A body massage

My husband bought me a  2 grand voucher at a nearby spa, for my birthday. It was a Wednesday morning, my hubby was away on business again, when I phoned and made an appointment for a full body massage at the spa.
Arriving at the spa and greeting the receptionist at the front desk, she asked me if I had any preferences for my massage. She told me the names of the masseuses and I decided to ask for Tamsin. The receptionist directed me to a room and brought me a fruit punch to sip on while I waited for Tasmin to join me in the room.
She entered the door, she was petite young brunette girl, 22 years of age. She asked me what type of full body massage I would like. I replied saying one that would relax me.
She told me to get undressed, giving me the option to keep my underwear on if I wanted, although I chose not to, as I didn’t want to get oil onto them. She turned facing away from me as I got undressed and told me to lay on my belly once I was ready.
Once I was laying down she walk up to me, oiling my back as she started massaging my neck and back. She massaged her way downwards eventually massage my bum and upper thighs. It felt really great, and I slowly became a little horny. She continued massaging down my legs and reaching my feet before asking me to turn over.

I turn to my back and laid with my hands on my sides and legs together as she started massaging my chest. She ran her hands over my boobs, with my nipples that were erect, massaging them.
Slowly moving her way down over my belly and to my pelvis. She reached my groins and upper thighs, I became more horny and could feel I was also becoming wet. I bent my knees lifting my legs a littke up and spread my legs. Giving Tasmin full view of my inner thighs and my wet pussy.
She massaged my inner thighs and ran her thumbs over my pussy lips. It felt really good and made me more horny. She soon moved down my legs till reaching my feet again.
I moved my hand and started to finger myself being really horny. I was rubbing my pussy massaging my clit in a circular motion as she started massaging up my inner legs.
As I was moaning from the pleasure of Tasmin massaging my inner thighs while I was rubbing my wet pussy, I soon reached orgasm, making myself cum.

After orgasmning my time was up and Tasmin commented that I have a nice pussy and body while getting dressed. I asked if she would be interested to join me by my house, but she replied that she isn’t into women or any form of lesbian experiences. I said that’s a pity as she’s real gorgeous but understand as it’s her preference to be straight.
Once dressed I said thank you and told her I’ll definitely come back for another massage with her. She asked why and I told her that I find her pretty and has plenty sex apeal and she gave a real good massage which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I soon left and on the way home I was still horny. I decided to call Nick and see if he was available for a booty call. He was also on his way home from college and said he’ll see me soon. When I turned into my drive way to park in the garage, Nick was already by my house and waiting. I parked and getting out the car greeting Nick with a kiss as I closed the garage door. I took his top off and soon kneeled down while taking his pants off. I placed my mouth over his hard cock and started sucking him. I soon stood up to meet his lips again and he started stripping me. As my G string came off he lifted me placing me onto the bonnet of my husbands car. His entered his cock into my wet horny pussy and started fucking me hard. I wasn’t long till I was moaning from pleasure as I orgasmed.
He pulled out and turned me around, my belly and boobs resting on the bonnet as he started fucking me from behind. He soon shot his cum into me as he moaned from pleasure of his orgasm.

He pulled his cock out of me and I turned around to kiss him when he asked what made me so horny. I told him about my massage and he understood why. He left soon afterwards, after a well needed booty call, after a good horny massage. 

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