3rd Session, First Oral

Hello all, and thanks for your continued reading and comments. Again, this is a continuation of “that” summer, our 3rd session.

Well, I decided to hold true and not cum again until Steve & I got together. But I admit I did come close to losing it the 2nd night. With Steve gone I was bored and went and got the porno mag, promising myself I would only play a little. I was looking at one of the scenes where the girl is giving blowjobs to the 2 guys and really noticing the look on her face like she was really enjoying it. And remembering how it felt in my hand when Steve’s hard cock shot his load. And that’s when I wondered what a girl felt like when she gives a guy a bj. And of course, one thought into another and next thing I knew I was thinking about sucking Steve! And I was rock hard! But embarrassed also, I mean, guys don’t think about sucking other guys, do they? But the good ole sex-crazed brain kept going, what does it taste like? What would it feel like? What, what, what? And I knew if I kept this up I’d end up coming, so I put things away and went back home.
Normal night after that, TV, etc. But once I went to bed, the hormones started up again. Remembering how good his cock felt in my hands, started wondering what it would feel like in my mouth. Decided to try some self experimenting. Yes, I tried to suck myself. To see what it would feel like, but couldn’t quite get bent over enough. But damned if I didn’t try and the harder I tried the more determined I was to have it happen. So since we had agreed that we were only experimenting, I decided I was gonna try it with him the next day. But I had to make it seem like it was unplanned. I gave up trying to suck myself, went to bathroom and cooled myself down with cold water. Needless to say, was somewhat a restless night.
The next day seemed to drag by until he finally called and said he was free. Tried to be calm and cool on the way but the hormones were in overdrive. Steve even went so far as to strip naked in the woods right before we got to our place. I couldn’t take my eyes off his erection as it bounced as we ducked “inside”. And I was naked and hard a second later. I no time we were sitting side by side, quite naturally stroking each other like we had done it forever, taking turns flipping the pages. And also both incredibly horny, ready to cum quick. Steve wanted to hold off a little, “Let the pleasure build” as he put it. After about 15 minutes of edging Steve said, “Find a good page and lets try to cum together at same time.” I flipped to a center section that had one guy fucking the girl on her back while she sucked the other guy kneeling over her head. We got on our knees side by side and stroked ourselves til we both came. His cum shooting out and landing on the fuck scene and my cum landing on her cock filled face.
We both fell back gasping and spent, for the moment. We both lit up cigarettes and calmed down. Then Steve started giggling and pointed out that our cum on the pictures made it look like the guys had cum on the girl. Then, “Shit, our cum ruined the page,” as he used a rag to try to wipe off the cum. Then he blew my mind when he asked, “have you ever tasted your own cum?” I told him no I hadn’t, but had wondered about it. He said he admitted he had tasted his once. I didn’t believe him, until he wiped a little dab with his finger and licked it off! “Go ahead, try it,” he said, “it won’t kill you, doesn’t really have much taste, and girls do it all the time when they give bjs.” I wiped up a little of my own cum and tasted it. Ok he was sortof right, a little “chalky” tasting, but nothing bad I admitted. (There was the opener I had been trying to figure out how)
After resting a little and finishing our cigarettes, Steve started looking thru the rest of the porno, pulling on his cock a little. Watching him and seeing more bj pics started to get to me. One pic had her smiling as she held both cocks by her mouth, licking them both at same time. So there was my opener. I knew neither of us had been with a girl to get a blowjob, so I mumbled, “Damn that looks hot, getting licked and sucked like that.” Steve just sortof grunted yes as he started stroking his now half hard cock. I said, “Looking at her smile it looks like she really enjoys sucking cock, I wonder why? It’s not like she is getting any pleasure from doing it.”
Steve- “Well, you know that senior cheerleader Karen, I’ve heard that almost once a week she takes one of the football players behind the gym and sucks him off, that she really enjoys doing it.”
Me- stroking some now also “Yeah, I heard something like that also. Wonder why she likes doing it.”
S- “Brandon told me that when she sucked him, she took her top off so he could play with her tits while she sucked. AND that the guy could either cum in her mouth, on her face or on her tits!”
Me- “Wow, lucky girl…uhh….I mean guy….”
S- looked at me funny for a minute before “And that she always thanks the guy for letting her do it!”
Me- “I think it must feel incredible to have a girl’s hot wet mouth sucking my cock, but wonder why she enjoys doing it so much?”
(Now by this time we are both fully hard again)
Steve looks at me, (I pretend I am focused on the magazine and my own stroking) “What are you saying?”
Me- “Not saying anything, just wondering why a girl likes a cock in her mouth, what does she get out of it?”
S- “Besides a load of cum?” laughing.
Me- laughing also, “Maybe she enjoys giving pleasure but can’t fuck, maybe she’s a virgin or on her period.”
S- “Now that you say it, I do wonder why some like giving bjs and others won’t. Hell, I’d just like to know what it feels like to get sucked”
Me- thinking it’s now or never “What we do here is an absolute secret and nobody will ever know, right? And we are just “experimenting, right?”
S- stopped stroking, looking at me with funny questioning look, “Uhh…yes…to both…why you ask?”
Me- too nervous to look at him “I….uhh…well….want me to suck you so you can see what its like?”
S- “are you shitting me!?”
Me- “Look, forget I ever said anything, don’t know what I was thinking”
After a couple minutes of silence
S- “Would you really suck me if I said yes?”
Me- “Well….uhhh….yes….but you would have to promise again to never tell a soul! Or I’ll kick your ass”
Another minute of silence
