162 First Atonement.

162 First Atonement.
This story is made in combination with the lady concerned, nothing has been changed, that’s why its longer than most I do. but it`s all perfectly true. enjoy
Oh… Yes I remember it well in fact its etched on my mind…
In my murky past I had something that I felt very guilty about, I am not going into detail, in fact there were a few things that I felt this all-consuming guilt about. I had over the years had a failed-marriage, with a husband who was well into BDSM, scene which I had enjoyed before and shared the joy in it with him. I had found that lifestyle rewarding, fulfilling and I missed the whole area if truth was known.
Since then I have remarried but this husband, though a good and thoughtful lover who I wouldn’t swap for the world, though not quite a vanilla man has no interest in the pain I desperately feel I need, to atone for these sins of my past.
Thus, to fulfil this fearful need, I looked on various web sites and spoke to an on-line master, thus it was that I’d met up with “Mike” a ‘highly recommended ‘master, meeting him twice to avoid any embarrassment, we had discussed at length the menu of services he provided and later we discussed by email what would be more suitable for me, knowing of course that I wasn’t exactly a beginner. Writing to someone in reality, you have, only met just twice before is about the most intensely intimate details of your needs and expectations of pain had been almost surreal. It had felt so matter of fact and it was almost as if I was talking about someone else! I’d met up with “Mike” a couple of times in London just to check each other out. We met at a little wine bar in Covent Garden and the first time was a little awkward as you can imagine but his confidence and obvious social skills did help me relax in his company. It’s the strangest feeling when you meet an absolute stranger to discuss the most intimate behaviour you can possibly imagine. Sitting with him talking about my preferences was strangely liberating and on our second meeting I did ‘open up’ to him enough to ensure he understood my personal “requirements” and without revealing why I had my need to atone.
He suggested quite a few ideas and briefly described his experiences without making it feel cheap or in any way uncomfortable for me. After our second meeting, I would say I was a little more in tune with what I was letting myself in for and I believed the level of trust between us was, if not 100% yet, sufficient to proceed. When I had finally made my decision, he gave me a “throw away phone” just to save hubby finding out and for us to be in contact.
I waited as he told me for his call. Meanwhile at his insistence, while I waited for his contact. I visited my doctor for a health check-up (through my private health insurance) to ensure that I was fit enough to take on shall we say more physical challenges. And there the matter rested, till a few weeks later, I wouldn’t say I’d forgotten it`s not the sort of thing you just forget, but I had pushed the idea to the back of my mind and even fleetingly wondered if t he had perhaps changed his mind as I had not heard a thing. He caught me quite by chance on the “throw away phone” that he had given me which I had put in my handbag and kept charged, just on the off chance. It was just as I was going for a swim. There was I, was standing in the gym locker room with a few other women nearby, discussing our first liaison, it was exiting but oh so surreal! He explained he was coming over to London the next week and would I be able to make myself available? My legs for a second turned to jelly.
As it happened, I later had to ring him and delay our first “assignation” by a day as hubby who was to be away for a few days in France had an overnight delay and I was worried it might put “Master Mike” off but he was very understanding about it all and just said he’d spend an extra night in London before hiring a car to visit me. You might imagine this might have put me in some danger of discovery though I did cover myself with a girlfriend, who whilst knowing nothing about my liaison with Mike, did owe me a favour in covering for her in the past so it was arranged she would call me later to check things were okay although I must say can’t imagine what I would have said if they weren’t!
I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I was Eddy, remember I was younger then and a little slimmer but I hoped he’d find my body acceptable under the circumstances and that I was mentally strong enough to deal with what we had previously agreed. He called me on that morning to ensure I was still okay and ready for him. I said I was and he arranged to arrive at about 3pm so I took a bath whilst waiting for him to arrive hoping to relax and I had a couple of glasses of wine as well to calm my now jangling nerves. Dry and dressed I sat at my laptop and transferred some money from my private account as we had agreed. At £2000 I hoped I was doing the right thing but it was worth the risk to me. As I have said, I knew my beloved hubby was never going to be able to satisfy me in the way I so desperately needed. By now I was becoming desperate and my marriage was suffering because of my unhappiness. I needed to try something new and more extreme to drive away these demons inside me and yes, I trusted “Mike” to deliver on his promises. So this was as I saw it my only real chance. The money I paid him each time was to cover his expenses more than anything. Remember to me this was a business transaction, a level of punishment and pleasure to be administered by an expert in his field.
We were still living in the cottage I had bought and lived in on my own in for the last five years, until our marriage, it was certainly isolated enough to make an ideal venue, risky with a man I didn’t know well but I felt it better there as you can’t scream in a hotel room can you, and I expected and perhaps wanted, desperately to be made to scream.
I really was incredibly nervous and even though we had met before, it had been so clinical discussing my requirements like a shopping list, now my mind reeling, I waited watching the kitchen clock.
Prompt at 3 he arrived it was warm, the sun shone and the sounds of the countryside was all around, in this idyllic setting he parked the hired car and waved, this man who had come to cause me pain, to treat me so terribly, waved and smiled like an old friend. I was Dressed that day carefully casually in jeans and a ‘t‘ shirt, barefoot, my heart beating like a drum as I stood beside the kitchen door awaiting this self-assured man, steadily walking across my lawn.
We shook hands, it was all very civilised, I offered coffee, and to begin with we just sat at the kitchen table and talked, strangely I thought he wasn’t particularly interested in hearing about some of my previous experiences and being nervous I was talking I guess a bit too much.
He explained, “You must understand that, It isn’t personal, this is what I call pain therapy, and I’m very good at it I am told, it’s what I do!”.
