80 year old grandpa ejaculates inside me

This happened when I was 22 years old. There was an 80 year old grandpa that lived in the same building as me, he would always sit outside his apartment and smoke. He had white hair, he was tan, he had wrinkled skin, he had very hairy arms and strong hands, he had a 2 or 3 day old beard, he wasn’t very tall, but he had a great body. He would always wear the same black dress pants, white or blue dress shirt, and a black jacket. He would always say hi to me and wave, he was pretty friendly and happy. I talked to him a couple times, then we became friends and then I started visiting him. Sometimes when I was sitting on his couch I would have to itch my asshole. I had a couple cuts on it from sex and it would start itching when I started sweating. I just had to scratch it, the grandpa would just stare at me and smile. Maybe he is interested in me? After I itched my ass sometimes he would put his hands down his pants and itch his cock, maybe he is trying to tell me something?

One day he went to the bathroom to take a piss and he didn’t zip the zipper on his pants, I could see his yellow, orange, and white stained navy blue underwear. I was so horny my cock started getting hard, he saw it and smiled, we both just kept watching the tv. I had to make the first move, I was so fucking horny. I turned my head towards him and asked him nicely “can you show me your dick”. He told me to go ahead and to take it out myself, my cock was throbbing inside my pants, it was rock hard. I got up and went towards the grandpa that was sitting in his chair, I bent down and put my hands on his belt. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, the grandpa was smiling. I spread his pants open and put my hand inside the opening in the underwear. The opening was very loose, it was so stretched that you could put both of your hands in there… His underwear were wet and a terrible stench emitted from them.

I felt his cock and balls, they were both wet and so were all the hairs around them. The more I touched them the more powerful the stench became, it smelled like cum and piss, he probably never washed his cock in his life. His genitals were very soft, saggy, and wrinkly, the stench of them was making me so horny. I spread the opening wide open and pulled his cock and balls out. He had big manly balls, they were covered in wrinkles, pores, white and gray hairs, and a terrible stench. His cock was very thick but it was shriveled up, it was still very hung, it was so fucking wrinkly and saggy. His genitals had a dark tan color, but the underneath of his balls was red and tan. He had a fair amount of hairs, I’m pretty sure that 10 years ago he had a lot more. I was amazed by his genitals, these are one of a kind, I have never had an 80 year old cock before. They have such a beautiful color and are they are so saggy and wrinkly. The stench was so powerful, I love it, it’s so dirty, unwashed, and natural.

I started touching grandpas dick, it was very wet and sticky, it smelled horrible. I felt humidity coming from it, it was hitting my face, mmmm it smells so good. Underneath his thick and round cock head I found moist, sticky, white stains. His cock felt really greasy and dirty, the cum around his dick was very good quality. I guarantee that he can get any girl pregnant with his potent sperm. His dick is very soft and squishy, it feels so good, I love it! I started touching his hairy wrinkled balls, they were full. They felt nice and warm, I could feel every one of his pores underneath my sensitive fingers. they smelled every dirty and unwashed, they were very greasy and sweaty as I touched them. His saggy balls were covered in wrinkles. I wish that I could swallow his balls and dick, I also want them inside my anus. I wish that I had a pussy so that he could put his balls inside me too, I am so fucking horny…

I asked the grandpa does he want to explore my anus, he said yes. He got off the chair, his wrinkled genitals hung very low. He gently placed his hand around my arm and told me to go to the bedroom. We were now inside his bedroom, he asked me do I want to have sex, I said yes. He put his hand around my ass and grabbed it a little bit. He put his finger near my anus and rubbed it a little bit, he looked me straight in the eyes and just smiled. I felt like cum was going to squirt out of my cock, I was so horny. From what I see he was probably a very good lover in his 60’s and 70’s. He was so gentle and charming, very handsome, I’m in love with him. He slowly grabbed my shirt and took it off, he then massaged and rubbed my thighs. He slowly took off my pants and grabbed me between my legs, he touched my ass and massaged my thighs some more. He took off my socks and then slowly removed my underwear. He spread my ass and buried his face into my ass, he started sniffing it, I felt him breathing really heavy, he was inhaling it.

He took his face out of my ass and slapped my ass really hard, with laughter he said that my ass is torn up and that I’ve probably been getting gangbanged each night. I told him that I receive 10 or 11 inch cock daily, he told me no wonder and said that his cock was over 10.5 inches couple years ago and that it was around 9.5 inches right now. That’s pretty fucking good for an 80 year old man. I told him to get his cock hard and start fucking me. He grabbed the head of his cock and pulled it, it was so fucking long. Then he told me that it’s not good and takes a very long time to get hard. He told me that I should have visited his 10 years ago. Then why the fuck did he even call me to his bedroom? I asked him will he be able to fuck me today, he said yes and told me to get his dick hard. Well it’s pretty thick and long so even getting it semi erect will do the job. I told him to undress and he did. His body was very wrinkled and saggy, he had a white haired chest and some hairs on his stomach.