S- “OK…yeah…I’d let you suck me…if you wanted to….and I promise I’ll never say a word, what we do here is just between the two of us.”
Me- “ Ok, I want to suck your cock, now, before I chicken out”
I reached over and started stroking his cock, “How do you want me to do it? I mean like this with you sitting, laying down, kneeling, standing, or what?
“Get on your knees,” he said as he stood up facing me, his hard cock bouncing in front of my face.
I took his cock in my hand and started stroking it slowly, loving the feel in my hand. I leaned forward and lightly ran my tongue over his glistening cockhead. A little moan escaped his lips. I started to lick his shaft up and down, like I was licking the edge of an ice cream cone. I was able to look up at him as I licked and his eyes were closed. Finally ready I opened my mouth and took his swollen cockhead into my mouth as I wrapped my lips around his shaft. “Ohh fuck that feels good!” he said. This turned me on and I started to take more of his cock in my mouth, more and more until my nose was in his pubic hair and his cock was at back of my throat. “Ohh fuck yes,” he moaned. Hearing him like that somehow was turning me on. I started sucking up and down on his cock as I held the base. And I was enjoying it! I started trying to do the things it looked like the girl in the porno mag was doing. More moans coming from him. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this, sucking on his hard cock, making him moan. My own cock was rock hard. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and his face was scrunched up in pleasure. I pulled back and said, “you gotta just let me know before you cum” and then took him back in my mouth. He looked down at me and said, “That is so fucking hot, watching your mouth suck me…and it feels so fucking good too!” My own cock was aching now, and I finally knew why some women like sucking cock. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew. When he took my head in his hands and started to slowly fuck my mouth I thought I was gonna cum myself, but I squeezed my dick hard to stop. After about a minute of him sliding his cock in and out of my sucking mouth, he moaned, “I’m close to cumming!” and pulled out of my mouth and started stroking himself. But since I had gone this far, I wanted it all, I wanted to feel him cumming in my mouth, wanted to taste his cum! I pulled his hips to me and took his bright red cockhead back into my mouth, sucking on him like crazy. He tried to pull back saying kinda of panicky, “Alan I’m gonna cum!” I just moaned on his cock to let him know it was ok and started sucking. I could feel his cock suddenly get harder still and then start jerking in my mouth. I felt his cum erupt out into my mouth as his legs shook and he almost cried out real loud, “CUMMMMINNGGG”. I felt his cum in my mouth and was surprised how hot it felt. I tried to swallow, and did a little, but his cock kept jerking and shooting more cum than I thought and it started to dribble out of my mouth. I was so turned on by sucking him, by him cumming in my mouth that precum was oozing out of my own cock. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this! As his cock stopped cumming he pulled out and collapsed on his towel. I started stroking myself and said, “Fuck I can’t believe how much I enjoyed sucking you off. I wiped some of his cum that had dribbled down my face onto my cock. That did it! OH MY GOD FUCK YESSSS as I started cumming as he watched me. My hips jerked as I started shooting my cum, more intense then I ever did before. I think I had what some people call a “grey-out” because next thing I knew I was laying down gasping, totally spent!
After a few minutes I heard him say, “I can’t believe we just did that, but it was fucking great! I have never cum so hard before, it felt so good inside your mouth!”
I turned to him and sheepishly said, “I’m glad you liked it.”
“Liked it? I loved it, it was so fucking intense. I’ve never felt anything that good! And you enjoyed doing it didn’t you, sucking me like that I mean? And you let me cum in your mouth! What was that like? Oh my God when you came, your cum shot out almost 2 feet! Wow that was something! I just can’t believe that you sucked me off and let me cum in your mouth and that you enjoyed it and that you came so much and so hard!?!
“OK, OK, quiet down or everyone a mile around is gonna know!
After a couple minutes he asked, “So, what was it like, sucking a cock your first time?” I looked to see if he was being mean about it, but could see he was just genuinely curious.
“Well….not sure I can really explain it, just that it felt good, felt good making you feel good, and that once I had gone so far as to take you in my mouth, I figured I wanted to experience it all, I wanted you to cum in my mouth, knowing it was me that was giving you that pleasure, making you cum. I think I know why some girls love giving bjs now.”
“Well, I will still keep my promise to never say a word to anybody. And that anytime you feel like sucking on a cock, call me!” laughing.
Laughing myself, “You got a deal!”

For the next few weeks we’d get together about 3-4 times a week for a jerk-off or suck-off session. We’d gone thru the whole porno mag a couple times and started to get bored with same pictures, so we try making up games, who could shoot their cum the furthest (he usually won, ) who could cum the quickest in a race (I usually won), who could constantly stroke the longest without cumming, (him). And at least once a week I’d suck him off! Finally he said he’d try sucking me, it was only fair, as he put it. He did a nice job and I had a good cum, but he wasn’t really into sucking like I was and after that first time he said he didn’t want me to cum in his mouth. So sometimes we would 69, him cumming in my mouth or on my face, him sucking me and then stroking me off to a cum. And we got daring and did that in each others house in the basement while moms were upstairs.

Again friends, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did reliving that first time!
Check back for when I add the next chapter, of when 2 other friends caught us and joined in. And the next chapter after that will be what happened when I bought a 3-pack of porno mags and the surprise that was in the middle!

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