He retrieved some of his equipment from his car and I can remember the sounds of birds out in my summer garden through the open kitchen door, it just stuck in my mind for some reason, the English countryside carrying on its business regardless as I sat here over coffee mesmerised, watching this hansom and well-built man fetching his tools of trade to hurt me, to use my body and to I hoped relieve my mental stresses. Weirdly I just couldn’t wait. He returned with a tens machine in its own carrier and a Sports valise He explained that his ‘Ten`s electrosex’ equipment had to be shipped separately at quite a cost I expect and I’m sure he told me it cost over £3000 to buy from a specialist supplier in away in Switzerland, but that hardly registered.
I can`t begin to describe the strangeness of the situation it really was a surreal scene, no film could convey my emotions, he was sat there at my own kitchen table, in my own home explaining all about the equipment and what it was like, and the type of pain it caused, he was selling me something, akin to the double-glazing salesman, which in a way I suppose he was. I don’t think I truly took anything in he was telling me by now I just wanted him to take control of me and to get on with hurting me I had waited all day nerves on edge.
At that point I was still dressed and he lifted the machine off the table onto a chair unzipping the leather valise sports bag on to the table, he brought out some of his tools of the trade for inspection
As he slowly brought out some of the whips and belts from his bag I felt a real shiver run down my back, I caught him sneaking a measured glance at me gauging my reaction
His bag contained a whole arsenal of equipment designed to punish the deserving. He had belts and whips and each one was laid out in front of us on the table for my perusal. He also showed me a sealed cellophane package contains an extremely fine gauge shiny needle explaining that although we had talked about him introducing them into my punishment regime at some point it was important to him to be able to show me the typical needle he would be using and explained that it was nothing to be frightened off just a necessary part of my punishment. He flatly refused to discuss if he had used this equipment on other women but by inference I was guessing several women had been brutalised with these tools Laid out in front of me. We had discussed all of this before-hand but it was still exhilarating if somewhat remote, slowly seeing our plans unfold before my very eyes
We sat on opposite sides of the table and he asked about my doctor`s check-up and if I felt I could deal with these things on a physical and emotional level. I was given some paperwork to sign detailing the treatment we had previously agreed and that I had specifically requested, he asked me also to sign a legal -disclaimer at this point.
We discussed pain control and he showed me a spray container with antiseptic and anaesthetic he would be using, which gave me some reassurance. He also showed me the sealed packets of latex gloves he would be using throughout my “treatment” as he preferred to call it. We agreed on a traffic light system of severity and a “safe” word that would be easily recognised. while this went on he moved his armoury onto the worktop, near at hand and I noticed clearing the table-top.
He was quite relaxed about the whole situation and this itself, became more than a little unnerving. In contrast by now I was shaking like a leaf in a high wind, especially when he calmly reached over and took my hand, asking if I wanted to begin, placing a great deal of emphasis on it being my choice which gave I suppose me some reassurance of being in control of my own destiny.
After I had calmed down a little and taken in all he had talked about he looked me in the eyes and asked again me if I was ready to begin. I nodded my head as a sign of acceptance, this was a big step for me and had taken months to research but this time, now, reality had come.
I wasn’t exactly sure what to do next and he got up from the chair and slowly removed his black leather jacket revealing his muscled torso under his very tight black t shirt. I don’t know how I took in those details but they are etched on my brain now, and I suspect for ever.
In almost a daze, I slowly removed my jeans and my ‘T’ shirt and stood in my lacy cream colour bra and panties in front of my table and this virtual stranger. I have swim suits that show more flesh but I felt totally naked in the gaze of this extraordinary man. He motioned with his fingers to remove my bra and I was powerless to resist, I remember feeling extremely exposed in front of him, not that I had never exposed my breasts before, but this man was different somehow.
Still with my panties on he moved forward and circled me, devouring my image and appraising every inch of my exposed body, he grasped my wrist and pulled away my arm that was nervously covering my breasts allowing it to fall naturally, I stood passively as he ran his fingers over my shoulders and traced a line down my back-bone before squeezing my ass cheeks. He quite roughly spun me around and cupped my breasts in his strong hands testing their weight and shape, squeezing them quite firmly and although there was physical intimacy it wasn’t as lovers, it was the effect that reminded me more of a butcher caressing a side of prime beef and it made me shudder.
I held my chin up slightly and tilted my head away from him and his gaze as he continued his appraisal. He circled my erect nipples with gentle finger- tips and then moved on to my stomach and abdomen, feeling the softness of my body in a way that made me feel uncomfortable in some ways.
I had to f***e myself to remember that this man was not my lover, he wasn’t even a friend, he was here to do a job that I had paid him for and there was no going back he was here to hurt me…
I have read somewhere that executioners used to march into a cell and place the hood over the convict`s head then march him to the gallows which was usually in the room next door to the cell, it all happened so quickly that the convict didn’t even get a chance to reflect on the situation…. well it was like that with me, there wasn’t a delay or time for reflection Mike reacted like a switch had been flicked.
There were no smiles, no small talk he just grabbed me round the waist swung me around then bent me over the table quite roughly, my head was held down on its side and my arms were spread out each side, it was quick and efficient, I lay as if in shock, he quickly fitted a nylon strap around one of my wrists flicking the other end under the table deftly pulling it up of the floor and tying my other wrist with a confident and practised move that told me he was well versed in securing the subjects. He really pulled my arms tight against the table edges and I remember how uncomfortable it felt against the hard table top with my breasts squashed against the rough waxed surface. He pushed open my legs wide with his foot and secured my ankles to the bottom of the tapered table legs ….
I was helpless and a bit frightened, my mind was desperately reeling, I remember thinking some left field and bizarre thoughts, like, had anyone ever been laid out on the table like this before in its long history, for punishment, or sex, or perhaps having rudimentary surgery performed or even giving birth, these old tables were the centre piece of some of these old farm kitchens used for everything under the sun.