I was pretty fucking upset that someone had the nerve to tell me that their cock doesn’t get hard or that their cock is no longer good… After he was undressed he asked me what I want to do, I told him that I will such his cock till it gets so big that it goes out my anus. He said “ohhh yea baby suck it”. He went on the bed, he was laying on his back, his flaccid floppy dick was still very soft… It’s going to be a nightmare to make his dirty dick hard… I got on the bed and then he told me that he wants a 69, I positioned myself and sat on his face, my head was on top of his dick. He started moaning and smelling my asshole, he really loves that ass… I grabbed his cock and put it inside my mouth, I instantly gagged. It tastes and smells so fucking bad, it’s all greasy and dirty. It was moist and wet, it tasted like cum, piss, and old rotten cheese and sweat. It was so dirty, it tasted salty,sour, and bitter.

The grandpa started putting my ass hairs in his mouth, he would put them in between his teeth and rip them off or bite them off. I guess he swallowed them and ate them. He was biting and sucking my anus, he was sucking my hairs. He was sucking my ass so good, it felt wonderful. From the intense sucking my anus became swollen and he was able to bite it. He started putting his tongue inside my anus and he started fingering it. My anus felt really weird, puffy, swollen, and soft. He was spreading my anus wide open and licking it, I enjoyed very second of it. I was sucking and squeezing his dirty dick, it just wouldn’t get hard. I wanted to get fucked so bad, I was desperate, I had to make it hard. I started to suck his dirty greasy balls, I was gagging, I spit all over them and continued to gag as I was sucking them and rubbing his cock. Then I put his thick, soft, dirty cock inside my mouth again and buried my nose inside his sweaty and dirty balls, I continued gagging but I loved it. I love dirty balls, but they smell so bad.

I was squeezing and sucking his cock, it just wouldn’t get hard. I started rubbing his cock and balls all over my face and nose, they smell so good and dirty, I was smelling them. The grandpa continued sucking, licking, and fingering my asshole. He was really enjoying my anus, but his dick was just soft… His white pubic hairs were all inside my mouth, all those germs and filth form his cock and balls were inside my mouth now for nothing. I was so fucking mad, while the grandpa is enjoying and sabotaging my anus he can’t even get his cock hard. I grabbed the base of his dick as hard as I can with one hand and with the other hand I was pulling it upwards while the tip of his cock was inside my mouth. I was squeezing and sucking as hard as I can, my hands, arms, and jaw were hurting. The top of the cock started to get a bit harder and thicker, I just kept sucking, squeezing, and pushing it upwards while the grandpa was fingering and sucking my asshole.

After nearly 10 minutes of sucking and squeezing it, it was semi hard now and it started throbbing. I started putting it down my throat and started making my head go up and down on it as fast as possible. It just kept getting thicker and fulled, I was so excited and tired that my heart started hurting. It got a bit softer while I was sucking it so I just kept squeezing it and pushing the bl**d upwards, his cock was turning blue. I was so exhausted that my own cock became soft, if his dick doesn’t get fully erect in the next 5 minutes I’m getting up and leaving, fuck this. I kept sucking it and pushing it upwards, I was squeezing it even harder now. It was becoming really hard, I was covered in sweat, this is really hard work. I think that he will be able to maintain the erection now, it’s almost fully erect, I started massaging his balls. His cock just kept throbbing, it looks good now, I think that it’s ready to penetrate me. I licked his balls and cock a little bit and sucked his dick some more and then I told him that I’m ready.

He slapped my ass and told me to turn on my side, I did that. He turned on his side and stroked his cock against my anus, his dick was fully erect now and rock hard. He lifted up the fat around asshole and put his dick inside my anus. It just slid in, my asshole was open and swollen from all the sucking and fingering. The tip of his dick felt really good, it was huge, soft, and squishy while the rest of his cock was hard. He held me around my ribs and stomach and started thrusting against me really fast. I was surprised that he was going fast and not slow, he is 80 years old… He had a very strong grip on me, his hands are really strong. His dick just kept getting harder, bigger, and thicker as he was thrusting against me. I am really happy for him, he finally gets to have some ass, he probably hasn’t had any in decades. The grandpa was moaning and groaning, he was telling me how good it felt. Well at least I make horny senior citizens happy. He was squeezing my stomach fat, biting my neck, biting my ear, he was whispering dirty and nasty things in my ear.

The old horny grandpa was fucking me really good, his balls were slapping against my ass as he fucked me, he was going in deep. This isn’t a 70 year old 11 inch dick that I’m used to but it’s still pretty good. The balls and the cock are a lot more squishy and soft, it takes about an hour to get the cock hard but it’s still really good. I got to experience something that most people can’t even dream of, this is a great 80 year old cock. The old grandpa was really enjoying himself and I’m glad that I could make him happy. He took his cock out, he opened my anus and started to pee inside of it, his piss was very hot and it made my anus burn because I had many cuts on it and because my anus would always bleed during sex. He was putting his cock in and out of my anus as he continued to pee inside of me. Then he said “ahhhh that’s a good fuck hole”. He put his cock back inside me and started thrusting against me again.This made me very horny and made my cock hard again, I love nasty dirty sex.

