another man, and loving it, and wanting it! I had previously asked him if it was ok to film them, and he had agreed, and as my wife had said it was hard trying to keep two men happy at the same time, so I stood back and filmed. To see what happened, you need to watch “The One Night In Adelaide” video on this site, for all the action. Or then again heres a quick run through. They laid on the bed cuddling and stroking, whilst my wife devoured his cock in her mouth. After a while she rolled over dragging him on top of her, he gave her perky nipples a good suck, along with a good suck on her now very wet pussy. He the rose up and place his shaft against her pussy lips, she was groaning even before he slowly pushing his cock into her eagerly awaiting hot pussy. For a moment she was really enjoying him pumping her, but very quickly, he lost his bone, and she struggled with him, before rolling him onto his back, to again suck on his rod. After a while, he began to sink his thick fingers into her pussy, making her groan and groan. He almost made her cum, but she resisted, so he rolled her on top of him, for a bit of cowgirl. The groan he gave out means this must have felt really good for him. This night she couldn’t maintain this position too climax, as she would a month later. He tried to fuck her from this position, but couldn’t, so he rolled her over, gave her pussy a great suck for good measure, before plunging his erect cock into her, making groan with a primeval sound, I love to give her. Before very long, he was groaning himself as he filled my wife’s pussy, with his thick seed. I could tell that my wife needed to cum, but the boy was done. Even though he still struggled to keep and erection, he did manage to blow his load in my wife’s pussy. But he didn’t have the control, to hold himself, for my wife to climax as well. It was hard to watch your wife struggling to achieve a much needed orgasm, and being left wanting. Again he left as soon as he was done. (This will not do)

We had known he had to go interstate for a month or more, which gave us time to come to terms with all of this. I did find it difficult trying to get my head around seeing my wife enjoy another man. I was torn between excitement and jealously. She was craving his return, she plays a game with me about not wanting all of this and being happy with just me, but then she shows other signs that prove to me the lust and excitement she feels, in this situation. While he was away we arranged a meeting for his return, he was a very very laid back fella, and didn’t seem to be concerned about my wife’s feeling for there special bond. I think to him it was just a quick fuck, even though he had said he wanted more. He wanted to make friends in and out of the bedroom, he had said.

Well after about six or seven weeks he returned. We took a big step and invited him into our home #1 rule broken). I met him for a coffee at a local café, to fill him in on the plan, as we have a house full of adult f****y, and needed a cover story. And he was aware this wouldn’t be a quick fuck and go, he would be staying the whole night. After dropping his stuff off at our place, we went to out local nudist beach for a few hours, and later to a pub for tea. Much later that night, when we got home, we had a spa together, and that’s when the lust in my wife started to grow. Sitting in the spa between us with her hand wrapped firmly around both our cocks, she said,” what a lucky girl am I”. A bit later once we had been in the spa for a while, I noticed that she was giving him a nice snog, but what was going on below the water, I had no idea, until her hips thrust up from below the water level, with his fingers thrusting violently in and out of her pussy. She has said many times, “he’s got magic fingers grrrr. Again she was bucking and moaning loudly, I turned the spa off and suggested we retire to the bedroom, just as she ripped one of the headrests off in her throws of passion.

Again, you’ll have to watch the video “One Night At Home” to see all the fun. Or if you can’t be bothered, I’ll give you a quick run through. You see the first film I made in Adelaide was quite short, and didn’t need any editing, but this one at home was at least one and a half hours long, and had to be edited rather hard, to cut out all the boring or bad bits. I’ll explain, when you see (E), that what I had to edit out. When I entered the bedroom, after closing down the spa room, my wife was laying on the bed face down, while he was rubbing oil onto her back, and chatting and chatting (E). This went on for quite a while, until my wife suggested, we watch one of our sex tapes on the telly. This particular tape starts with her given me head, which I think was basically her plan to get this evening started, as she rolled over straight away and devoured his erect penis down her throat. Well after about three minutes of her giving him the best head of his life, or the fact that he may not have cum in a long time, he blew his load in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily, as she does eagerly always. After sucking every last drop from him, she pulled him on top of her, to which he began by sucking her erect nipples, before proceeding down to her pussy. Again he excelled in this area, and she grabbed my penis, as a form of permission to give herself to him. Well within seconds, she was Cumming all over his mouth. He tried to mount her but his erection had softened. (E). She tried to harden him again by sucking on his rod. and giving him a nice snog. In frustration she rolled over him, and began sucking on my cock, until I suggested she sit her pussy on his face, you’d think that would work. This only made her even hornier, as she hopped off and began grinding her pussy against his only hard asset, his hip. You see he had an erection, but no bone in it. She tried another snog, but he decided it was magic fingers time again, and he almost made her cum, until she pulled him out and they wrestled for position, he wanted her on top, and she wanted him on top. She won! But again he lost his bone!!! (E) Frustrated again, she reached for me, whilst he buried his head between her thighs. They lay on the bed playing with each other for quite a long time (E), until I suggested they try doggy, her favourite position. Well after a while, she must have felt him getting a bone, as she jumped up, and presented her beautiful bum for him to enter her pussy from behind. Well he jumped at the chance, and the next few minutes were a sight to behold, as he thrust into her, whilst she groaned and groaned and groaned. I know she can’t cum from the back, after having several orgasms, so when she rolled onto her back, I knew she wanted HIM to make her cum. And boy did she CUM. She likes to put her legs down after having an orgasm, but he didn’t know that, and lifted her legs up around her ears, so he could pound her pussy harder. This made her whimper, and groan some more. (I want to make her whimper one day L). He proceeded to hammer her for a bit longer, but the boy was spent, and he rolled off of her exhausted eventually.