It was so surreal, it was a hot summer afternoon and Mike had left the upper half of the back door wide open to give us air. I could smell the flowers in my garden and hear birds, it was so quiet I could hear bees it was idyllic and peaceful outside. How-ever in my head and in my heart, it was far from at peace, butterflies had been fighting in my tummy all morning, now though in my stomach it was more a feeling of the muscles in my tummy tightening up almost like being clamped and my heart was pounding. I could feel my rising heartbeat in my ears through the timber it’s no wonder he had been so keen to make sure I was fit enough for this punishment and we hadn’t even started yet!
Thought`s tumbling through my brain, heart pounding as I desperately tried to avoid the truth of what I knew was going to happen. Mike just quietly leant over my helpless body, running his hands lightly up and down my back from my ass to my neck, for the first time it. I felt alone and I had this vision of being tied down like a plantation slave from a century ago awaiting my inevitable punishment for some minor misdemeanour perhaps…. my whole body was tense and my tummy felt hard against the old waxed timber. It was just so weird, I sensed him moving around behind me and I strained to hear as he selected something from his bag, I couldn’t move my head around enough to see what what’s going on but I realised he was probably picking out a suitable instrument a strap or a whip to beat my secured body mercilessly. A strange feeling of euphoria, came over me. Those bird`s twittering encouraging the feeling of tranquillity…. but what the hell, I was secure, unable to stop him, whatever he did to me now he could and would do, it was going to happen, if he wanted to kill me, well there was nothing to be done, it was like I was detached from my body, floating, watching, like watching video, pornographic, a master getting ready to punish someone …
I felt a sudden dull thump near my ear as he placed the can of spray on the table and reality returned, I waited, heart pounding even harder. He quickly picked up the can which I realised had been placed next to my head for a reason and I heard the hard-plastic top flip open.
It felt cold on my back as he sprayed the substance on my skin and it must have contained some form of surgical alcohol to cool my skin so very quickly. He pulled my panties down quite roughly to just below my cheeks then liberally sprayed my naked bottom, despite the warm weather it made me shiver and not all from the cold.
I knew where he would strike and I knew it would be oh so soon. The bl**d was rushing in my ears as my elevated heartbeat readied itself for the extra work it was going to be doing at any moment… my chest was pounding and that’s when he first spoke…. it was like a distant almost disconnected sound somewhere behind me. “Ready?” Was I ready? could anyone ever say they were ready for this!
I weekly responded “yes” almost under my laboured breath “I said are you ready!” Came his masculine deep voice, with a much more authoritive air,
“Yes” I screamed back and then it came.
I should have been ready, even thought I was, but I didn’t have time to even blink never mind think!
Through my pounding ears I thought I heard the leather make a “swishing” sound as the leather travelled through the air before landing with a distinctive sickening “leather on tender skin sound” as it struck my damp skin. If you had ever heard someone lashed or whipped you will always remember that sickening sound, it never leaves you. The lash distributed fire through shoulders muscles and sinews. Strangely the first lash across my upper back wasn’t quite as painful as I had expected that it would have been.
Within seconds and before I could really register the pain, the next lash came with much more f***e and I felt every muscle in my back tighten in response to the onslaught and the blows in a flurry they kept coming, I almost jumped with every lash as Mike worked his way down my shoulders and then my back right down to my fleshy backside, I`m sure the milky soft flesh was wobbling with every stinging lash, I couldn’t have felt more vulnerable, as the blows came one after the other, two passes, the first from the left the second the right, my head was swimming and I thought my heart was going to burst from my chest. My back was a sheet of fire then after what he told me was ten lashes I felt the welcome cooling spray misting over my now tender skin, I can’t tell you what a relief that was and I began to sob, as my whole body shuddered, desperately trying to suck oxygen into my compressed chest.
After a few moments, I managed to control my breathing into an uncomfortable but more manageable pattern enough to help me begin to relax slightly if you can call it relaxed. I lay motionless for a few minutes as my struggle for oxygen subsided. The stinging warmth I felt from the criss-crossed stripes on my back was returning and although I had stopped my gentle sobbing, strangely, I desperately wanted more. I felt I deserved a lot more than this from a man who had come so far to deliver me from my demons, a lot more and I needed to be strong or it was going to all be a waste of time.
Nothing was said but I heard him murmur something unintelligible before retrieving another object from his case.
I lay quite still waiting for the next lash, and I didn’t have to wait long…. he lay a long stroke lengthways down my back, I could feel my muscles twitching with the stinging delivery of pain, my nervous system was on full alert as a second lash was delivered with more f***e this time across my sensitive ass cheeks. This one made me scream as my breath was f***ed from my lungs. Mike then reached down and began to gently pull my panties back up covering my abused backside. For a fleeting second I thought it was over, had I paid just for this? The feeling of disappointment flooded through me, I needed more, I must atone, I was in this position to receive pain for some things from my past, I needed more, I was about to cry out for more, when he struck me again. I should have guessed what was coming, raising my panties was to protect my tender labia not to signify it was over, like the long leather tongue of some reptile, the curled end of a soft narrow leather belt delivered its unexpected lash, up between my legs following the contours of my sensitive labia, which even covered with the flimsy material of my panties, hurt like hell a tongue of fire, shot inwards to my brain from my tenderest spot and again I could not help myself from screaming.
Even in this agony I knew it still was by no means enough, I lay still for a moment, I shuddering as he ran his fingers lightly up my spine tracing the marks of his handiwork. He quickly started to release me from the straps that were holding me down and left me for a moment to regain some semblance of composure.
After a few moments, my brain registered that I was free to move and I drew my arms up and gingerly straighten up, God it hurt. I turned towards him as he checked me over with an experienced gaze. I was looking down at the floor, I couldn’t meet his gaze, I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I can assure you I wasn’t feeling proud of myself in any way, I was feeling a more frightened I suppose.