I told him to be a bit rougher because I love rough sex. He started fucking me harder, the pee gushed out of my anus as he was thrusting against me, it made wet splashing sounds. He was squeezing my balls and squeezing my ass. He took his thick hard cock out of my anus and got off the bed. His cock stood up straight, he had a very big and powerful erection, his dick is huge. He told me to bend over so I got off the bed and bent over myself over the bed. He slapped my asshole and rammed his cock inside, then he took it out and spread my ass wide open and put it inside again. He took his cock out again, now he opened my anus wide open and put his cock inside. His big thick cock felt so good inside my asshole. He squeezed my ass and started thrusting against me… What a good grandpa he is, if it didn’t take an hour to get his cock hard, this would have been the perfect sex. He fucked me for over half an hour, I was having multiple orgasms. Sometimes he would fuck me really slow, sometimes he would fuck me very fast, it felt great. He still hasn’t ejaculated…

He took his cock out and told me to suck it… I started to suck it, he was ramming it up my throat. He held my head and started thrusting against it. He was fucking my face really fast… He started fucking my mouth and throat even faster, he was moaning really loud and breathing fast. I felt his cock ejaculate really thick sperm inside my throat, I started gagging, he kept holding my head and thrusting against my face. His cum was really thick and warm, I also felt him ejaculate semen which was watery, there was a lot of semen and sperm inside my throat. It tasted very bitter, sour, and salty, it sort of tasted like salty cough syrup, rotten fish, and piss, it was disgusting, it made my throat burn. He kept ejaculating thick sperm inside my throat, I was gagging but I was still swallowing it, I wanted to please him. He took his cock out of my mouth and I started gagging, I had sperm come out of my nose, I don’t even know how it got there. I was puking, thick white cum came out of my mouth. The grandpa fucked the shit out of my mouth and throat… The grandpa nutted really good inside my throat…

He told me that he wasn’t done yet, his cock was still hard. He told me to lay on the bed and spread my legs. I got on the bed and spread my legs for the grandpa, he dragged me towards the bottom of the bed. With his thick thumbs he opened my anus wide open and inserted his dick inside, oh grandpa you fuck me good… I still felt like throwing up, that sperm tastes really nasty, it made my stomach sick. Grandpa put my legs around his shoulders and kept them wide open, he fucked me in that position for a little while and then he pulled his cock out. He didn’t seem to like that position and neither did I… He spread my anus wide open once again and slid his thick cock inside, he grabbed my fat thighs. He squeezed them tightly as his cock went inside and opened them as his cock went out, it felt really good, I have never been fucked like this before. He fucked me for a couple minutes in this position and then I felt his release his sperm inside my anus. He quickly pulled his cock out and started stroking it, cum flew all over my ass, genitals, stomach, face. He sprayed his wet thick sperm all over me.

He was groaning very loud as he was cumming. I love his old cock so fucking much… He then put his cock inside my anus once more and started thrusting against me, I felt more sperm come out of his penis and go inside my anus, this time it felt more watery. Couple minutes later he started stroking his cock while it was still inside my anus, he ejaculated thick hot sperm inside my anus again! Holy shit, how is he able to ejaculate that many times? My asshole was complete wet, my ass was completely covered in his thick white sperm… He thrusted against me a couple more times, I felt more semen and sperm coming out of his penis. He thrusted against me one last time, it was a very powerful thrust, his dick went completely inside my anus. I felt the sperm escaping my anus, it dripped all over my legs and the bed. The old man kept his cock inside me and laid on top of me. Sperm kept coming out of my asshole, I felt his cock throbbing inside my anus a couple of times before it became soft again.

Grandpa then got up and took his soft cock out of my anus, his dick and balls were covered in cum. He asked me how was it, I told him that it was perfect. I was going to suck his cock and lick that cum off of it but I couldn’t, it smelled way too bad and it was so fucking nasty and dirty. I did suck it and lick it off for his 81st birthday, his cock was even more dirty. If you want to me to wrote about that story leave a comment and I will. I asked him can I cum on his cock and he said that I can. He started rubbing his huge soft cock and big balls on my dick and balls. I started stroking my cock and within a minute I ejaculated all over his beautiful thick genitals. His dick and cock felt so warm around my dick. I rubbed our dicks together a little bit more afterwards. After we were done fucking I took his dirty underwear and wiped my asshole with them and then I got dressed and left. We had sex many more times after this but I don’t have sex with him very often because it takes nearly an hour to get his dick hard, sometimes it gets hard right away and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes when I suck his cock he cums inside my mouth even tho his cock is soft or semi hard.

Even tho it takes forever to get his cock hard the old grandpa knows how to fuck really good… He always fucks me really good and I am always satisfied after I leave, I really enjoy getting fucked by him. He is also able to cum 5 times in a row which is amazing, he fills my mouth with cum, he fills my genitals with cum, he fills my asshole with cum, he always covers my whole body with sperm. The only problem he has is if we have sex 2 days in a a row the next day he ejaculates very little sperm, and it’s mostly very dry and not thick, or sometimes it’s just water. It takes him about 5 days to rebuild that sperm back up and to soak my ass with his beautiful wet thick sperm. I wish that I met him a decade ago… I just can’t get enough of his dick, I love it!

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