It was a much better night, with my wife Cumming four times, and us poor fellas managing one each, but I did muster a fresh batch a few hours later 😉 After I’d turned the cam off, we settled into the bed to sl**p, he dropped off to sl**p almost straight away, while me and her hugged. But was she finished with him, even though she had already had three huge orgasms NO. She started stroking his now growing cock. What she didn’t know was that I had given him some viagra to help his problem, and it was working a treat. I said to her maybe I’ll go and sl**p in the lounge, you see I hadn’t picked up in all the excitement, that he had blown in her mouth in the first few minutes, and I thought they needed some one on one time, and she was feeling sorry for him not Cumming for her. So off I went. I loitered in the hallway for a while, whilst she continued to stroke his now very erect and hard cock, and from were I was standing it looked really enormous, in fact she said to him ‘very impressive’. Those words are burnt into my mind, as she has never says them to me. I left them to their pleasures, as I started to feel like a bit of a pervert, hiding in the hallway, watching them.

After laying in the lounge for a while, I could hear sounds of my wife moaning like she has never moaned for me. I stood in the hallway again rubbing my own cock, as she rode his massive rod up and down, grinding and thrusting, and groaning so loud, the whole house would have heard her cries, until she cums over and over groaning loudly again, until collapsing on him in total exhaustion. I stood in the doorway, not know what to do seeing my wife laying on him completely given. I returned to the lounge where I lay thinking of what I’d just witness. Many sl**pless hours later I returned to our bed and made love to her again just, so I could feel part of her again.

Later that next day after he had left, She told me about how he’d blown in her mouth. I too this day cannot understand why she needed to make love to him again, after he had fallen asl**p, and she had cum three times already. It can only be that her body was still lusting for his thick penis to be hammering her pussy again and again. (I grantee, her pussy would be twitching right now, if she as reading this). She has NEVER wanted to do this with me EVER….WHY! I’ve asked her over and over, but she always says she doesn’t know. She always says she doesn’t know when she’s hiding the truth from me. She has slowly over time told me the truth about many things, which were classified as ‘I DON’T KNOW’, but not this one. If she was to tell me the truth one day, maybe then I could start healing…

A short time later, we ended things with this bloke, not sure why, he just didn’t seem happy with our arrangements. We don’t know if we were too pushy or my wife was too much of a nympho for him, or was it, he just thought I was a dick. We’ll never know, because he won’t tell us! He said he wanted to make friends in and out of the bedroom, but I think he just wanted a quick fuck with NSA. We tried to communicate with him many time, but he ignored us. I told him, if he was over us, just tell me, and he would leave him aloan. But he would never answer. I spoke to him once, by using a private phone number, so he would answer, but he didn’t have the decently to respond with any reason. I think after opening our house and our relationship to him so fully, I would have thought a response was expected. I wrote him a letter, which I posted on his site, telling how much he had hurt my wife, and how disgusted I was with his lack of morals, but he just blocked us. Totally amazing.

Anyway would I do this again? Believe it or not, but YES. Why you ask. Well we both found it very sexually exciting, and really enjoyed most of it. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons from this experience, about what to do and what not to do in a threesome. The biggest mistake that I personally made was to leave them two on there own, to make love without me being there. The sound of my wife moaning for another man from the next room will stay with me for the rest of my life. My wife tells me I have to get over it, and it was all my idea in the first place. This is true, but how, do you get over the sound that replays in my head everyday, and still brings a tear to my eye, if I linger on the thought to long. Anyway enough of this self pity crap!!! From my point of view, I really like to see me wife having a good time. I can hear her telling me all the “I don’t need anyone else story now” blah blah blah. But before going there again, there would have to be a lot more planning in future. The only other thing which still hurts me, is when I touch her in certain ways, I know because she tells me, it reminds her of HIM. When I massage her back or touch her pussy in a certain way, I know it him she’s thinking about.

For all you couples planning this. If you just want a NSA fuck, JUST DO IT. But if like us, you want a friendship as well, to which BOTH partners would have some feelings for each other. We don’t just fuck, we love, and it’s a big part of making love. Of cause you wouldn’t love a third person in a threesome, but you can and need to have feelings for them. Anyway PLAN, RESEARCH and be careful. Don’t just jump into bed straight away; really get to know them first. And really think about how your emotions will cope, and what limits if any you need to discuss.

I’ve thought about going to some swingers parties, which are held around town, but I’m not sure what to do. I think doing this we might have a better chance of meeting someone of like minds, and we could get to know them in a non-treating situation. My research of these well run parties, are that you can be involved as much as you feel comfortable with, no pressure. You can just watch if you like, or go as far as you like. They are not held in private homes, but are well controlled. She said to me that we might meet someone nice down the beach or at the pub one day, but who knows! We’ve spoken about foursomes, but she say’s she couldn’t handle me being with another woman, and if I need too, to go off and find someone else, to get this out of my system. I would never ever consider this, or would I ever do anything that would hurt my wife intent ally.

Anyway enough is enough, I think. Time will tell, but I do hope we get to visit this exciting aspect in our life again one day soon, before we get too old for fun. Any offers 😉

Just when you thought I was done (I did). My wife had read this little story, and after five months, she has finally answer the question as to why she went back for more, minutes after I left the bedroom. The answer was simple. She wanted to see how good he was without me being there with a camera etc. She told me the SEX WAS AMAZING!!! (Ouch, well I did ask). Dam that viagra. So now this self-pitying pathetic husband has to live with the fact, that his wife had AMAZING SEX, with someone other than me, god my mind will explode with the pain of it all. But would I do it again….YES.

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