I guess, that being under this powerful and strongman`s total control was adding to the situation.
He instructed me to put my hands in front of me. I did so, and stood while he attached the nylon straps to each wrist pulling the straps against my skin tightly. Then he gripped my waist and pushed me forward quite f***efully so I was positioned underneath the row of old ceiling hooks. I waited, while he pulled a chair across to stand on, these old game hooks being in a solid old beam about nine feet from the floor. He soon fixed the straps through the old metal hooks and adjusted them. I was now in a standing position with my arms held straight above my head, spread about 18″ apart and with little if any movement. I stood rather more defiantly now, raising my head and looking him straight in the eyes.
Whatever I might have wished to communicate to him was ignored as he broke my gaze and reached down and pulled my panties down to my ankles where on his finger indication I kicked them out of the way, I wouldn’t have dared to have done so without his order, that’s how much control he had over me.
He circled me, a full 360degrees, like a vulture with a meal, and in vain I tried to follow his movements by twisting my head and body but he stopped in front of me for a moment, suddenly reached up and held my throat just under my jaw in his strong hand for just a few, for me long, seconds forcing my head upwards then quickly releasing his hold and slapping me hard across my face with the back of his hand. It was unexpected, as my face flushed with stinging pain I realised it was almost a sort of personal statement of control over me. I looked down and was surprised to see bl**d on his knuckles and realised my nose was now bleeding just a little after the blow, I could taste the metallic taste on my lips.
I watched fascinated as he produced a metal bar from his case about 12″ long and before he’d given me time to imagine what sadistic act he was going to use it for he simply pulled one end and the bar opened in length like a telescope. At each end, there were metal rings and he attached straps to each of my ankles I was now feeling oh so very vulnerable, exposed to his every whim, not that I had not been since I had undressed for him at the start, but now he would be able to reach with ease even the softest parts of my body, at will. With my leg`s open and my arms held firmly above my head, he silently slapped the inside of my calves indicating that he wanted me to open my legs wider while he attached the straps to the bar at each end.
I spread my legs feeling even more exposed, it pulled my arms even straighter above my head, my shoulders were aching already with this unnatural pose, and my still throbbing cunt felt open and available in the worst possible way whether I liked it or not.
Standing like this, arms and legs spread and completely at his mercy I could feel the nylon straps tighten against my wrists as I twisted and tested my restraints. It really was a weird feeling, here I was in my very own kitchen with someone I really didn’t know, being tortured at his whim.
My senses were really heightened now, I was so alert and totally aware of my surroundings, I remember shuffling my bare feet to steady myself on my familiar old stone flagged floor, for a few moments the cold surface was almost a welcome distraction and I looked up again, defiant now and determined to really test my physical and mental reserves.
I looked at Mike and almost spat out the words “you know you are a real bastard, do you know that” he looked at me in silence for a second and then he said “and you’re going to find out what a bastard I really am now woman” and he picked up a belt from the table running the dark leather between his hands alike an old friend, as I watched fascinated.
He wrapped a few inches of that old worn belt around his fist and suddenly like a backhand tennis shot he delivered a sting blow right across my soft abdomen, I was silent for a moment shocked but trying to give him a show of at least some defiance but almost immediately he delivered another well placed and punishing lash across my well-padded stomach.
I tipped my head right back straining, testing, almost hanging from my wrists. I felt his hand brush my hair softly away from my face and shoulders almost a caress, it was emotionally more frightening than another slap, but I perhaps defiantly, held my position with my head back and my breasts pulled up my ribcage, perhaps inviting him to lash me there… that invitation didn’t take long to be answered, he viciously delivered a hard blow across my soft left breast just under the nipple…. my god did it hurt… it hurt like hell. I don’t know if I screamed or not as another blow caught me on my right breast right across the nipple itself, then another and another and all in the same soft and tender area. His breathing was hard, laboured now from shear exertion and he stopped to catch his breath, I was biting my lip now so he couldn’t see just how broken I felt inside.
I sort of hung there for a moment, the wrist straps were biting into the skin on my wrists as I struggled helplessly against my expert`s torment.
I let my head fall back staring at the ceiling to avoid any lashes catching my face and neck. Another hard lash caught me on my upper chest, the leather belt slapping noisily against the exposed and sweat covered tender skin stinging like crazy but there was not a mortal thing I could do about it even if I wanted too which for some insane reason I defiantly had no intention of.
Another slap of leather caught me right across my abdomen and as I looked down I could see a vivid and vicious looking red stripe appearing worse than the first one and my reaction was to try and double up with the pain, but the restraining straps were doing their job and I was literally hanging in front of my tormentor.
Mike leaned forward and gripped my jaw hard in his grip “is this good enough for you madam” he said mockingly…am I bastard enough?” I looked deep into his eyes and taunted him with a hard stare that I hoped would convey my silent reply.
He grabbed the chair again and stood on it to loosen my wrist straps just a little, he could see I was struggling and it felt good just to relieve the pressure on my exposed flesh. My thighs were aching with my legs being held firmly by the leg spreader bar but standing there naked in front of him I knew what would be coming next and I didn’t know if I could carry on…’it would be those dreaded needles’
Mike had explained with care all about ‘needle play’ and how it is often used to enhance sexual pleasure for women and for couples alike. Like many people, I had a natural fear of needles and shirked away from the thought of them near my body, but once their true meaning and application was demystified for me I had begun to realise just how important they might become in process of my own punishment and humiliation.
I don’t pretend to fully understand the physical and phycological sexual pleasure that men get from inserting needles into a woman’s breast tissue but clearly some people do, and often they become very skilled in their use, luckily mike was one of these. Was I frightened of them? …. Of course, I was, terrified even, but talking about inanimate objects in a wine bar or on line, was not hanging in my kitchen facing a very real steel pin that was you well knew going to be inserted deep in to you, for no good reason but to cause pain and knowing as well that [except of course using the unthinkable, that safe word] there was nothing in this world that was ever going to stop it.
Knowing I was in the hands of a master made it bearable for me to accept that it was a very natural and pre-agreed part of this, my personal punishment.
By now I had been lashed with something like 20 strokes across my back, and front and even in my sexual cavity. My skin was hot, as well as sore and being strung up was so physically demanding that my muscles literally screamed in discomfort.
Mike proceeded to wash his hands with some surgical scrub liquid from a sachet and after drying them pulled on some cream coloured latex gloves. That time for me was, both a physical and mental agony, He reached for the can of antiseptic spray and slowly walked around my whole body spraying a fine mist of cooling liquid over my strap wounds… the immediate relief was so welcome I almost cried.
Then he slowly tore open a packet of sterile alcohol wipes and as I looked down he gently wiped the area around my areolas and nipples on each breast. His target was obvious now, my mind took in every tiny detail. The cool breeze from the open door on my marked back, the clock on the wall ticked and those birds behind me still chirping in the trees, normality was outside my body, for me reality was those dreaded needles that I knew were hidden in that bag and I suspected, feared would soon be in me.
The alcohol made my reddened nipple`s sting where I had the earlier lashing. He returned to his bag and brought out a handful of those sealed packets of needles, just as I knew he would, saying “We will start with a Gauge size 21 I think” he very matter of factly proceeded to gently tear open the packet making sure I could see the whole time.
By now my heart was banging like a steam hammer, the mind they say imagines pain to come, vividly, my whole body was by now tense, and my imagination running wild as I fixated on those steel needles that I knew were just for me “Are you planning to use all of them?” I asked perhaps with a hint of desperation.
He smiled casually and said “well we will just have to see won’t we”. Then he moved in very close to me and asked me in a commanding whisper “the Left or the Right?”
God what a choice, he was the master and he wanted me to choose…I was to pick one of my beloved breasts to receive this hideous pain. Unable to speak at this, I automatically took a glance down at my chest, bemused, perhaps I hesitated more to the right, he took it as my answer and he lifted his left hand to grasp my large and now tender right breast.
He was quite rough and I shook my head and looked back down to what was to be my punishment, the area soon to be the scene of expected pain beyond anything I had so far endured.
He barked “Keep still” and holding the plastic ‘hub’ of the 1½ inch long hypodermic needle at a shallow angle against my dimpled areola he slowly rotated the needle to ensure the “bevel” was against my skin and very deliberately he prepared to f***e the steel invader into the dark skin. I watched fascinated as if it were some distant thing, a man working on some other woman`s breast that I was witnessing, but it wasn’t… it was me, my breast, my areola, my punishment and my pain.
” take a deep breath” he said as I watched my skin losing its battle to resist the sharp steel invader, resistance was futile as the unrelenting cold steel penetrated my dark skin under the sustained and very determined pressure through my virgin skin on its unnatural journey Suddenly the feelings hit me… Just as the needle penetrated that outer layer of tender feminine skin I can only describe the feeling as stinging… like a kind of bee sting sensation that lasted for perhaps just a micro-second it felt euphoric… Just for a tiny moment in time as the endorphins reached straight into my brain cortex it felt fantastic, completely out of this world but just as quickly as this happened a flash of pain superseded the pleasure… like a concentrated electric shock as I watched almost in disbelief as the hypodermic started to bulge the skin then emerge about an inch away, still within the dark circle of my areola. Oh my God… I just can`t find words to describe that feeling it was awesome!
I gulped down a huge lung-full of air…. it felt wonderful, my breathing was erratic now as he released his grip of my abused breast and let me calm down and look down at my beautiful abused breast.
Mike put his hands on my body and as I looked up into his face as he quietly said ” now calm down and breathe very deeply” and slowly with his help the initial shock evaporated, almost as if it hadn’t happened. But it had and protruding from my areola a plastic cap was there to prove its presence embedded in my breast.
Right through my lovely areola a small drop of bl**d was visible at the points of entry, and exit which he wiped away with a fresh wipe, before standing back to admire his handiwork and I suppose no doubt gauge my ability of taking more of those all invading needles.
Mike watched me very closely until he was satisfied I was calmed and stable before proceeding. “You still okay with this?” he said and I just nodded my reply, , actually, I did feel fantastic but I wasn’t giving him the satisfaction of knowing that, even moving my body slightly as my breasts swung even a tiny fraction I could feel the needle inside me, embedded in my flesh it really felt strange but weirdly I was sort of adjusting to the feeling.
I could feel my heartbeat had slowed now and my slight trembling had subsided as I waited for his next move.
Again, I watched as a second needle was removed from its packet and with great concentration I looked down to watch him deciding where to place his next unforgiving intruder and quite as I expected, he chose my left breast. He took his time laying the needle at an angle to my areola. Then changing his mind, he pinched my nipple between his finger and thumb and began painfully to pull and rotate it a fraction one way and then the other like a pencil eraser, I steadied myself and looked upward for a moment taking a big intake of breath, quickly his finger and thumb painfully pinched my bl**d filled hardened nipple as he pulled it away from my trembling body before releasing it again. Then f***efully gripping my breast flesh forcing the nipple outwards he started to f***e the hypodermic into the hardened nub of dark bl**d engorged flesh. I could see the concentration on his face as I suddenly jerked my head back feeling the sensation of a sharp sting as the needle found its first group of sensitive nerve endings, God that was so painful, a gasp left my lips as the needle continued its unrelenting journey pushing f***efully into one of the most sensitive areas of any woman’s body my virgin nipple had been penetrated for the first time…
Mike continued with unrelenting pressure forcing through the tough engorged nipple, my breathing was laboured now as I took the pain just waiting for the pleasure of an endorphin flood…. as I returned my gaze he was pushing and twisting the needle forcing it through the dense tough flesh destroying nerve endings in its relentless path before we saw a tiny bulge and both watched fascinated as the thin needle emerged from the other side of my, oh so tender nipple…. I slumped against my straps feeling so much pleasure now the stinging pain had subsided. I was so pleased with myself for taking two needles like this, it felt so unbelievable and just like before it felt okay for a split second before the intense pain kicked in and I looked down to see Mike smiling as he pushing and twisting the needle quite hard through the dense hard nipple flesh forcing its way and destroying nerve endings in its relentless path before a tiny bulge appeared and the point slowly emerged on the other side of my oh so tender nipple…. I slumped against my straps feeling so much pleasure now the stinging pain had subsided. I was so pleased with myself
In some way`s I could have carried on with accepting more needles but my aching muscles were starting to get the better of me and I did ask to be released from my restraining straps. When he lowered me down I nearly collapsed on the floor and had to be supported to regain my balance. I remember standing for a few moments still getting used to the strange feeling in my breasts and nipples and then Mike helped me up to allow me to sit on the edge of the table with my legs apart.
I sat on the edge of the heavily waxed table and slumped forward slightly. My legs were wide open and Mike was standing in front of me between my aching thighs assessing me. He held my slumped shoulders and I remember him asking me how I was feeling. My breathing had returned to a normal pattern now but my back particularly was really quite sore and my arm muscles were really aching from being held up in a stretched position for so long. At least I was getting some feeling back in my hands and wrists now. He poured me a glass of Coca Cola from the can he had placed on the kitchen counter earlier and I gulped it down greedily welcoming the sugar rush. “Shall we carry on?” he said and I looked up and I felt myself nod. That’s all the acceptance he needed and he helped me off the table so I was standing in front of him. I could still feel the presence of the thin needles in my breasts and I must tell you Eddy I was really enjoying this new sensation. He walked over to his TENs machine case and withdrew two sealed plastic bags, and a tube of some sort of gel. Then he proceeded to squeeze a large line of clear gel over his gloved fingers and he moved right up to my body and moved his hand between my legs searching out my labia lips with his fingers. It felt cold against my soft labia lips and I could feel his fingers pushing the gel up into my wet vagina. He reached down and opened my thighs wider and then squeezed another blog of gel on his finger tip and returned his forefinger into my vagina again pushing much deeper inside this time.
He opened the first of the two plastic bags and withdrew a shiny plastic and chrome bullet shaped probe with thin white wires attached. It was about the diameter of a smaller dildo and about two inches long. He leaned down in front of me and slowly but deliberately started to penetrate my vagina with his probe. Once the bullet shaped probe had overcome the initial muscles he continued to push it deep, as far into me as his finger could reach, right up into my cunt with his finger until I could feel it touching my cervix and it was then he moved away and asked how it felt?
“It feels okay” I quickly replied, enjoying the feeling of being ‘filled up’ inside my womanhood. “Good” he said “as there is another one as well!”
He gripped my hips and turned me around and pushed me roughly over the table. I quickly put my hands out to keep my balance and to stop myself being pushed down flat on the timber.
He used his foot to open my legs and then proceeded to spread more gel between my legs. His strong finger searched and easily found my well lubricated puckered asshole and within seconds he was forcing a finger against my sphincter muscles and as I took a gulp of air and held my breath he was inside me. It felt wonderful but just as quickly he withdrew his enjoyable digit. I felt wet gel inside me as he started to push what I knew was the second probe deep inside my bowels. My asshole didn’t put up too much resistance and I felt it quickly disappear deep inside me, almost like I was sucking it deep into me, I could feel the attached wires dangling against the back of my leg, tickling.
He gripped my hips again and quickly turned me around and putting his hands under my arms he deftly hoisted me back on the table, face up. He instructed, me to; “lie down” so I shuffled painfully up the table and got into position.
He told me to bend my knees upwards and open my legs wide with both feet flat on the table surface so my toes were on the last inch or so of the edge of the table. As I lay down flat with my head resting on the table my spine and shoulders were literally aching from the hard and unforgiving surface and the strain they had taken today. Thoughts were running through my head as I was wondering if ever in this tables long history, had some poor girl laid down in exactly this same position with her knees up and legs spread apart giving birth…. it felt like that to me imagining the pain to come.
Mike lifted the TENs machine on to a chair which he put next to my feet and as I leaned up on my arms I saw him proceeded to unravel the thin white wires from each of the inserted probes and plug them into his machine. He unravelled the power cable and plugged it into some sort of adapter before it went into a power socket above my kitchen countertop, it took some moments, and my mind raced as I awaited my fate.
He walked around the table and told me to lie down flat. I quickly complied with his order and I could feel the needles inside my delicate sensitive flesh just moving slightly as my breasts changed shape, actually, I must say it felt rather good to have such a strong feeling in my nipples for once, and the feeling of being “filled” up by both the probes as well was really exciting for me. I could sense their closeness separated only by that thin membrane of skin and flesh, I couldn’t relax though as I thought I knew what was coming, I imagined they were about to pass power messages from one to another, although that proved not to be the case. I was right in one thing though, it was inevitable that this was going to be my biggest test so far and I believe we both knew it really. Thinking you know what was to come, is one thing but until you experience this machine you really have no idea of what’s it’s capable of as I soon was to find out!
As the TENs machine came to life Mike leaned down and selected a programme of settings using the L.c.d screen on the front of the machine. “Okay My girl, this is what we talked about remember?” I grunted in reply and felt Mike run his fingers gently up and down the sensitive inside of my fleshy thighs giving me I suppose a false sense of caring. Still with his hand on my inner thigh he reached over with his other hand and I knew for him, his main pleasure was about to start, I wasn’t so sure about mine. It started and It felt like a sort of tingling vibration deep inside my cunt…. it felt nice a sort of pulsing and for a moment I let my stiff aching body relax into the feeling thinking this was not near as bad as he had said. It wasn’t like the feeling of a dildo, in fact the probes were no-where near as wide as any of my dildo’s that’s for sure, it was like a sort of tickling tingling that was very deep, right up inside me.
He let me get used to that feeling for a few moments knowing I was enjoying it, lulling me into a false sense of security before with a smile that told me how much he loved his work he activated the anal probe! As I said before knowing what was to come or should I say thinking I knew was nothing until you experience this machine capabilities as I soon found out you really have no idea of what’s it’s like!
He bent down and selected something then moved towards me placing his warm gloved hand flat on my abdomen. I lay there waiting… it was torture just knowing what I had an idea would be going to happen any second.
A huge wave of electricity coursed through my whole body…. I nearly jumped off the table as my tortured body went into an uncontrollable seizure … an electric shock coursed through my nervous system and my back immediately arched so I was pivoting on my painful shoulder blades… Mike pressed down of my large abdomen holding me down as my arms and body thrashed against the table top, my eyes were wide open in absolute terror and pain as my body heaved trying to fill my lungs with life giving oxygen, it was like being fucked by a hideous monster forcing a massive bolt into my grasping cervix as an unnatural scream was being f***ed from my throat filling the whole room as I was gripping the sides of the table for some sort of support.
Just as quickly the torture subsided and my poor abused body sank heavily back into the timber slats, I was gasping like a fish out of water as my chest was heaving and filling…. My God that was powerful… I’ve never experienced anything like it and my cunt was on fire. I tried to move but Mike was holding me down.
Giving me a couple of minutes to try to recover myself he used the nylon straps to hold my arms down to the table and likewise he tied a strap round each knee and a single strap over my hips I suppose so I wouldn’t do myself any damage throwing myself off the table in a convulsion, it was mentally worrying that he expected such a reaction. Lastly, he placed a thin strap across my forehead, my head was secured. My legs were still wide open and I felt unbelievably exposed and vulnerable with my knees secured, still bent up and clearly Mike was planning his next move now that he had me totally secured.
Although the pain had subsided I knew with cast iron certainty that another wave of torment would be on its way at any moment. Power blows. There seemed to be some form of delay as he pressed something on the machine and quickly returned to my body. This time he put his hands on my knees holding my legs apart and staring down at my wired cunt. A tingling started to develop deep in my ass, quickly turning into a sort of pulsing deep inside me deeper than any man has ever been that’s for sure and within seconds it was joined by a similar sensation in my cunt, the electric current seemed to flow between the two probes via my muscles. It started to sort of convulsion between the two probes, I could sense the current trying to jump across the thin membrane of flesh deep inside and it felt just amazing, absolutely, bl**dy amazing I can’t describe the pleasure it was giving me, my mind was somewhere else…. I was being fucked from the inside unlike any man had ever done, and I was being opened-up and impregnated deep within my womb! It was just out of this world, I was cumming hard and in great uncontrolled pulses of pleasure as gasps and groans left my lips in tune with my cunt exploding in pleasure-waves!
Oh, My God …. I was like some sort of out of control sex machine… my whole body convulsed uncontrollably… I could feel my stomach muscles rippling and distending as the nerve bundles in my spinal cord were like a superhighway of electric pulses delivering wave after wave of pleasure direct from my pelvis and sex organs deep into the centre of my overloaded brain, firing those millions of neurons of pleasure.
I literally lost count of the number of orgasms that were racking my very willing body, I felt Mike put his palm down flat on my distended abdomen holding me down tight as I was squirming and bucking on the unforgiving table against my bonds, I felt him insert a finger into my cunt pushing the shocking probe deeper against my over sensitive cervix… I tried to reach up and lift my head but was held down by that dammed strap, I cried out “No, No, Please Don’t! … No, please I can’t take any more!” and within seconds I felt Mike withdraw his finger from deep inside me and reach down to flip the switch to off on the TENs machine, the waves of pleasure instantly subsiding now and the electricity had stopped its relentless searching of my inside`s.
My body was exhausted and I was covered in sweat as I lay there willing my lungs to suck up life giving cooling oxygen coming in from the still open door. I could feel my heart thump, thump, thumping against my ribcage and the bl**d rushing in my ears.
My cunt was on fire as I desperately tried to recover my senses. There was nothing outside this sexually charged and painful no hubby, no birds, no countryside, nothing, just mike and I here in this tiny pain-filled bubble.
“Ready to carry on?” It sounded like a kind of weird disjointed far away voice some-where in another world.
Was he joking? I slowly opened my eyes and tried to focus on my tormentor. He repeated himself and I must have let a small involuntarily whimper escape my lips which he instantly took to be my acceptance.
I could hear him snapping on a change of his nitrile gloves and then I felt the familiar chilling feel and smell of alcohol as he was wiping my already pierced breasts and nipples.
My natural large breasts were more flattened against my chest and he gripped my flesh Fiercely, I gasped with pain then without any warning I felt another hypodermic needle piercing my right nipple. I tried to look down at my body, but his arm was in my view and that strap as I felt him forcing that needle through the thick extended nub, I don’t know if it was because my nerves were on a heightened state but I felt every tiny nerve ending being destroyed as it pushed past my milk ducts before it re-emerged triumphantly. I was sweating now with the sharp pain that was oh so very different than before… I had three needles now adorning my tender breasts and I should have felt proud of myself but pride was not in my thoughts this time it just hurt like crazy.
Mike returned to his torture machine and selected yet another programme, all ready to deliver its electrical terror deep into my abused body and when he pressed ‘on’ it didn’t disappoint.
I was suddenly and cruelty wracked with a wave of pain expertly delivered deep up inside my throbbing cunt. It wasn’t exiting now, it was stinging and it was unrelenting… a constantly changing pattern of cruel shocks being delivered deep within me with absolute accuracy. My body was rigid and totally tensed up each time that pulse hit, pulse, then nothing and my muscles slowly collapsed me to the table-top one, two, three, four bang, my eyes were tight shut against this torture, muscles tense again and sweat stinging my eyes me as I screamed, oh how I screamed, I tried to anticipate the next shock… one, two, three, four… OMG not again Please No!! My body tensed again as the shocks kept their unrelenting pace………….. three, four, Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh No God No!!!
Three, four Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh No, No, No! my right breast was now on fire as well…. I was gripping the sides of the table knuckles white as my torturer brushed an, until then unseen, hand held, bare wire across the embedded needle, my muscles in my tortured back twitched, my body involuntarily arched upwards hard against the straps, with each jolt as I let out a guttural scream and I desperately and unsuccessfully tried to close my strong thighs to no avail as if that was going to stop the onslaught.
Each time as quickly as the stabbing pain had been delivered to my abused body it suddenly dissipated. As I desperately fought for breath, I felt a welcome cold damp cloth wiping my sweat covered face and forehead held by the sweat covered strap it felt so good that cloth and I just lay there motionless trying to recover my thoughts and senses.
“You giving up already?” he said in a mocking way, as he continued wiping my tortured forehead… “you’re not looking your best” … I didn’t give a tinker`s dam what I looked like, for heaven`s sake, I was being bl**dy tortured, what the fuck did he expect a cat walk model! I spat out the words “fuck off you bastard”
Trying to lift my head, trying to look up at Mike as he leaned over me… “did you say something?” he said in a mocking but menacing tone. “you heard me, you shit” I spat the words from the heart, I didn’t care I was too far gone now, though I knew full well there would be consequences! I didn’t have to wait long for his reply. “If you are going to talk back like a bitch then I’m going to treat you like one” he said and a second later I felt a blinding stab of intense pain between my legs as he swung his leather belt against my bl**d engorged labia lips. I screamed my lungs out, I just couldn’t stop, the pain shot like a bullet into my cerebral cortex. Before my senses had even had a chance to compute what had just happened, that dammed belt slapped hard across my distended belly… another gurgling, guttural scream rushed uncontrollably from my lips into the room as another hard well placed lash found its target against my left breast catching the embedded needle in its path.
That leather strap took its own unique and cruel pleasure as it cracked unmercifully against my sweat covered breasts. Mercifully the metal buckle was still wrapped around Mikes fist as he delivered another stinging lash right against the protruding needles embedded in my nipples forcing them deeper into my bl**dy flesh. Searing pain shot through my abused body – driven by nothing more than a massive adrenaline rush coursing through my bl**dstream as my personal abuser moved around the table between my open legs and delivered yet another inhuman lash on my stomach and abdomen… by now I was panting like a large dog – adrenaline was driving a desperate ‘flight or fight’ decision deep in my brain…. My body writhed and bucked on the rough timbers as a primeval scream left my lips… my god I couldn’t take anymore, I was literally covered in sweat stinging my bruised and battered pale skin, I was literally fighting my inner tormenting demons but how much more could I take.

He let me rest for a few moments as I tried to look down at my bl**dy breasts. One if the needles had dislodged and was protruding from my areola, a sight not unnoticed by Mike as he again wiped the sweat from my tortured forehead and eyes releasing my head strap, allowing me to tilt my head enough to see him tearing yet open another packet in front of me. I was terrified and shaking as he gripped my left bl**dy breast and quickly and with some concentrated f***e, expertly inserted the deadly needle at right angles straight into my rock hard abused nipple all the way to its plastic hub. I was in shock I think as it took a moment to register what he’d just done to be, then the stinging familiar pain resurfaced as I cried out against my intruded. Mike laughed and gripping the plastic hub, he proceeded to torture me by moving the needle around while he looked deep into my eyes for recognition of my suffering. I could literally feel my nipple moving with the f***e he was exerting on the end of that needle, my breast tissue was damaged inside, I knew that…. in a strange way, I accepted that for some reason. Then the torment suddenly stopped.
After a few minutes, I found he had released me, it was over.
I sat upright on the end of the table in my robe rubbing my wrist trying to get some feeling back into them, mike had used the damp flannel to wipe the sweat and bl**d off me and the probes were removed and packed away.
You wouldn’t believe how much f***e was required to pull those needles back through my sore nipples but it was done now and I was freed from the pain. I couldn’t believe that the whole session had only lasted under an hour45. My throat was hurting and sore from screaming and my body was so sore I knew it would take me days to recover.
Mike made sure I was feeling and okay and made coffee before he left making sure I had his phone number, and was not about to go fainting or whatever. And then, I watched this self-assured torturer walk away back across my lawn, load his car and without a backwards glance drive away. Just like that it was done, alone at last… I stood at my kitchen -door, the coffee my pain giver had made, in my hand, the birds still sang, the sun shone, the trees rustled in the breeze and, for me the pain was receding and my world was slowly returning to its axis.
Was it worth it?
Yes, I felt it I had deserved everything I got and I had for a while at least achieved atonement, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I saw Mike or paid for his unique service.
. I did call my friend as soon as Mike had left and just told her I was okay and best not to ask anything else. She did call me again in the morning to check I was okay which was really appreciated but I didn’t divulge the true depth of my meeting with Mike.
In the week that followed was as normal as I could make it, I guess. I slept a lot bated frequently and slept a lot more. F or the first couple of days I took paracetamol to control the pain. The swelling from my beating took a couple of weeks to totally subside and my areola and nipples started to heal quite quickly with antiseptic and dressings taped in place as I was terrified of having to go back to the doctors to try and explain my injuries. Fortunately, things settled down by themselves and before my hubby returned I was back to my old self, if mentally more bright.

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